Top 5 Freelance Digital Marketing Opportunities For Women

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According to McKinsey’s report, women in India do almost 10 times more unpaid work than men. Well, if that unpaid work were to be given some value and treated the same way as paid work, it would contribute 20 lac crore to India’s economy. But now you can! This is the time to tap that right opportunity. Women are considered homemaker first and then ‘something else’. We know how undervalued housewives or work-at-home moms are.

With the growing digitization and companies opening their arms to freelancers, women can tap on the right opportunities and earn by working at home. In this article, we are going to focus on the Digital marketing opportunities for women which they can take up from home.

Digital marketers are resourceful, observant, and creative! And we know when it comes to women, they are all the way more creative and observant ;)

So why be confined to a box when you can do everything better at home comfortably? We have come up with a list of top 5 digital marketing opportunities for women!

Freelance Digital Marketing Opportunities For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs:

1. Marketing Copywriter

One of the best jobs in the field of marketing is copywriting. This is a good choice for a work from home opportunity. This includes writing articles, blogs, ebooks, sales materials, and web copy. It is not even a troublesome task to find full-time work from home copywriting positions for digital marketing agencies or companies on many sites. Some of the sites like Elance, ProBlogger, and Freelance Writing Jobs can help you find freelance opportunities related to copywriting.

Skills you should have: Excellent writing skills are must without any doubt. You should also know how to work with SEO. Since companies want write-ups that they know will get seen on the web.

2. Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager is another lucrative opportunity that marketing and technology personnel can look up to. The responsibilities include managing new product releases and the internal communications, messaging, and brand positioning of that product. Though there are many companies that want their Product Marketing Manager to be on site for interaction with other members but you can work for start-ups that are flexible or companies that know the value of virtual work.

Skills you need: Passion and experience for softwares and web-based products. A person who is tech savvy will be preferred.

3. Content Strategist

If you are a blogger, then there are chances you are acquainted with how content marketing works. You can use these expertise at a better level. The responsibilities of a content strategist include working with brands to determine what type of content is trending and what the company needs based on their organizational goals. This needs developing strategy through projects, campaigns, and editorial calendars. There are many opportunities available for contract as well as full time roles.

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Skills you should possess: Successful blogging or content strategy experience which is credible.

4. Marketing Analyst

If you love digging things for details and play with numbers, the job of marketing analyst is an opportunity which you can do from home. This requires analysis of data and turn it into marketing or brand strategy. However, these types of roles differ in both experiences as well as scope. It may vary from performing a high-level research and make a recommendation on that data to perform SEO research and data entry.

Skills that are must: The skills required depend on the role but in general, a combination of analytical skills and strategic thinking is required. If you are a woman with knowledge of SEO then you go girl!

5. Digital Marketing Consultant

If you have years of experience and reliable success in digital marketing, this is one of the best digital marketing opportunities which is way flexible. The Digital Marketing Consultants are paid really well as companies depend on their expertise for the progress of the company.  You can either work with a digital marketing firm where your job would be to analyze current digital marketing processes and policies, lead the team and strategize with them on improved performance. Or what you can do is start on your own as a freelance consultant, where you can choose what types of work and clients you want.

Skills you need: Years of experience, deep expertise in a domain or two.

Top 5 Freelance Digital Marketing Opportunities For Women11April
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