9 Best Home Based Jobs For Earning Good Money

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home based jobs home based jobs

Who would not like to work from home? Very few indeed!

With the advent of legitimate home based jobs, ladies are more interested in opting for the same.

Why has work from home jobs gained so much interest in the recent times?

The reasons for the above questions are as follows: 

  •  Schedule and Working Hours 

The schedules of a home based job could be as per your comfortability.

  • Allows time to be a Housewife along with being a Homemaker -

Most importantly, for ladies, the home-based work in part-time format appeals a lot because they can look after the house simultaneously. In this way, there is an extra income, while they can still look after the daily chores. It is a great source of support to the family resources. Also, the daily transit to work also is reduced to null.

Taking care of kids and home is easier with having a legitimate work from home job for mothers.

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For the working mothers, it is the most painful time, when their kids are unwell and the mothers have to leave them and go to the work. It would be a dream comes true for the working mothers if they could look after the kids, get them ready for school and even care for other members while working on their home-based assignments.

  • Freedom from constant job targets and goals -

The women who have been in the corporate world would know the pressures of the target achievement in the workplace. But a home-based job is more like an assignment.

Furthermore, the accountability is all yours, hence no worries about reporting to anyone at the end of the day. You are your own boss! Women can work whenever there is a free time, be it in the morning or at late night.

Below are some of the popular home based jobs that are much in demand these days:

#1. Home Based Jobs for Data Entry/ Data analyst

The data entry job involves using a keyboard to input data, which may be alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic, into a company’s system. The data here may come from handwritten forms or can be some audio files.

In general, the work from home data entry jobs pay could vary widely. It can be paid on an hourly, per word, keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minute, per audio minute or per word. However, most of these methods of payment are highly dependent on your speed of data entry.

#2. Recruitment (A Work from Home Recruitment Consultant!)

One can be a freelancer or a corporate or a part-time recruiter. The choice is all yours. Here you will need to screen the most appropriate candidate from the pool for the required vacancy. You should have an extra eye for the key skills asked in the Job Profile and their match with the skill sets mentioned against the candidates' resume.

You might also need to do the initial calling to the potential candidate, to check if he is ready to apply and if he has the specified experience and skill sets. Once the referred candidate is hired, you may be paid by the organization or you may seek a commission in form of percentage from both the parties.

#3. Lead generation/ Telecalling

This type of home based job is more like an advertisement, marketing, and business development. You may either be asked to anyone from the above, or the combinations of all. Eventually, you are expected to sell the idea and get it into the eyes of the client or the customer, so that he or she is totally convinced to invest their money.

For this kind of job, you mostly need to do telecalling and might also do seldom visits at the client ends. Your convincing skills, marketing strategy, and good communication would be the key to success in this field. The payment could be fixed monthly or might vary if commission in form of percentage is asked from the organization, depending on the size of business you have managed to bring in.

#4. Social Media Analyst

The social media analyst job is best suited for you if you are interested in the growing Digital Marketing and Startup Industry. These kind of home based jobs are very interesting and much in demand these days. If you love spending time on the social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc, this would be your dream job. All you need to do is promote a brand on the social media platform. There should be a consistent feed on the brand page that should make the brand look attractive and in fashion all the time.

The intention of the organization to hire you as a social media analyst is to make sure that you keep the people on the social media informed about the brand and get them talking about the same. Hence you should possess the skills of converting the boring piece of information into the peppiest one with catchy taglines, hashtags, GIFs, and images. The modes of payment for such home based jobs are mostly a fixed payment every month.

#5. Artist/Youtuber (Nowadays it’s a successful Home based business!)

When an artist turns his passion into his source of income, it gives him a great deal of happiness. There are numerous artists like dancers, singers, painters, craft enthusiasts and even cooks who have gained a huge amount of followers on the social media and youtube to be specific. You need to have some basic video editing ideas that you can easily get from the internet and upload the videos on the youtube. With the number of followers and subscribers, you get paid from youtube!

#6. Content Writer

One of the most legitimate work from home job is that of blogging or content writing. Here the blogger/ content writer writes about any given topic in such a manner that it fetches a considerable amount of traffic and readers on the page. You writing skills, vocabulary and the command over the language plays a vital role in your selection as a content writer for any firm. You get paid in form of a fixed payment per article or INR/word.

#7. Software Developer/Tester

If you are a hardcore techie and are an ardent software engineer, then this home based job would suit you the best. There are ample of small organizations that need part-time software developers and testers. Some projects are short termed and hence hiring a dedicated resource costs the organization higher. You need to have relevant corporate experience and training certificates. But the payment received on completion of a project is very handsome.

#8. Babysitter

There are few ladies who love kids. They would not mind spending their entire day taking care and spending time with them. Especially the older women would be the better choice for the above-mentioned home based job.

There are parents or a single parent who can’t be at home to take care of their kids when the kids are back from their schools or KGs are the ones who desperately seek for a good babysitter. You need to be passionate about children and their needs. This is the only requirement of this kind of job. Taking the utmost care of the child while their parents are away is the job profile all about. The payments for babysitting are fixed per child and for the number of hours, you take care of the child.

#9. Online tutor (Better than being a Home Tutor!)

There are several online tutorial sites which are in desperate need of good teachers. As the children nowadays are growing more tech-savvy, the online tutorials are becoming more popular. You can become one of the teachers and teach the subject that you are expert in. this can be done by either recording your session or publishing your notes.

This another type of work from home job opportunity that is the most comfortable on for housewives as they don’t have to devote a lot of time for the work. It is generally a fixed hour session and you get paid for the same on an hourly or monthly basis. Your academics records and past experience surely matters a lot to get selected as an online tutor. Additionally, you should have an inbuilt quality to make the concepts understandable and easy to grasp for the students. The way of explanation should also be interesting and not monotonous.

If you want to get more such Career Guidance and Advice to switch to a Work from home opportunity, then you can join the Career Guidance Community on SHEROES.

Sainy Banerjee Pal
An engineer by profession but an ardent writer by heart, Sainy has been writing from the age of 12. She has a huge collection of her handwritten diaries. Her friends call her a therapist for broken hearts and can connect instantly with anyone. She lives with her doting husband who is also her critic for her write ups. Imaginative, spirited and filled with compassion, she always has a lot to say, to those who care to listen.

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