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15 Online Part Time Jobs To Earn 10000 Per Month

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online part time jobs online part time jobs

Don’t feel like going to the office every day?

Great! You can stay at home. Just that you have to find some work from home jobs.

Sounds scam? But a survey done by Gallop claims that 37% of US workforce is already working from home.

Work from home is hot and trending. Whether you work full time or part time, online genuine jobs are not that hard to find nowadays.

MNCs operating in Indian are also providing legitimate work from home jobs.

So, can all work be done remotely sitting on my bed? Not yet, unfortunately. But there are plenty. Most of these jobs have salary starting from 10K per month.

Some online part time jobs to work from home are discussed below:

#1. Online Part-Time Tutoring Jobs 

What is online tutoring?

Do you love to teach? There are companies connecting teachers and students online. You have to solve their queries, give homework, prepare question papers and more.

How Online part-time tutoring works?

No, you need not do Skype calls. Both video and audio calling options are there. The company will provide the required security of personal information. You just have to teach.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Love for teaching
  • Expert knowledge of one particular subject is preferred.
  • In some cases, you will need a degree.

  #2. Freelance Writing Jobs

What is a freelance writing job? 

There are companies that connect writers with project providers. You can also refer to several freelance writing sites There are various types of freelance writing. You can choose your type according to your expertise. For example, some types are

  • Copywriting
  • Academic writing
  • Business writing
  • Journalistic articles writing
  • Editing
  • Creative content writing

How to earn with online part-time freelance writing? 

If writing is your passion, this can be the best work from home option with rewarding payment. Select projects you can work on and apply. Once you deliver the project on time, you will get paid.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Errorless grammar
  • Commitment to delivering a project within time
  • Research skills

#3. Online Transcription Jobs 

What is an online transcription job? 

Converting the voice in an audio or video into a written document is transcription. There are different types of business transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription etc.

How to earn with online part-time transcription?

The company provides you an audio or video. You have to listen to it (in case of audio) or watch it (in case of video) and pen down the voice recording. It can be a speech, interview or anything.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Patience because sometimes it can be hard to make out the audio files
  • Good typing speed if the audio/video provided is live
  • In case of medical transcription, you may a medical transcriptionist certificate

This is a high paying work from home job that does not require experience or a degree.

#4. Part Time Digital Marketing Jobs

What is a digital marketing job?

Marketing or advertising a product or service using digital mediums like facebook, twitter, emails, mobile apps, search engines, different sites is digital marketing.

How to find online part time job in Digital Marketing?

Apply for digital marketing jobs. Showcase your skills by creating a sample for them. Copywriting or graphic designing skills may add extra advantage.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Creativity
  • Basic Digital marketing skills (free courses available on the internet)

#5. Online Consultant

What is online consultant’s job?

Online consultants provide service (in form of advice) in the field of their expertise. For example

  • Business consultant
  • Legal consultant
  • Health and fitness consultant
  • Online counselor
  • Career consultant

What are the basic requirements for this job?

Companies connect clients and consultants. A part of your fees goes to the company providing the space. You can start on your own website too. This can give you full control over your work that too from the comfort of your own home!


What is online software development?

To program, design and built a software for computers or mobile phones is software development.

How to do online software development part-time?

Numerous companies need software developer. You just need to apply.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Knowledge of Programming languages
  • Basic Designing skills
  • Analytical thinking ability
  • Creativity

#7. Virtual Assistant or VA

What is the work of a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistance can be provided at a personal level or for assisting a small business. To assist someone working remotely you may have to plan events, send business emails, schedule meetings, book appointments etc.

How do you become a VA to earn money working online part-time?

  • Ability to manage things single-handedly
  • Time management skills

#8. Online Translator

What is the work of an online translator?

An online translator translates a document from one language to another.

How to get an online part time translator’s job?

If you know two or more languages, this can be the best work from home option. All you need is to write the same thing in a different language.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Complete knowledge of two or more languages
  • Errorless grammar

This is another well paid easy job you can do without a degree or experience and absolutely from home.

#9. Customer Service Management

What is an online customer service management job?

Checking if the requirements of the customers of a particular company are being fulfilled or not, managing a team of customer service providers, directly connecting with customers, analysis the data history of the customer with the company and working to improve the customer-company relationship are some of the main works a customer service manager does.

What do you need to earn as an online customer service manager working part time?

  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Logical thinking

#10. Graphic Designer Jobs

What is the work of an online graphic designer?

A graphic designer converts an idea into an attractive visual form that can captivate a customer at first sight.

How to earn money as a part-time Graphic Designer?

If you are a graphic designer, the world of modern marketing awaits you. You can work from home and get high salary.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Knowledge of the usage of designing software
  • A professional course can help

#11. Web Development

What is web a part time development job?

Building a website from scratch basically is web development. There are two major types – front-end web development and back-end web development.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Profound knowledge of Programming languages like HTML, Java, PHP, CSS and more.
  • Previous experience can be a plus point

#12. Promotional Video Making

What is online part time promotional video making?

Companies need videos to promote their products or services. A person who makes such advertisement videos is a promotional video maker.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Video making skills
  • Creative thinking ability
  • Basic Digital marketing knowledge

#13. Crowdsourcing Mangement

What is the online part time crowdsourcing job?

Taking up the responsibility for a project and getting that work done by a group of unofficial people (not related to the company), generally by freelancers is crowdsourcing.

What are the basic requirements for this job?

  • Teamwork spirit
  • People management skills
  • Basic human resource knowledge

#14. Online Seller Jobs

How to become an online part-time seller?

No, you need not manufacture products. Buy products at a low price and sell them at a higher price via online markets like Amazon, Flipkart etc. You need to courier the products to the targeted market/company. If you can be an expert with time, income will know no bound since online shopping trend is going up each day.

#15.  Social Media Management Jobs

What is a social media management job?

Managing, updating and creating engagement in the social media pages of a company is the main work of a social media manager.

What skills do you need to earn online part time by Social Media Management?

  • Good communication skills
  • Basic graphics designing
  • Some Knowledge of digital marketing
  • Good social presence (facebook, twitter, blogs )

While looking for work from home, be on your guard. Since this is a lucrative option, scammers dwell here cheating people either with money in the name of investment or getting work done first and refusing to pay later. Look for the red flags like asking for investment without showing logical reason, offering a lot of money for comparatively less work. Otherwise, work from home is the perfect option to both earn and stay at home.

If you want to know more about such Work from home job opportunities, then join the women’s only Career Guidance Community on SHEROES.

Shiny Hoque
She has been a book worm since childhood. She loves to travel and write stories of people from different cultures and lifestyles.

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