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Writing Jobs To Work From Home: Everything You Need To Know

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writing jobs from home writing jobs from home

The Sheroes platform believes in giving and taking. Giving what you’ve learnt or experienced which might prove fruitful to others. Also, taking in ideas, thoughts and inspirations expressed by others. It’s this sharing of knowledge that prompts me to write this post.

Off late, I’ve come across numerous posts in Sheroes where women (students and housewives mostly) express their desires get online writing jobs.

Work from home jobs is referred to as ‘remote location jobs’ as well. Some of you must have heard a lot about content writing jobs as a decent source of earning money online while working from home, but don’t really know what it exactly is all about.

My intention is to clear doubts and impart what little I’ve learnt from my work experience. If you’re contemplating a content writing job as a work from home jobs option, here’s a peek:

The Model Of Work

Let me be very clear, it’s comfortable but challenging. It sounds cool but requires you to be a multi-tasking specialist. Just because it’s being heard everywhere, don’t take it up. Why?

Work from home jobs means you basically do all your household chores, fulfil all your responsibilities and at the same time - work as a professional, part-time (Read 15 online part time jobs where you can earn decent monthly income). All this from the comfort of your home. You will not step out to work but you must be able to bring in professionalism into your work.

Just because you work from home, don’t take it as a for granted job. If you've got a cook or a helping hand then it’s considerably easy. Otherwise, you need to plan your schedules.

There are some who tackle work while the pressure cooker is on fire or when their baby is asleep or in the night when they find time and peace.

Personally, I wake up quite early and finish my household chores by 10 in the morning. With a grown-up daughter and a well-behaved husband, I get enough time (5-6 hours Monday to Friday) to spare for my work.

So, before taking the plunge, devote some time to think. See how well placed you are. What are the logistics? Is it possible to devote that many hours? Will you be able to manage home and work on the home turf?

There are good days when peace prevails at home and you work smoothly. On bad days, you’ve repeated doorbells to attend, a sick child to care for or a remotely working husband who requests cups and cups of tea. For these days, be ready to work through midnight.

What Is Content Writing?

Simply put, it’s writing or creating content on some given topic. Content is what you write, the material. It’s usually based on guidelines. The content you write must be engaging. The target audience (children, adults, students, professionals etc.) should like your writing.

Usually, there’s a word limit like 500-700 words for the content size. Topics may vary depending on which industry you’re writing for. You could write for various industries like F&B (food & beverage), finance, education or healthcare industry. What you write may cater to domestic (Indian) audience or an audience overseas (international). I guess, by now you’re probably understanding the reach and scope your writing can achieve.

Also, you must be wondering, “How the hell will I get so much information and ideas sitting in my room? How do I know about Italian festivals? What investment plans suit senior citizens in India? Which silk saree to purchase if you’re visiting Coimbatore?” Well, internet search engines like Google/Bing and others are there to your rescue. Getting information is not a problem.

What Do I Need?

1. To take up content writing as a work from home job option, all you need is a place to work. It could be your dining table, study table, living room or your bed.
2. A personal computer or a laptop and an internet connection with good connectivity.
3. A diary or a notebook to note vital points.
4. An email id because you will receive and deliver assignments through emails.
5. A working mobile phone.

Who should ideally take up a work from home content writing job?

Writing is a dream job, but not for everyone.
1. Ideally, content writing is meant for those who have a fairly good command over English. Nowadays, there’s an increasing requirement for content writing in regional languages as well.
2. It’s great if you have a flair for writing because content writing often includes different styles of writing.
3. Mostly, your ideas should flow naturally. Clients always expect originality from you. Your own touch and unique presentation will make the difference.

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What if I am a non-writer, the flipside?

1. Whatever you write is reviewed by the client. If your writing isn’t at par with their standards, then be prepared to rework and revise. So for your work to get signed off, make sure you do it as per the guidelines. For a non-writer, there’s more than usual pressure to write. It’s difficult but not impossible.
2. On time delivery of good quality content is utterly important. You usually don’t have the luxury to write content for a blog post or article for days. You may be required to submit your work by next day. All this differs from work to work, topic to topic, work size to work size and from client to client. Therefore, ideas, research work and writing have to happen pretty fast. Else, you slog and may lose interest.

What specific skills do I need?

In order to be a successful content writer, knowledge of the following are recommended:
1. MS Word, MS Excel & MS Powerpoint
2. Internet workability
3. SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress
4. Digital Marketing techniques
5. Social Media methods
6. A degree/certificate in journalism, creative writing, digital marketing etc.
7. Online tools - Grammarly, Plagiarism Checkers and Keyword Planners.

If you’re creating content on class XII Physics, then a degree in Science/Physics may be mandatory (depends on the recruitment criteria). Also, before you begin, try to analyse your niche area or a topic that you’re most comfortable in writing.

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What more to know?

Work from home content writing job is full of immense prospects and widening possibilities. With more and more online users, churning fresh content and curating content is in great demand. Everything is at your fingertips today. There’s so much content that is floating on the internet. A book, magazines, columns, posters, catalogues, newspapers, articles, websites, blogs, e-books, e-learning apps! Content is everywhere.

Remote location work entails fraudulent practices. Beware! Just because there’s no face-to-face interaction or location specific meetings, chances of being duped loom large.

Unless you’ve established yourself well, the pay isn’t very inviting. For project-based work or contractual work, the pay is still better. Otherwise, it’s per article or rupees per word. How much you work and how fast you deliver also determines your income. If you’re able to work on 2-3 articles per week, then your payment is less compared to someone who delivers 5-6 articles per week. For beginners don’t expect too grand a pay. If you’re serious, then prioritize on learning and gathering experience.

Use mediums like LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and other online platforms to scout for writing opportunities. A CV can be uploaded in job portals but preferably when you’ve gathered some experience. Writing/Editing firms can be searched online for work. Everywhere, you’ll be asked to send a sample of your writing on a topic mentioned by the client. If it’s approved, then you receive assignments.

Once you’ve started, grow your network through Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Sheroes etc. Career guidance and hot shot links shared by the industry’s bests in Sheroes, are invaluable. Read as much as you can to learn writing styles and expressions. It’s endless! Exploit yourself in the positive direction. Happy Writing!


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