Know, Like and Trust (KLT) - The Key To Creating Happy Customers

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The key to selling more products and services is to create happy customers who Know, Like and Trust (KLT) you. Learn how to achieve customer satisfaction and create happy customers who like and trust you enough to choose you as a seller again and again.

The science of Relationship Marketing is targeted at building stronger and long-lasting relationships with customers and improving your relationship with existing customers rather than finding new customers. 

Relationship marketing is applicable where customers have many options in the market for the same product or service and the customer is entitled to make a selection decision.

As a SHECO Partner, one challenge you will face is that there are many people out there selling the same products to the same people. 

So how do you set yourself apart from the rest and learn how to achieve customer satisfaction so that your customers prefer you to anyone else out there? 

The answer is Know, Like and Trust (KLT).

When faced with a choice of multiple sellers, customers are most likely to pick the one they know, like and trust. Or someone they already have a relationship with.

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These 5 tips will help you learn how to satisfy customers and improve your KLT factor:

#1. Help first, sell later

The most important part of building a great relationship with your customer is to understand their needs first and how you can fulfill their needs. Many sellers make the mistake of going after the sale right away with a new customer.

If you’ve not taken the time or opportunity to understand your customer’s needs, and how their needs change in different circumstances, you’re likely to fail. The key to satisfying the customer is to learn about your customer first. 

Talk to them or chat with them and find out more about them so you can offer them what they really need instead of convincing them to buy what you want to sell them.

#2. Build trust and relationship

When you have built a strong relationship with your customer, they will trust you to understand their needs and to only offer them the best options that meet their needs.

Never try to make a sale based solely on the commission you want to get. This is a surefire way to destroy a good customer relationship. If you lose your customer’s trust, they are likely to never buy from you again.

The key to making customers happy is to work on building a relationship based on trust 

#3. Under-promise and over-deliver

Never promise more than you can deliver. If you misrepresent the product or service, you’ll end up with bad reviews and customer complaints and lose the trust of your customer and community.

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Always ensure you know the features, benefits and limitations of the product and service you’re selling. Never overstate the benefits. Always promise less so you can create happy customers who are delighted by the outcome. 

#4. Follow up

Many sellers treat a customer relationship like a one-night stand. If all you’re concerned about is making the sale and don’t care about your customer’s satisfaction, you won’t attract re-orders or build a lasting relationship with a high KLT factor.

A customer relationship is a lifelong relationship and if a customer senses that you’re not in it for the long term, they will tune out your messages when you have something new to sell. 

So, follow up and communicate with customers after the sale. Ask them how they liked the products or services you sold them. If the customer is not happy, ask them for feedback that you can convey to the manufacturer. 

Once you gain the customer’s trust, her chance of switching to another seller or company decreases. She may buy goods in bulk and also buy other products from you, even if other resellers are offering a lower price.

#5. Keep in touch

Relationship marketing is not only about building relationships and attracting customers to your products and services but also about creating a positive customer experience and using multiple ways to retain customers. 

Get to know what your customer needs from you or may need in the future. Even if they don’t buy from you right away, keep in touch and keep building that relationship.

If you can create happy customers, your existing customers will be like a living advertisement. If they’re satisfied with your services they’ll give you happy customer feedback and recommend it to others through word-of-mouth. 

On the relationship ladder of customer loyalty, you want them to go from prospects to customer, to supporter, and finally to becoming your advocate.

According to research, the cost of retaining an old customer is only 10% of the cost of getting a new customer and the highest cost incurred is when trying to get new customers. 

Just like building relationships with your friends and family takes time and effort, relationship marketing with customers also takes time, effort and a genuine desire to make your customer happy. 

Use these tips on how to achieve customer satisfaction to create satisfied and happy customers who will order from you again and again.

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