Here Is How Women Can Restart Career After Break, With Internship

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restart career after break with internship restart career after break with internship

Here we will discuss about restarting career after break, getting a job after career break in India, finding job after 5 years break and restarting career, job after maternity break. Also, know how to restart your career after a break.
Three stages of a professional woman:


Shreya Singh had always been an ambitious girl who had big aspirations for her career. After completing her post graduation in computer applications, she was placed as a software developer in a reputed organization. Being highly proficient at her work, she earned a handsome salary and was promoted to senior developer position.


After a few years, she got married. Her husband and in-laws were pretty supportive of her career and so, she continued doing her job. After two years, when she gave birth to her daughter, it became quite difficult for her to manage her work and home responsibilities. She started to feel guilty for not giving enough time and care to her child. Consequently, she decided to take a career break to take care of her child for a short while. She was happy and satisfied now that she could pay a converged attention to her child.

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Motherhood itself was a taxing challenge and required her constant efforts. As a result, she didn’t even notice when 4 years passed and her daughter started going to school. Now, she found herself left with free time and after giving it some thought, she decided that it was the right time to get back to her professional life.

She knew after a four-year long break, it’ll be an arduous task to find a job for herself. Therefore, before applying for the jobs, she decided to update her skill set and took up an online training in web development. It was a two-month-long course that taught her the basics of web development. Along with it, she started working on small web development projects to practice the skills learnt. After completing the online training, she felt confident about her knowledge skills.

Stage III

She updated her resume and started applying to various jobs through online portals. However, due to a long career gap on her resume, she couldn’t secure a job. Receiving 8 rejection letters consecutively, took a strong hit on Shreya’s self-confidence.

One day, while browsing through various websites, she came across an internship portal. It opened a new door of opportunity for her. Despite her apprehensions, she resolved to give internships a chance. She applied for various internship positions and after an extensive hiring process, soon got hired as a web development intern in a company.

Having previous work experience, it felt a little odd for her to work as an intern. However, with the constant support from her mentor and team, she was able to adapt to the environment soon enough.

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Her work entailed complete revamping of the company’s official website as per the current market standards. With the continuous guidance from her mentor, she along with her team was successful in revamping the website in the 3-month duration of her internship.

It was an enriching experience for Shreya. The internship introduced her to the current professional environment, polished her skill set, and principally, built her self-confidence.

Now that she had a certification and an internship experience on her resume to validate her skill-set, she once again applied for job opportunities and after facing 2 rejections, she was ultimately hired for a job as a web developer in a well-established company.

It was an exciting opportunity for her and she has been working there for a year now.

An internship experience proved to be life-changing for Shreya’s career, by playing an immense role in helping her get back to the workforce.

Just like her, millions of women in India have to take a career break after getting married in order to cater to the additional responsibilities like child care and elderly care. These career breaks often get extended to years and with time, it gets more and more difficult for them to get back to work.

In fact, as per a Times of India report, in India, ~20 million women quit their jobs between 2004-05 to 2011-12 and only a few percents of them were able to return to the workforce.

This gives a glimpse into the troubling condition of India’s women employment scenario. For these women, it gets extremely difficult to get on to the professional track later. Even when they prepare to go out for the job hunt, they face rejections from employers who correlate their career gap with outdated skills.

Other than these factors, women also experience lack of confidence in stepping a foot towards a professional life. Here, internships can act as a solution to help them combat the hindrances on their journey back to the workforce.

An internship can act as a powerful tool to help women overcome these difficulties.

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Tips for getting hired after a career break

Here's how women can resume career after a break:

Flexible Work Options

A major plus of doing an internship is that internships often come with flexible working options like part-time and work-from-home options. Women often hesitate to go out and work as they are not sure as to how they would be able to manage their work and household responsibilities parallelly.

At the internship, having flexible working hours can truly help them take care of both, thus ensuring their gradual transition from just being a housewife to being a professional too.

Updates Your Skill-Set

Being on a long career break, women often lose touch with the industry and the technological advancements. This results in a substantial skill gap on their resume which has a grave impact on their chances of getting hired for a job.

Internships can help women polish their existing skills and learn the current market skillset. Then the woman can practice by deploying the skill on real projects in a real-time work environment.

Short-Term Commitment

Internships are short-term work opportunities usually of a duration ranging from 1 to 6 months. This makes them the perfect way for women to try and test the waters.

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This could mean two different things. First, by doing an internship, women can check if they are truly ready to get back to work while also managing their household responsibilities. The other case could be that over the time, their interests could change and they might be looking for some fresh opportunities and with internships’ short-term commitments, they could test different work opportunities and learn where their true interests lie.

(Re)Build Your Confidence

Women on break often experience a drop in their self-confidence as a result of a number of reasons including lack of in-demand skills, an extended detachment from the industry, and employers’ apprehensions of hiring them.

Internships can hereby help these women (re)build their confidence by facilitating and upskilling in real-time environment, offering relevant work exposure, and by getting them acquainted with the present workplace etiquettes and professional conduct thus making them job ready.

An Additional Income

With added responsibilities come additional expenses and having an extra source of income can be extremely helpful to better the economic condition of a household.

Good thing is, internships often come with a stipend which might not be as hefty as one might earn on a job but it is enough to enable women to pitch in for the household expenses. This gives them a sense of being financially independent.

Considering the above-mentioned advantages of internships, more and more women are now taking up the route of internships to start or restart their careers. A transition from being a homemaker to becoming a professional could be so sudden and may turn their lives upside down. Therefore, internships with their experimental and flexible nature prove to be the best way to go. Also, a lot of women find it really difficult to make enough time to pursue a full-time job. This is why they continue doing multiple internships to keep their professional lives going while also managing their household lives.

Do you have any experience with an internship? Let me know in the comment.
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