5 Ways To Learn Everything About Your Product And Brand Before You Sell

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Are you trying to sell products without learning all about them? Learn how and why you need to be knowledgeable about your products before you try to sell them.

Geeta was just starting out with her brand new SHECO business and wanted to make sales as soon as possible. She started sending out product images and information to everyone in her social network.

However, when people got interested and started asking her questions about the products, she was unable to answer them properly. This impacted her customer’s confidence and trust in her. Disappointed, they drifted away without placing any orders.

Shipra had also started her SHECO business at the same time as Geeta, but she spent some time learning about each of the products she was selling. She ordered the products she intended to sell and tried them out herself.

She attended every product training session, asked relevant questions, and learned all there was to know about the products in the catalog.

When she sent out her promotions, she made sure they were relevant to the buyer and of interest to them. When buyers contacted her, she was able to answer all their questions promptly and accurately.

This boosted the buyer’s confidence and trust in her and they not only placed the orders but asked her if she could recommend more products for their requirements.

Geeta lost her customer’s trust because she did not take the trouble to learn about her products and brand. On the other hand, Shipra succeeded because she became an informed and knowledgeable seller before sending out a single promotion to her network.  

Here are some ways to learn everything about your product and brand before you sell to your customers:

#1. Buy and try the product

This is, by far, the best way to learn about any product or service you’re selling. If you haven’t tried out something for yourself, how would you understand your customer’s experience of it and be able to tell them what to expect from it?

As a SHECO Partner, you can avail of seller discounts and get the products or services you’re selling at a lower price, so why not buy them and try them out before you attempt to sell them?

Having first-hand knowledge of the product will always help you sell more convincingly and, based on your own experience, you can help your customers choose which products would benefit them more based on their requirements.

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#2. Attend product training

When you join the SHECO Partner Program, you’ll get access to regular product training in the SHECO Academy.

During these free live training sessions, the product developers themselves will answer all your questions to help you be more knowledgeable about their products.

What better source of knowledge can you benefit from, than the ones who developed and marketed the products themselves? These product training sessions are a must if you want to become a successful SHECO entrepreneur.

#3. Research online (brand website, forums, etc)

Even if, for some reason, you miss out on the product training, that’s no excuse to remain ignorant when you have the internet and all the information you need at your fingertips.

Research the products online. Visit the brand website, read blogs and buyer reviews of the products on eCommerce websites. Make notes of what the buyers are saying about the products and use the same language in your promotions.

If you have any doubts about the products, you can always connect with other SHECO sellers and mentors in the SHECO Academy Community and get your questions answered by them.

#4. Follow the brand on social media

This is one of the best ways of learning about the features and benefits of the products as well as the brand, what they stand for, and more importantly, what they don’t stand for.

As an example, if you know your buyers are discerning and like to use cosmetics that are safe and free of harmful chemicals you can follow a brand like MrilQ and see how they promote their brand, understand their brand positioning and which customer segment they appeal to.

Once you understand the brand positioning, you will be able to target your promotions to the right customers instead of spamming your entire network and turning them off.

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#5. Learn from experienced sellers

The SHECO Partner program is unique because experienced and successful SHECO sellers are called upon to mentor new sellers and help them achieve their first sale.

Not only will you learn about the products from those who have been successful in selling them, but you will get one-on-one and group mentoring as well as someone to ensure accountability as you start to make sales too.

Besides the mentoring, you’ll also benefit from fun contests, promotions and can even earn bonuses and certificates when you become a successful seller. How fun is that?!

Now that you know just how important it is to learn all about the products and services you’re selling and have some ways to help you do that, you can get started on your journey to becoming a successful SHECO seller.

If you haven’t yet joined the free SHECO Partner program, you can join right away and start an online business without investment with just your Smartphone.


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