5 Sales Closing Techniques To Help You Close The Sale Faster

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Are you unable to close the sale because of poor sales closing techniques over the phone? Learn how to close more sales with these sales closing strategies.

Did you know that 92% of salespeople report giving up on a prospect after hearing "No” four times. Conversely, 80% of prospects say “No” four times before they finally say “Yes.”

Sales is a mental game. To be able to hear a “No” and not take it as a rejection, or take it personally, requires confidence and self-belief.

How To Become A Successful Seller

“To increase your income you must achieve your financial goals in your mind before you can ever achieve them in your reality. You must learn how to see yourself as a high-income earner,” says Brian Tracy in his book, The Psychology Of Selling: The Art Of Closing Sales.

Brian Tracy’s book on the art of closing the sale will give you a series of ideas, methods, strategies, and sales closing techniques to close deals faster and easier than ever before. In it, he tells the story of how he learned that the best salespeople are successful because of their sales training.

However, if you have no sales training, don’t despair. In the SHECO Academy, you’ll get access to free direct sales training and one-on-one coaching to help you learn the best direct sales companies closing techniques and improve your sales skills.

You can also work on improving your sales skills by reading books, listening to audios or watching sales training videos on YouTube and attending sales training seminars.

As Tracy writes in his book, “Success is not an accident. It is simply a matter of cause and effect; for every cause, there is an effect. This simply means that if you do as successful people do (the cause), then you will make things happen in your life (the effect). This is the REAL secret of success.”

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5 Best Closing Techniques To Close The Sale Faster

When it comes to sales closing techniques, there are as many types of sales closes as teachers. What this means is that every sales expert has its own closing techniques that work for them.

Not all of these types of closing techniques may work for you because closing a sale also takes practice, self-belief, self-esteem, confidence and determination.

But sometimes all it takes to become a better seller and acquire a bit of self-confidence is to get proper sales training and learn effective sales closing techniques.

If you do have good self-esteem and confidence, these 5 closing techniques will take you to a new level of success as a seller.

#1. Ask a series of questions

This is one of the life insurance closing techniques that work well in many situations because closing a sale is not merely about convincing people about the features and benefits of your products.

Rather it’s about asking relevant questions and listening to what they say. In his book above, Brian Tracy recommends asking a series of logical questions - from general questions to more specific ones - that are ideally suited to your prospect.

Closing techniques in life insurance sales require learning more about your prospect’s current income, life goals, saving goals, and family situation. A good salesperson will probe further to find out what their prospect really needs.

So, insurance closing techniques could open with a question on their family background and situation and become more specific as you go along.

Often, as your prospect provides the answers to your questions, they will either end up convincing themselves that they need it or decide they don’t.

Either way, there’s no risk in closing a sales pitch using this soft-close sales technique. You have neither pressured them to buy nor have they had to reject your arguments. 

#2. Act like it’s a done deal

Also called the “Assumptive Close,” you can take this approach at the end of the conversation, once you feel the prospect is more or less convinced that they need your product or service.

Assumptive selling techniques involve asking a question that assumes the sale is already done, such as, “Can you share the address where you’d like it shipped?”

Another of the assumptive close examples is to give them a choice or an option such as, “Would you like to order one piece or more?” or “Would you like to have it delivered on a weekday or a weekend?”

Assumptive selling is one of the most effective closing techniques because it makes it hard for the prospect to say no when you assume they have already said yes.

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#3. Create scarcity and a sense of urgency

Also called the “Now Or Never” close, this closing technique is appropriate when you have a promotion or limited-time offer going on. It helps to create scarcity and a sense of urgency that taps into your prospect's Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

You can implement this technique by stating the offer and encouraging them to take it using statements like:

·       This price is only for a limited time until [date].

·       We’re offering a 20% festival discount until [date].

·       If you order right away, I can throw in these bonuses.

#4. Save the best for last

Also called the “Columbo close,” you can use this sales closing technique when you’re not sure if a prospect will take the bait. It involves saving the best part of your sales pitch for the end, just when the prospect has lost interest.

Say, "And just one more thing" to reel the prospect back into the conversation and hit them with the feature or benefit that you think will entice them most.

For example, if you’re selling organic skincare products, you could say, “And I almost forgot to tell you… these skincare products are not only good enough to eat but also completely safe if you actually ate them. How many products can make that claim?”

#5. Ask for referrals first

Also called the “Backwards Close,” this soft-close sale line may be the best way to close a sale if you prefer less aggressive closing techniques. In this sales closing technique, you start with the final step of your sales pitch - by asking your prospect for referrals.

Not only will this put your prospect at ease because they can see that you’re not trying to aggressively sell them anything, but they will ask you for more information about what you sell, which is your cue to explain about the product and it’s benefits and make them interested in buying it themselves. 

Keep learning new telesales closing techniques and phone sales techniques that close. When you learn different closing techniques and how to apply them, you will be more successful and close more deals.  

Using the best sales closing techniques in your SHECO Partner business will give you more confidence and success in closing a sale over the phone and help you become a highly-successful seller too.


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