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Best 13 Government Jobs In India With Highest Salary & Reputation

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Best Government Jobs In India For Salary & Reputation Best Government Jobs In India For Salary & Reputation

(Updated on Nov 2018)

Government job in India is a big dream for Indian students.

In fact, every 2nd person I talk on a daily basis is either preparing for government jobs or is collecting information to decide which are the top government exams in India for which he/she is going to prepare for.

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I have been there and have invested hours to decide which form, which job, at which salary and for what comfort, I am going to lead my life in the government job.

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So I have sorted out this list for you so that you can avoid the pain of research to find a best-suited government job for you and instead you can start a serious preparation for the upcoming exam.

Here are the Top 13 government jobs in India based on salary, reputation and other benefits and perks: Click to Share

#1. PSU

Jobs in public sector units like BHEL, ONGC, Coal India, IOCL, HPCL etc are a very good option.

The public sector units provide their employees with many benefits. They pay very well and the work pressure is not very stressful but it is manageable.

PSUs recruit on a large scale every year through various competitive exams. Jobs are available for candidates with varied eligibility criteria.

The best part of being in a PSU is you get to work in fixed duty hours and the workplace offers security.

Salary Structure:

Management Trainee: 

Scale: 24,900/- to 50,500/-

Annual CTC: 1,410,000/-

Graduate Engineers:

Scale: 24,900/- to 50,500/-

Annual CTC: 1,080,000/-

#2. Bank PO

Bank jobs are one of the most beneficial jobs in the country. The work pressure is good but the salary is well in proportion to the benefits provided. State Bank of India, Reserve Bank of India, PSU Banks (Bank of Baroda, Bank of India etc.), Regional & Rural Banks (RRBs) etc recruit thousands of graduates every year. The basic eligibility criteria are just a university degree. Hence it is one of the most preferred options by graduates all over the country.

Did you know even a 12th pass female candidates can also apply in government banks for Low Division Clerk position?

Bank jobs are easy to fit in. They provide comfortable working space. All in all, it is a good option for people who want to work in a challenging environment of work balance.

#3. Scientist

The scientists are the developing roots of the country. They are the revolutionists who bring changes for good and betterment of the people and the country on the whole.

DRDO, ISRO are just some of the reputable institutions which are run by government scientists. The salary of a government scientist equivalent and sometimes better than the private ones.

The perks such as individual houses in which they are accommodated, medical insurance are some of the benefits associated with the job. The work pressure is little high and the job is also demanding. But the benefits are all worth it.

#4. Defence services- Army, Navy, Coastal guard

Entering the National Defence Academy is the best option if you are looking for a well paying and beneficial job. This job provides a candidate with the opportunity to enter into the Indian Army, Navy and such defense institutions. Good payment, official residence, medical facilities are some of the perks provided by this job.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, by being into defense services discipline and being responsible comes naturally. You learn to be more organized in your life.

Salary Structure:

Assistant Commandant: 15600/- to /-39100. Grade Pay Rs 5400/-

Deputy Commandant:15600/- to 39100/-. Grade Pay Rs 6600/-

Commandant(Junior Grade): 15600/- to 39100/-. Grade Pay Rs 7600/-

#5. Civil services

If you want to be the part of the steel frame of Indian administration and dream of having a greater say in all the major decisions taken by the Indian government then Civil services are the best opportunities.

Civil services are the highest abode in the Indian government. The respect and prestige, which comes with the services like IAS, IPS, IFS are unmatched to anything in the private sector.

Salary Structure:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 5,400/-

#6. Indian Administrative Services or IAS officers

To run the country in the best way is the soul job of an IAS officer. But having said that does not make the role any easier.

The job pressure is also very high and demanding. Policy implementation and administrative responsibilities are day to day job of an IAS officer. They are paid well for their duty.

With the pay commission about to review the pay scale in 2016, the estimated salary an IAS officer will be getting is very high.

The perks associated with individual houses, an official car and such are very luring.

IAS Officer Salary Structure:

Junior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 5,400/-

Senior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 6,600/-

#7. Indian Foreign Services or IFS officers

By being an IFS officer you get the brand ambassador of your nation.

This not only brings you recognition but helps you respect and love the country. IFS officers are the face of the Indian government in foreign countries. In other words, they are the brand ambassadors of the nation.

The job includes heavy traveling and diplomatic meetings with the foreign delegates. The pay is handsome and perks are also very high.

Salary Structure:

Same as IAS,

Junior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 5,400/-

Senior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 6,600/-

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#8. Indian Police Services or IPS officers

IPS officers are selected through exam conducted by UPSC similar to IAS officers.

Female IPS Officer

They serve the state as well as central government. Their primary duty is to make sure that people under their jurisdiction are safe.

So basically, they are the real-time heroes of the nation. They maintain law and order in the country and are highly respected. They get paid well and the perks are also equivalent to an IAS officer.

Salary Structure:

Same as IAS,

Junior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 5,400/-

Senior Time Scale:

Pay Scale: 15,600/- to 39,100/-

Grade Pay: 6,600/-

#9. State Public Service Commission

The State Public Service Commission conducts PSC examinations and recruits candidates for various administrative posts in the State. advises on methods of recruitment to various Civil Services of the States.

The body advises on principles to be followed for appointing candidates to civil services of the States.

Apart from the appointment of the candidates, it also sets rules for granting promotions, transferring candidates from one service to another, and promoting to higher ranks.

The jobs offered by state public service commissions are almost identical to that of a civil servant. Many local government jobs in India like MRO, Tahsildar, RTO are paid very well and come with extra benefits such as official residence, medical facilities and such.

Salary Structure:

Basic Pay: Rs 23,640
D.A. (@107%): Rs 25,295
H.R.A.(@30%): Rs 7,092
T.A.: 5,280

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#10. Officers in Indian Railway

India has a lot of graduates with an engineering degree. If you are an engineer then, becoming a railway engineer is the best career option. Particularly in India, Railways have the highest number of government jobs for engineers. Railway engineers enjoy luxurious houses and various other benefits provided by the government of India. Indian Railway also recruits non-technical graduates. The job pressure and work demand are also manageable.

Indian Railway Ticket Checker

Since Railways is such a large organization, the staff gets to explore whatever talent they have. People can explore everything from teaching to research to managerial skills. The posts are also such that there are opportunities to get promoted several times and rise up the order.

Salary Structure:

Railways Senior Section Engineer salary is Rs 6,01,866

#11. Government Lecturer/ University Professors

If you are into teaching then becoming a government university lecturer is the best choice. Very good paycheck and a huge number of holidays are just some of the perks of this job. You can inspire the young generation of the nation. This is also one of the best option to secure a central government job for graduates.

The job pressure is minimal and the fun of spending time with young minds is immense. Lecturers are even encouraged to take up research which is usually funded by the government.

There are various exams that one can appear for being a government professor/lecturer like NET and many more.

Salary Structure:

Central and State Government Lecturers: 118,359/- to 500,437/-

#12. Insurance ADO/AAO

Insurance jobs are one of the most beneficial jobs in the country. The work requires one to inspect and analyze currently running policies, plan new schemes, claim to process and interacting with clients. The salary is well in proportion to the benefits provided. LIC of India, National Insurance Co. Ltd. etc recruits thousands of graduates every year.

The basic eligibility criteria are just a university degree. Hence it is one of the most preferred options by graduates all over the country. A career with such a corporation could be very beneficial. The pay scale is very good and the work pressure is manageable.

#13. Government doctors

Government doctors in institutions like AIIMS and other government hospitals are highly respectable. They get higher payments and are given a genuine opportunity to serve the poor. The job demand is very high. The work at times requires staying up until late nights and traveling to rural areas to serve poor people. The benefits provided are also in proportion to the job demand.

Government Doctor

The work field is best suited for female candidates because to care for someone in need comes naturally to them. Moreover, there is satisfaction with the job profile too and one learns every day something new and instill positivity in his/her surroundings.

Right from fighting for the right to life of a baby girl to raising an educated woman, the government has been working hard to open the minds of the society towards bringing up a girl in the modern era. Since the past few decades, a lot of upliftment of the female section of the nation has been observed and is expected to grow every day. Policies like National Credit Fund for Women, RAJIV GANDHI SCHEME FOR EMPOWERMENT OF ADOLESCENT GIRLS and much more have been introduced and are being implemented in full swing for the betterment of women and girls.

After covering the basic needs of food and education the attention is being given to jobs for women. Jobs that are safe and satisfactory. Jobs that would bring respect to every female. Jobs that would put a feather in a woman’s role as a support to the nation. Jobs that are from the government.

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    The author of this post needs to do a bit of a research. RBI and NABARD are the highest paid govt jobs in banking sector. This even surpasses the top Central Govt PSUs and State Civil Services in terms of salary and benefits. NABARD was basically carved out from RBI in 1982. Thus share the same salaries and allowances. The annual CTC of entry level Grade A officer in RBI/NABARD is 15.68 Lakhs. The facilities and allowances are unmatched. Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoT5BmdtLjM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoT5BmdtLjM)