How To Flirt With A Guy - The Modern Woman’s Guide To Flirting

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How To Flirt With A Guy How To Flirt With A Guy

No-one is stranger to this, we’ve all been here. You’re sitting a café or a club or even riding a bus when you notice a man whose good looks make your heart beat faster. The chance of meeting someone new and building a connection with a handsome stranger is full of excitement and has the allure of possibility. But approaching a stranger, breaking the ice and starting the conversation can be an extremely hard task by itself. Let alone the added pressure of making it known that you’re interested. It is particularly difficult if you’re someone who is shy and introverted by nature.

The art of flirting is not just about batting your eyelashes and tossing your hair. It's a skill that lets a man of any age know you're confident and he won't be rejected if he asks you out. If you wait for the guy to approach you, it may never happen.

So what do you do? Do you let the opportunity slip away or take a leap of faith and just do it? If you choose the latter, we are here to help.

Here’s presenting the Modern Woman’s Guide to Flirting. (How To Flirt with a Guy!)

#1. Talk To The Opposite Sex

As unlikely as it seems, the process of flirting begins long before you actually find someone who has piqued your interest. Like most other things in life, it takes preparation and practice. First things first: practice talking to the opposite sex. Hang out with male friends and get to know male behavior. Then when you approach men, it will be more as a friend and not as an unknown foreign creature.

#2. Introduce Yourself To Strangers (How To Start a Conversation)

This can be anyone you don’t know. Make sure you smile and look the person straight in the eye as you say, "Hi, my name is so and so. What's yours?” Also, give compliments to people. Tell your coworker, friend or family member something unexpected and nice. It goes a long way in boosting your self-confidence. Once this becomes a practice, you’ll see how much more comfortable you’ll feel while approaching someone. Now you’re ready to get your flirt on.

Introduce Yourself to Strangers

#3. Relax (You Need to Learn How to Flirt Without Being Obvious)

While talking to a stranger may seem like a monumental task, it is honestly not that big a deal. In fact, what makes it intimidating is also what makes it extremely simple - the fact that the person is a stranger. Even if you mess up, end up making a fool of yourself or somehow get rejected, chances are you’re probably never going to see him again. So relax. Take a deep breath and go for it!

#4. Opening Lines Aren’t Important (Flirty Pick Up Lines!)

You don’t have to stress too much about the first thing you say - your intentions will become clear as the conversation goes on. And if the person is genuinely interested in chatting with you, they won’t care what you open up with. You can start with something as simple as a “Hey,” or “How’s it going?” or something. It doesn’t matter. You can comment on the weather. You can discuss something on TV. You can even pretend to be interested in the sports team on his hat. If he’s wearing a t-shirt with a reference you know, talk about it. Comment on the things going on around you. You can even ask what brings them to the place you both are. The idea is to send out a simple, “Should we have a conversation?” signal. Besides, if you’re keeping it simple, they feel no pressure to be brilliant either.

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#5. Listen. Really Listen

Ask him something about himself and really listen to what he is saying. Ask follow up questions. If he says, “I'm a doctor,” ask him what got him there and if he enjoys it. If he is a filmmaker, ask him for movie recommendations. Make sure you use good eye contact and give him your full attention. Don’t look elsewhere. Absolutely don’t check your phone. You’ve already finished the hard part by getting this conversation started, now keep it going.

#6. Keep The Conversation Light

Make a joke or laugh at his. If you both are interested in talking to each other, the conversation will flow automatically. But avoid heavy duty intense conversational topics like politics or religion. These things usually spark a lot of debates and you don’t want to get into an argument in your very first conversation. Instead, focus on light topics such as films, travel or music.

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#7. Use Body Language (How to Attract Your Crush)

The flirting clichés are clichés for a reason - they work! Fluttering your eyelashes draws attention to your eyes. Playing with a strand of your hair makes him notice your luscious tresses. Body language is as crucial to a conversation as is what is being said. These simple acts are sending him a subconscious message to notice how attractive you are. It can also be an effective tool to check how interested someone is in you. Someone who is leaning towards you is more interested than someone who is pulling away. Also, feet usually tend to point to the principal object of interest. Check if his, are pointing towards you or the TV broadcasting the latest IPL match!

How to Attract your crush

#8. Break The Touch Barrier

Physical touch is the most important way to communicate interest to someone of the opposite sex. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be creepy. Keep it simple. Touch his arm, shoulder or hand to make a point or casually, while you are laughing. This tiny gesture will indicate you're interested in him as more than a friend. This will help keep you out of "The Friend Zone” which believe me, is a very dangerous territory and you don’t want to be there. If he returns the gesture, you're on the right path.

#9. Keep It Short (Be the Mystery Woman For Him)

It is better to have a short but memorable conversation rather than one that drones on forever until you both are looking for the next escape opportunity. Besides, you don’t want to run out of things to talk about in the first conversation itself, do you? Plus, men like women who have an air of mystery about them. Keep the first conversation restricted to make sure you’ve gauged their interest. If both of you are still interested after talking to each other for 10-15 minutes, then you should take this to a date.

#10. Drive The Point Home (It’s Important Give Clear Indications)

The boy you’re talking to isn’t a mind reader. (And even if he is, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra sure!) If you feel you have hit it off and you’d like to see him again, tell him that. Give him your number or ask for his. Don’t hesitate to say, “Give me a call.” It would be such a shame to have put all this effort in for it to end here now, wouldn’t it?

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#11. Say A Nice Goodbye

Shake his hand. If you’re comfortable, give him a quick hug. Tell him it was nice to meet him and that you’d like to do it again. Keep it short but make yourself memorable. Everyone likes a woman who is self-confident enough to make the first move. And believe me, he’s going to be glad you did!

#12. Be Patient

Even after all these tips, if the idea of approaching a guy makes you shiver in your stilettos, just sit there and let him do the hard work. It really can be very simple:

Step 1) Look at him and smile.
Step 2) Look away.
Step 3) Look back.

If he is still looking at you, he is coming over. I know we are all empowered women and damn right we could go over there if we wanted to, but it’s kind of nice to let them come to us. After all, you’re the prize, girl. And you’re definitely worth the chase!

Palak Kapadia

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