15 Best Work From Home Jobs For Indian Moms With Flexible Timing

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work from home jobs for indian moms work from home jobs for indian moms

It was 7 am in the morning.

Smita had just completed cooking the breakfast and packing the tiffins. Now she was rushing from the kitchen to change the diaper of her 14-month-old son, Ayan, in the bedroom, who was wailing with irritation.

“Mom, come here fast!” , Sanaya, Smita’s 5 years old daughter, had been screaming from the dining table.

Smita cleaned her son as fast as she could and hurriedly went to see Sanaya.

“What’s the matter Sanu? Why are you screaming?” , Smita was carrying Ayan on her arms and checking Sanaya’s body temperature. Sanaya was not keeping well due to the weather change.

“Mom, I don’t want to eat this. I want Maggi.” Sanaya tried cajoling Smita. Smita started narrating a story to Sanaya and tried feeding her the khichadi, while carrying Ayan.

Just then Smita’s Husband came over the dining table for the breakfast and asked Smita to do his tie.

At the same time, the maid was asking Smita for instructions for cleaning the living room and Smita’s in-laws were waiting for her to join them over the morning tea at the balcony.

Once her husband and Sanaya went for the office and school respectively, Smita made Ayan sleep and spent some time with her in-laws.

Such a hectic morning! Smita pondered.

But, after all the morning chaos was over, Smita was not happy in the true sense.

She was bored with the same routine. She needed some time for herself too. She wanted to be independent and wanted herself to be recognized more than a home-maker.

To the ladies who are reading this, are you facing something similar?

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Do you want to utilize your free time to do something more interesting and challenging, rather than watching daily soaps, chit-chatting or having an afternoon slumber?

Why don’t you try your hands on the below mentioned 15 work from home jobs, most suitable for Indian moms, which also guarantees flexible working hours?

Read on to know more:

Technical Work from home jobs

#1. Quality Assurance Engineer

Qualification needed: B.Tech/M.Tech, BSC/BCA/MCS/MCA/MSC (Computer Science/Application), ISTQB Certified (preferred but optional)

Average time spent daily on work: Depending on the deliverables and time commitments (5 to 6 hours)

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 10-20K)

If you are a techie and have an extra eye for the defects and bugs then this role suits you best. With any technical educational background as mentioned above, you can easily excel in this type of job.

Even though there are several skill sets you need to work on like automation test, performance/stress test, database, system, API, GUI and so on, you can start with the basic manual test. For this, you can enroll for the ISTQB certification which will help you be at par with the technical concepts used in the industry along with the best practice method.

Do try to use the open source testing tools that would help you to prove your test with documents or reports.

#2. Web Designer/ User Experience Designer

Qualification needed: Relevant industry experience, a Relevant degree in the same.

Average Time spent daily on work: Depending on the deliverables and time commitments (4 to 5 hours)

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 10-20K)

There is definitely a line between the job title “Web designer” and “User Experience Designer”. The web designer will have to largely depend on what the client or project requires.

On one hand, some web designers will need to create visual designs, high fidelity interactive prototypes of the website, leaving the coding of the website to front-end and back-end development, while on the other hand some of the web designers get involved with both the designing and (front-end) development of the website.

Now if you regularly do a user research and test as part of your job, then you’re already almost ready for a job in UX design. As a UX designer you need to be well read with UI principles, UX processes and additionally, you should have an eye for design, read design articles daily, develop dummy projects and have hands-on experience on design tools like AdobeXD, Figma, Sketch etc.

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#3. Software Developer

Qualification needed: B.Tech/M.Tech, BSC/BCA/MCS/MCA/MSC (Computer Science/Application)

Average Time spent daily on work: Depending on the deliverables and time commitments (4 to 5 hours)

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 20-30K)

A lot can be done when you are a software developer. To be a successful freelance software developer, all you need do is enhance your coding skills to a level that is unmatchable. As a software developer along with the thorough understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and Software Design Patterns, you also need to have the followings,

  • Analytical Thinking.
  • Android Programming Experience.
  • Background in Programming or Computer Science/Engineering.
  • Build Business Logic of Software.
  • C# and .NET, C++, Java,  Web-based, Application based, Database Based, iOS Programming Experience, Java and Java Framework Experience, JavaScript Programming Experience.
  • Expertise in other leading coding languages and troubleshooting/debugging.

#4. Business Process Consultant

Qualification needed: Bachelors or Masters in Technical/Business Administration,

(suggestions - Advanced certification recommended, ITIL, PMO, Six Sigma certification, Lean Expert )

Average Time spent daily on work: 3-4 hours

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 20-30K)

A business process consultant is a person who will not only document and format your business related workflows into systems and processes but also advise you on how to improve your business.

They will use their process improvement techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma and so on to get your business process management (BPM) program running smoothly and efficiently.

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A business process consultant will also be accountable for observation of existing operations, interviews, surveys, and general industry research. They should also have the following skill sets,

  • Give an accurate picture of your current operations
  • Display gaps in your current processes.
  • Make relevant graphs and reports to provide visual aids for explaining the operations
  • See where the easiest improvements to make are
  • See redundant processes that can be eliminated
  • Note processes that are better starting from scratch with business process re-engineering
  • Find tasks that can be automated with process automation

Online Education Work at home jobs for Moms

#1. Tutor/ Online English Instructor

Qualification needed: Bachelor's/ Master’s Degree in any discipline, Advanced Specialized course in English literature.

Average Time spent daily on work: Depending on the deliverables and time commitments (3 to 4 hours)

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 10-20K)

Tutoring can be both challenging and enjoyable if teaching is your passion. Many women who have an edge over in spoken English, opt for this option. It gives you ample opportunity to improve your language skills while teaching the younger kids about English grammar.

You being an online instructor, should have a clear understanding about the video recordings, screen recordings, and other online sources to record your lecture and later share, store, distribute the same.

#2. Curriculum Writer/ Curriculum Designer

Qualification needed: Bachelor's/ Master’s Degree in education or any discipline.

Average Time spent daily on work: (3 to 4 hours)

Average Income per month: 5-10K

There are many online websites which offer different professional as well as vocational courses online. Along with the online sources, there are many playschools, tuitions and educational institutes which are in requirement of curriculum writer or designer.

You being an online instructor, should have a clear understanding about the video recordings, screen recordings, and other online sources to record your lecture and later share, store, distribute the same. The position will also expect you to do the followings,

  • Develop and implement the strong pedagogical vision, oversight, and long-term strategy for any new, developing or existing products, campaigns, and initiatives.
  • Work collaboratively with writers, editors, and marketing specialists to ensure best-practice approaches
  • Serve as education, classroom, and pedagogy expert, driver, and resource on the editorial team
  • Work with the pedagogical vision of the new digital platform.
  • Work with leadership to initiate, conceptualize, and develop print and digital learning solution and products.

#3. Education Software Technical Trainer

Qualification needed: Bachelor's/ Master’s Degree in education or any discipline, Bachelors or Masters in Technical/Business Administration, Advanced certification recommended.

Average Time spent daily on work:  (3 to 4 hours)

Average Income per month: Charge as per projects ( 10-20K)

Software technical trainer is not very different from the other online teaching jobs. The only difference would be the target audience. Here you will be dealing with students who are going to or are already dealing with the technical syllabus.

Hence your logical reasoning and in-depth knowledge of the subject you choose to teach should be profound. You might be required to lead other trainers and be responsible for creating videos, job aids, and training documents, as well as conducting training webinars.

Business- Support related Work from home jobs for Mothers without any Investment

#1. Customer Service Representative

Qualification needed: 10+2, Bachelor’s in any discipline

Average Time spent daily on work: (2-3 hours)

Average Income per month: (5-7k)

Description: Customer service representatives roles are the ones where patience and accuracy is the key to the success. Also, your speaking etiquettes should be laudable. Your main objective would be as follows,

  • Actively try to attract potential customers by answering product and service questions
  • To suggest information about other products and services.
  • To open customer accounts by recording account information.
  • To maintains customer records by updating account information.
  • You will be held responsible to resolve product or service problems by clarifying the customer's complaint.
  • You also need to determine the cause of the problem and later explaining the best solution to solve the problem
  • Should be able to recommend potential products or services to management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs and prepare product or service reports.

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#2. Account Manager/Executive

Qualification needed: Bachelors in Commerce(recommended)

Average Time spent daily on work: (2-3 hours)

Average Income per month: (7-10K)

Account manager is expected to act as an important link between the advertising agency and its clients. In this job, you'll have to understand the client's goals, and then organize the agency's creative and administrative staff to help them produce effective campaigns.

However, there are some pointers you need to keep in mind before taking up the role like meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs, working with account planners to devise a campaign that meets the client's brief and budget, presenting campaign ideas and costings to clients , managing the account's budget and invoicing the client and making 'pitches' to win new business.

#3. Business Analyst/ Business Researcher/ Business Intelligence (BI) Systems Analyst

Qualification needed: Bachelors or Masters in any relevant domain, B.tech, B.com, (Specialized courses in mathematics, statistics or computer science is recommended)

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: Depends on the domain experience (10-30K)

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems Analyst is, by all means, a very interesting type of job. The analyst will have to design, develop, administer and support research in reporting and analysis dataset. Primary responsibilities of the position might include reporting requirements analysis, report development, analysis dataset development, systems analysis and design, and programming.

The analyst will be expected to perform a query and report development, development, and maintenance of external datasets for inclusion in a warehouse environment, data forensic/integrity analysis, customer analysis and requirements definition, and other duties related to any given analysis task.

Business Analyst role is, however, a little different from that mentioned earlier in this section. The business analyst might be expected to be responsible for running and compiling sales summaries, analyzing the data and providing actionable insights for any given business. Knowledge about the MSI reports, SQL and rich domain knowledge will certainly be of help in excelling in this strata.

Mass media/ communication Work from home jobs for Mothers

#1. Blogger/ Content Writer/ Copywriter

Qualification needed: Any Bachelors/Masters degree, ( expertise on writing styles or certification in creative writing is recommended)

Average Time spent daily on work: (3-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (5-10K) Depends on a rate per word you charge

This work from home job profile is one of the most famous one in the recent times. Be it an aspiring writer or anyone who has been a journalist, can start with this profile. The initial days would be tough as there is a lot of competition as well as creativity and talent out in the market.

But you have been to patient and self-motivated about your writing skills and strive to write everyday. You should be a grammar nazi and expert in expressing your views or any given topic as lucidly as you can.

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#2. Marketing consultant / Brand strategist/ Digital Marketing Associate

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s in any field, knowledge in commerce and accounting might be expected, experience in digital marketing.

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (10-30K)

Brand strategist or Marketing associate is a person who will help the brand to make sure that the company has a clear target group. To provide the product or services and market it to the target group is the main role of this profile.

But then there is a catch, the brand strategist or marketing associate should know the various efficient ways to reach out to the target group. Be it an innovation pipeline on equity with the brand,or/ and last but not least a healthy financial structure.

In this profile, you should be well aware of the followings,

  • Work with the brand's marketing team
  • Help the brand to develop a marketing strategy, a value proposition or anything similar.
  • To develop and run segmentations, concept tests, and other ad hoc research, from commissioning through to analysis.
  • You will need to make data ‘sing’.  This means you have to start thinking beyond the bar chart and working visually to tell stories with data.
  • To develop relationships with key client contacts and keep them posted about the business.
  • Supporting non-quant projects across desk research, creativity, and workshops
  • Use all the creative instinct to make the digital presence of the company more prominent.

Online Jobs for Moms Without Investment

#1. Transcriptor/ Voice Writer

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s in any field

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (10-30K) as per you charge.

As a transcriptor/ voice writer you will use voice recognition technology to create transcribed documents for a variety of applications. This may include real-time transcription, offline caption creation, and live closed captioning. The following might be your key roles:

Transcribe text, video or audio presentations in an explanatory manner.

  • Perform transcript clean-up tasks e.g. Homonyms and punctuation.
  • You might be expected to train the speech to text software to recognize your voice
  • You will have to maintain quality standards for speed and accuracy
  • You will have to focus and repeat language clearly in order to provide fast and accurate transcription/captioning
  • Be up-to-date with current events, politics, and popular culture
  • Abide by strict Confidentiality Agreements

#2. Telecalling

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s in any field, 10+2 also is expected in some companies, freshers can apply as well.

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (5-20K)

Telecaller job profiles usually require strong interpersonal skills, ability in handling and successfully closing sales deals along with strong analytical skills. The candidate should also have the ability to handle complex sales situations, negotiation skills, relationship building skills, good knowledge of Business. Good telephone etiquette/skills will be an added benefit.

Most of the job profiles would seek for a candidate to do the following task,

  • To establish new business
  • To maintain accurate records
  • To review sales
  • Excellent Communication skills English, Hindi or any other regional language
  • Efficient in making a database, calling the database given, follow-ups and generating leads
  • To have experience in MS office

#3. Travel Itinerary Designer

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s in any field, Hotel management or knowledge in travel and tourism might be expected.

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (10-30K)

A travel itinerary designer job profile is best suited for the ones who have a keen interest in the travel and tourism field. As the name suggests, the person has to be focused on everything and anything that revolves around the travel agency or the client.

She will be expected to be a creative travel writer to bring the itineraries to life. At times the client or the organization will be providing you with the outline of day-by-day itineraries and your task will be to write them in descriptive format. This should also engage the readers and capture their imaginations.

Some additional task might be as follows:

  • To design and develop a tour.
  • To determine an itinerary, to arrange for tour escorts.
  • Help in assisting the overseas tour that might also include operating partner company
  • You may have to help in developing brochure content and marketing programmes.
  • Actively participate in making travel and accommodation reservations.
  • You have to be prompt in offering face to face and telephone advice to customers.
  • To quote holidays and converting them to bookings.
  • Work hard to maximize sales and customer holiday experience by suggesting upgrades.
  • Be ready to offer excellent customer service and to deal with complaints in a calm and diplomatic manner.
  • You will be accountable for keeping product and brand knowledge up to date whilst having in-depth knowledge of the company's brochures and destinations.

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#4. Freelance wedding planner

Qualification needed: Bachelor’s in any field, Courses in event management is recommended.

Average Time spent daily on work: (4-5 hours)

Average Income per month: (10-30K)

A freelance wedding planner is a very promising and ingenious job profile. Those who enjoy event planning and derive great satisfaction from it, this work from home job profile would be the best option for them.

All you need to do is either establish your own company or get along with others who are already in this field. You should have vibrant, unique and peppy ideas to cheer up someone’s big day. (For motivation watch the movie Band Baja Baraat).

However, amidst all the creative instinct, you have to be extra cautious in dealing with different other dealers like (photographers, mandap decorators, caterers etc). You need to have a clear and neat idea about your planning, well-documented itineraries so that the client connects with it along with your profit margin.

So all the mothers out there, no matter who you are,  what is your background or how long you have been on break, if you aspire to be something if you dream to be independent, it is you who has to take the first step towards achieving it. Hurdles and challenges are the part and parcel of every journey, you have to tactfully maneuver it.

Without any fear or anticipation, dream to accomplish your ambitions.

All the very best!

Sainy Banerjee Pal
An engineer by profession but an ardent writer by heart, Sainy has been writing from the age of 12. She has a huge collection of her handwritten diaries. Her friends call her a therapist for broken hearts and can connect instantly with anyone. She lives with her doting husband who is also her critic for her write ups. Imaginative, spirited and filled with compassion, she always has a lot to say, to those who care to listen.

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