Top 5 Fashion Institutes Of India For A Career In Fashion

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Best Fashion Institute in India Best Fashion Institute in India

If you want to know about fashion institutes in India, fashion designing courses in India, best fashion designing colleges in India, best fashion institute in India than you have come to the right place.

What do you love most about fashion design? Our favourite is the capability of this industry to tie such multi-faceted professions with a neat bow of glamour and shimmer.

Do you have a creative bone? Love for photography? Hands-on art, people-skills, analytics, science- whatever your interest be, designing courses have a place for you.

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And once you enter the industry as a professional, the fun quadruples. Every day is a new challenge, every client, a fresh experience.

Now, we trust you are a wise adult who has somewhat grasped what they want to do in the world of fashion. But, the questions erupts, how would you enter it in the first place? Which institute is suitable? Or are free online design courses the way for you?

Top Fashion Design Colleges in India (Best Fashion Design Colleges 2019)

Here is the List of Top Fashion Design Collleges in 2019 in India:

Well, to ease that doubt, we’ve curated a list of six Indian institutes that offer impressive programs. Take a look.

NIFT designing courses

1. NIFT- National Institute of Fashion Technology

NIFT needs no introduction. Fashion designing courses don’t get better than what you get here, at least not in this country. But, if you still need to be convinced of its credibility, NIFT offers:

  • Exposure at the creamy level - Think IKEA, Amazon India, Urban Ladder, PC Jewellers

  • Courses like Fashion Journalism, Trend Forecasting, Accessory Design, Apparel Production, and Fashion Technology

  • Student exchange programs across the globe

  • Curriculum review every four years

  • Inclusion of concepts of ethics, environmental sustainability and human rights

NIFT crossed the 9.5 LPA package mark in 2015. It owns a well-equipped research and development wing. And it has produced gems like Manish Arora and Sabyasachi. How to get in? The NIFT Entrance Exam is your answer. If you’re eligible, you need to fill up the form and crack the entrance.

Pearl Academy designing courses

2. Pearl Academy

Pearl holds many No.1 awards -

  • ASSOCHAM 2016 & 2017

  • India Today-Nielsen Survey

  • Economics Times’ Best Education Awards 2017

And the list goes on.

You have a choice between many degree courses in fashion, creative business and design at Pearl. It also offers eleven months-long certificate-based short-term designing courses. Pearl Academy has ties with the Laureate Education Inc., London College of Fashion, IGNOU, etc. For you, that means an endless array of guest lectures, exchange programs (national and international), and workshops.

Admissions are decided by the Pearl Academy Entrance Test. And I’d advise you to take a good look at the course fee and scholarships before going ahead.

Vogue Institute Of Fashion Technology designing courses

3. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology

Tommy Hilfiger hired 14 VOGUE students last year. From a single batch. We’ll let that sink in for a while! This institute promises to teach you the essence and attitude that come together to create fashion. It boasts of its smart labs and libraries, 21 years of reputed existence and an engaging and diverse curriculum.

In addition to MBA in Design and BVA in product designing, you have many diploma and degree options:

  • Jewellery design

  • Graphic design

  • Fashion design

  • Textile design

  • Animation

You can fill up an online registration form for admissions or walk-in and get one from the campus.

Amity School of Fashion Technology designing courses

4. Amity School of Fashion Technology

Although Amity is a private university system, its Fashion Technology School has scored the 12th place in India Today’s List of "India's Best Colleges 2017: Fashion.” We hear you ask, “What about the first 11?” Well, those include different branches of NIFT, Pearl Academy and Vogue Institute.

Let’s go back to why Amity is an excellent fashion design college.

  • Well equipped labs - Textile Texting, Garment Construction, Fabric Manufacturing, Design Studios, etc.

  • Popular recruiter visits - Alps Industries, Creative Impex, Manish Arora, Varija Bajaj, Biba, Big Bazaar, Bentley, etc.

  • Versatile Programs - Fashion Design, Fashion Retail Management, Textile Design, Fashion Technology, etc.

  • A cultivated faculty of NIFTians and IITians with core specialisations

And lest I forget, Amity also lets you spend 6-8 weeks in the industry, before you graduate. Talk about hands-on experience, right?

NIIFT designing courses

5. NIIFT- Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology

But, you interrupt, there’s NIFT, Pearl, VOGUE and Amity. Why would you even consider NIIFT? Well, the first and most important principle of career planning - keep your options open. Wide open!

With NIFT, Pearl, Vogue and AMITY, your primary hurdles are:

  • A nationwide entrance exam with tough, broad competition, or

  • A fee scheme expensive enough to make you sweat and faint.

With NIIFT, you still have an entrance exam to cross, but the fee is justly reasonable for a fashion institute. NIIFT, located in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Mohali, has been around for about 22 years with a focus on the Textile and Garment Industry. It receives regular support from NIFT regarding curriculum scheduling, recruiting, faculty selection and admissions.

NIIFT offers bachelor and master programs in Textile Design, Garment Manufacturing, Fashion Marketing Management and Fashion Design. Classes, labs, on-campus boarding and library are well-equipped and maintained. And, the cherry on the top - NIIFT not only invites recruiters like RMX Joss and Vardhman Group, but it’s also a cultivating ground for budding entrepreneurs.

SID designing courses

6. SID-Symbiosis Institute of Design

SID has maintained its presence among the top 10 in Best Indian Fashion Colleges’ Survey by India Today-Nielsen since 2012.

This design school offers four distinct course trajectories.

  • Fashion Design

  • Fashion Communication

  • Industrial Design - Product, Interior Space

  • Communication Design - Graphic, User Experience, Animation Film, Video Film

Other motivations for joining SID involve a state-of-the-art infrastructure, rich curriculum, industry exposure, recruiter visits like ABIL Pune Fashion Week Pvt Ltd and Beau Mach design. The qualifying examination, called SET, is organised by Symbiosis every year. You can find the application form online.

Joining the Fashion Industry Is No Cakewalk - The Hustle Is Real

The benefits - you get to travel, attend exciting events, learn from brilliant examples and get to shape new trends, if you’re lucky. The drawbacks - the pressure is immense, challenges are a part of regular life and the race to excel is neverending.

Whether you become a fashion designer, stylist, pattern maker, visual merchandiser or buyer’s assistant, the foundation of all that your creative energies and hard work will amount to in the future is laid down in your college years. So, whichever institution you pick, be ready to give it all you've got.

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