How To Propose A Boy In 7 Cutest Ways

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how to propose a boy how to propose a boy

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In Sheroes Love and Relationship community, we often get questions about how can a girl propose a boy like this one...

how to propose boy question

Here is what Deepti did...

Deepti is independent and self loving girl. She was living an amazing life on her own terms, travelling exotic destinations, spending her money on her personal growth and where ever else she wants. She had dated cool guys but was never ready for a serious relationship unless she met this guy.

Handsome, tall, well build and confident, not the kind every girl will fall for but certainly her type.

She had butterflies, she was day dreaming and she was eager to confess her love for him.

But she didn’t know how to profess her feelings so she went out of the way and found some creative ways to confess her love for her crush. It was unique, creative and more like any other independent, fun loving girl would have done it.

Going out of your way (and breaking the status quo of being a girl so you can’t confess your feeling first) works really well. And if go more creative to it, it sometimes becomes memorable. Although I am not saying it will work always but breaking status quo can boost your confidence and give you satisfaction that you took a step forward.

I can’t share Deepti’s way exactly but will try to bring other creative stuff that works and would love to listen your methods too. This list will not cover those ways when you are strangers to each other. But would deal with ideas which you can apply if either you are into a relationship or have at least good interaction with each other.

Community members too have suggested something similar for the question that you saw above...

how to propose boy answers

So, here is the list of some really creative ways to make your bae feel special and help to add a new element of love in your relationship. Also, all these ideas are executed by me, and therefore I can vouch for them to work.

(We did some changes in the article after getting feedback from our sheroes community. More fun stuff is on the way as we are trying to make this piece better and helpful).

How to Propose a Boy

Here are cute and romantic ways to propose your love:

#1. 50 reasons I love you: Surprise him with your insane love!

Once in the middle of our busy lives, we tend to forget how much our partner means to us and the same goes for them. However, there are ways to rekindle the spark and make him feel loved and valued. All you would need is a bunch of sticky notes and a marker. That is all!

You can start thinking about the small reasons why you love him and start writing each one of them on each of the sticky notes. Arrange and paste them in a heart shape on the mirror, where your man checks himself. Do this completely out of the blue and see him blush like never before.

Surprise him with your insane love

#2. Quilling: To show off the creative lover in you!

Quilling is a beautiful art done with strips of papers. It looks amazing when done in a proper way. You can design his door’s nameplate or simply design his name’s initial letter. There are multiple tutorials available on the web and youtube (You can also use house wastes to build something creative).

All you need to do is, make up your mind, stick to the art till it’s done, present it to him and let your beloved one be super-amazed! He will be awestruck when he would see the artwork.

Note: Frame your quilling art, if possible. This will help the art to remain intact for a long time.

#3. Baking: for the wonderful chef your lover owns!

Be it your anniversary or his birthday or any celebratory occasion. If you bake the cake for him, there won't be anything more special than that! It need not be a very fancy one, with a lot of decorations on the top of it. It can be a simple vanilla or chocolate cake, but good to eat. Similarly, you can bake low-fat biscuits and make dark chocolates on your own.

This would not only make him feel cared about but also would be very heart-warming. All of these recipes are available on the web. Call him for a cup of coffee and express your love with your handmade cookies or brownies.

#4. Dedication on the radio: for the ones whose love is literally in the air!

Who would not like to be heard about on the air?

I have done this for my husband and the reaction was overwhelming. I was listening to the radio on my way back to home from work. The RJ was saying several kinds of stuff, but the last line caught my attention. He said, “... if you have anything to say to anyone you love, but want to make it special, just call me and I will convey it to them also stand a chance to win free New Year couple passes at a famous Resto-Pub”. I promptly noted the number and hit the call button. Much to my apprehension, the RJ did pick the call-up, he dedicated my song to my husband and also conveyed him my message all over the radio. Also, the couple passes were a bonus!

Dedication on the Radio for Loved ones

Do try this and along with your partner, even you might end up getting surprises!

#5. Paint a Buddha for him: for the peace and wisdom to be bestowed on your husband!

If you can manage to bring out some time out of your schedule and want to do something really impressive as well as creative for your husband, go ahead with this piece of advice. I know many of us are not good painters, but the fact that you have tried is enough for him to smile. Plus, it is not as difficult as you perceive it. I have done it myself and it has worked! I used to be one of those kids who would colour everywhere on the drawing sheet but not inside the marked place. Also, my handwriting is too cursive to understand. So if I can do it, surely you can!

What you need:

  • Transparent Tracing paper.
  • Print out of a Buddha of desired dimension (you can get it easily from the internet, go for the face close-ups)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paint colours (as per choice)
  • Good quality paint brushes, pallet
  • Drawing board
  • Patience

Start the tracing from the printout and trace the outlines back on your drawing board. Once you have done it, don't forget to immediately draw and make the traced outlines prominent. Now start with the painting part. For more details on the painting check out for the tutorials available over the net. (requires a lot of effort, but is worth every bit)

#6. Stand-up-comedy: Why only restaurants when there are better options available!

Stereotypes don't go really well always. And taking your loved one over the date at some restaurant has become too cliched. Why don't you try something different? Why don't you take him to a laughter show?

It is a great way to make him feel happy and forget about the day to day work pressure. The stand-up comedians are absolutely hilarious and their wit mixed with their observations makes it very relatable. For a short demonstration, you can always catch them on the youtube.

Check on Bookmyshow, insider, LBB or simply search for a laughter show on google in your area. Book the tickets for the best stand up comedian and take him to the show, without informing him. Once you both have laughed your hearts out, tell him how much his smile makes you happy and profess your love, once again.

#7. Not gifts but experiences: for your travel freak partner

Expressions and gifts go hand in hand. While we are talking about ways to profess your love, gifts play a vital role. However, gifts for men has always been so limited and scarce. How many time have you consulted your friends about what to gift your bae? How about taking him on a short trip and then let him know about your love for him?

There are multiple holiday destinations which are off-beat and unexplored. Yes, this might cost you a good amount, but it can always be on your bucket list. While you are trying the above-mentioned methods, try to save every month for this secret mission.

I understand that there are other important stuff to cover in your life than falling into relationship craps. But to keep your relationship healthy, you need to be creative, keep the fun going and sometimes go out of your way to bring the love inside.

Ending with this beutiful question and a good answer:

question propose boy if he is your best friend

answer propose boy if he is your best friend

Be bold and badass and take charge of your feelings.

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