Palak Kapadia
13 Dec 2018 . 1 min read

Up Your Game With 17 Best Freelancing Websites Now!

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best freelancing sites best freelancing sites

The trends in the business world are changing. With more people moving away from traditional 9 to 5 jobs, working remotely is becoming more popular. And rightly so. As the world becomes more interconnected, everything unfolds online. Physical or geographical presence is no longer a barrier. People are choosing to work from home or anywhere else. Freelancing is the new buzzword. Everyone is either doing it or at least talking about it.

But what exactly does freelancing mean?

Simply put, freelancing is working with different companies on particular assignments. A freelancer is self-employed and gets into contractual agreements with companies for specific projects. There is no binding to work with a single company.

Freelancing allows several freedoms such as the ability to work from wherever you want to, whenever you want to. You also get to decide the volume of work you’d like to do. It also helps to do away with the commute time to work.

23-year-old Shweta is a digital nomad. She is constantly traveling and working online.

“Wherever I am, is my office for the day. It can be in a café in the mountains, a hammock on a beach or a hostel bed - every day is different. I realized within 3 months of starting to work that I am too itchy-footed for a desk job. Life is so much simpler now because I don’t need a physical office that I need to go to every day. All I need is a laptop and an internet connection and I am sorted. I write on a freelance basis for various online and offline publications. I even do a bit of social media management for some.” she says.

While there are many perks to freelancing, there is one stark challenge - the ability to find good and constant work.

“As much as I love my freelancer life, it isn’t stable at all. Some months, I may be doing six different projects and some, I can barely find one. The lack of a constant stream of work is a problem because I can’t manage my finances.” says Ayesha, a freelance graphic designer.

Often, finding your first freelance gig is the toughest. After a few, you begin to develop a network. But getting out there can be difficult as many women don’t know where to start from.

If you’re looking to start freelancing or keep at it, here is a list of 17 best websites that’ll help you find freelance work in India.

#1. Truelancer (www.truelancer.com)

Currently, ranked first among the top freelance websites of India. Truelancer is perfect for all kinds of skilled freelancers including computer programmers, web and logo designers, writers, data analysts, marketers and more. They have proper systems that ensure that the client gets their work and the freelancers get their payments in a timely manner. All the details are properly documented before work begins. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS which is a huge convenience. Most freelancers in India are active on Truelancer because of the popularity and high volume of work they get.

#2. Touchtalent (http://www.touchtalent.com/)

Touchtalent is a freelance website for designers and creatives. It allows you to work from home for a clientele from over 100 countries. The kind of exposure it provides is unmatched, thus making it perfect for beginners. One can simply create an account and share creative work of all kinds including animations, paintings, movies, videos, and even WhatsApp backgrounds. It also has Android and iOS mobile apps for convenience.

#3. Freelancer.in (www.freelancer.in)

Freelancer.in is the Indian counterpart of the internationally well-known website Freelancer. It is quite a classic in the freelance world and is one of the oldest to have existed. The payments are made in US Dollars. They charge a small commission from both the clients as well as the freelancers to keep the platform running. Freelancers bid on the available projects and the clients pick what works best for them in terms of requirements as well as budgets. This allows you to compete with other freelancers and showcase your ability. If you’re confident in your skills and like a little competition, this platform is a great place for you.

#4. Designhill (https://www.designhill.com/)

Designhill is possibly one of the best-designed websites in the Indian freelance space. They call themselves the world’s best graphic design website. Designhill functions differently as compared to most of the other websites. The freelancers need to pitch to the clients. Basically, the clients create a post with their design needs and freelance designers send in their ideas in the form of rough sketches. The one with the most promise, according to the client, is chosen and the work is given to him or her.

best freelancing opportunities

#5. Worknhire (http://worknhire.com/)

A website of Indians, for Indians and by Indians. Worknhire caters exclusively to Indian clients and freelancers. They pan different domains such as writing, data, programming, design, etc. It is free for freelancers and doesn’t have much competition at the moment, so it is a great place to find good work.

But the best part about this website is that it allows you to connect with people who are geographically in your vicinity. This is an excellent tool to build a network and connect with people offline, eventually.

#6. Upwork (https://www.upwork.com/)

Possibly one of the biggest freelancer networks,

Upwork has over 1.5 million clients on board. Previously known as eDesk, they have something to offer to every kind of freelancer.

You can head here for both short and long-term projects. They also cater to an hourly fee or project-based payments. It is a very credible website that freelancers swear by. No matter whether you’re just starting out or are an expert, you are will find something that works just for you on Upwork.

#7. Toptal (https://www.toptal.com/)

Unlike most other freelance networks that are a level playing field,

Toptal isn’t for the newbies. They have an extremely strict screening process that only allows the most seasoned experts to get in.

Once a part of the network, you can land gigs with huge companies including JP Morgan and Airbnb. The compensation is a lot higher. Plus, you get to be a part of their community and attend meet-ups and events. What could be better?

#8. Youth4Work (www.youth4work.com)

Youth4work is more than just a freelance portal, it is an entire launchpad. For those beginning their foray into their careers, this is ideal. You need to take some tests in order to join. The results determine your skills and experience and are reflected on your profile. Companies looking for people with talents like yours can contact you directly. You can also opt to get hired full time, part time, freelance or intern.

#9. TooGit (www.toogit.com)

This is another Indian freelancing website with more than 100k people on board. It pans across domains including web design, SEO and marketing. They’re an excellent network to find great work and definitely worth taking a look. However, they do charge a small commission from freelancers. It is extremely beginner friendly.

They have a special artificial intelligence system that matches projects with the right freelancers and can generate auto proposals even when you are not active on the website. This way, you can never miss an opportunity.

#10. Fabrito(www.fabrito.com)

Imagine an e-commerce website to shop online. Now imagine that you’re online shopping for digital services of freelancers. That is exactly what Fabrito offers. With a simple and intuitive UI, it is easily navigatable. A freelancer describes his or her services in detail. The client or buyer can purchase a service, talk to the freelancer and place an order. The freelancer then works on it and delivers it to the client. Once it is received and approved, the freelancer gets paid.

#11. Peopleperhour (https://www.peopleperhour.com/)

Peopleperhour is a European freelancing marketplace and has become immensely popular all over the world.

Unlike most places that pay per project, here, each project is listed as hourlies and people are paid per hour.

It connects businesses and thousands of freelancers in hundreds of different fields. Because of the volume of work available, it is an excellent resource for newcomers as well as seasoned professionals.

#12. OnContract (www.oncontract.com)

A common difficulty faced by freelancers is that they don’t have a contract with the employer. This may lead to issues like delayed payments or disagreement on terms of work. This is solved by OnContract as they get both parties to sign an e-contract.

You can also opt for urgent projects with tighter deadlines for better revenue. Going forward, after a short gig, you and the client can both decide if you’d like to get into a longer collaboration. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

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#13. Ilmosys Studio (www.studio.ilmosys.com)

Ilmosys Studio is the best place for designers, developers and digital gurus to dive into the world of freelancing. They have smart systems and clear working guidelines. The best part is that you can decide in the beginning how many revisions you’d be willing to offer. This is a boon for most creatives who know the pain of getting lost in endless changes. They also have a very efficient dispute resolution center in case things go south between the client and the freelancer. A downside, however, is that they charge a steep 20% commission on every project that is enabled through this portal.

#14. The Flexiport (https://www.theflexiport.com/)

Flexiport is one of the newest entrants on India’s freelancing map. It basically works like an agency that connects companies with freelancers and gets projects done. They also have a great blog that helps you understand how to get freelance jobs in India.

The website also allows clients to manage the entire project.

This ensures that briefs and feedback are both on-point. There is no commission fee. You can choose a free membership or a premium membership which costs Rs. 400 for 3 months.

#15. Dream Starts (www.dreamstarts.com)

Startups usually don’t have the funds to hire full-time employees. They’re always looking out for consultants and freelancers. Dream Starts marries the two beautifully and allows startups to find the perfect freelancers. It helps you get in touch with the up and coming in the entrepreneurial world. Plus, since it is startups, the work is always interesting.

The cherry on the cake is that it is absolutely free for everyone to use.

#16. ProBlogger Jobs (https://problogger.com/jobs/)

This website functions more like a job portal than a traditional freelancing website. It is an excellent platform for creative writers and bloggers. You can email your CV to clients directly and get hired. The clientele is extremely exclusive and the compensations are handsome. This is a great way for young writers to get a foot in the door of large corporations. A much-needed thing, that.

#17. Guru (https://www.guru.com/)

Having been around for more than 20 years, Guru needs no credibility check. It has over 3 million registered freelancers. It caters to all kinds of industries going from marketing and administration to engineering and even, law. They charge a transaction fee based on your membership level. You can make 10 free bids per month but beyond that, you need to pay a membership fee and unlock premium access. When you buy a membership, you get more bids, are charged lower commission fees and can be discovered more easily.

With this super list, you are sure to never complain about not having enough freelance work again.

Have you ever tried freelancing? Where do you find work? Tell us in the comments.

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