Top 5 Best Online Reselling Apps In India In 2021

Last updated 8 Feb 2021 . 1 min read

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Learn how to start a profitable reselling business in India with online reselling apps. Download the best Indian reselling app and become an online reseller. 

Mobile se paise kaise kamaye? This is one of the frequently-asked questions by housewives looking for business opportunities in India. 

Did you know you can start an online reselling business for housewives in India with zero investment when you download a reseller app on your Smartphone?

Of late, reselling business apps have been gaining a lot of popularity in India, especially among the Tier-II & Tier-III audience. These Indian reselling apps are very popular with housewives, students, and those who prefer to work from home and earn part-time. 

As there are so many reselling apps out there, it’s tough to choose the best online reselling app for you - the one you should download to start your online reselling business. 

Which are the top 5 best reselling apps in India in 2021?

Here are the top 5 reselling apps on the Google Play Store, with a list of their pros and cons based on the variety of products, pricing, profit margin, ease of use, and customer support they offer. 

As all reselling apps in the reseller app list below have a rating of 4 and above, you can consider them the best reselling apps in India.


#1. Meesho Reseller App

Playstore rating:  4.4 

Meesho is one of the top reselling apps that come up when you search for “earn money apps for Android”. Reseller apps like Meesho are helping thousands of people work from home and earn extra income. 

The Meesho earning app is one of the most trusted reselling apps in India. Reseller sites like Meesho have made it possible for many Indians to start a Meesho reselling business from home. 

What resellers like about Meesho:

  • Meesho reseller registration is easy
  • Can be done part-time
  • Easy return policy
  • Cash On Delivery option
  • Cheapest products

What resellers dislike about Meesho:

  • Lack of proper communication from support staff
  • Issues with product pickup
  • Problem while updating mobile numbers

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#2. GlowRoad Reseller App

Playstore rating: 4.4

GlowRoad has 1000s of high-quality hit products across 100+ categories for wholesale prices and is trusted by 60,000,000+ resellers across India. 

Their online resellers include housewives, women entrepreneurs, college students, working men, business people, boutique owners and beauticians who are making money every day. 

The GlowRoad membership program offers exclusive member-only deals. You can create your own ecommerce store with GlowRoad and let your customers directly purchase from your own shop.

What resellers like about GlowRoad:

  • Easy to use 
  • Great user interface
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • Easy return policy
  • Timely delivery

What resellers dislike about GlowRoad:

  • Issues with login

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#3. Shop101 Reseller App

Playstore rating: 4.3

Shop101 is a social commerce platform that enables small and home-based entrepreneurs to sell online, as well as on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, with zero investment by providing an online store in less than 2 minutes.

This ecommerce seller app offers multiple ways to do ecommerce and sell products online.

What resellers like about Shop101:

  • Good profit margins on products
  • Wide range of products for women resellers
  • Cashback offers

What resellers dislike about Shop101:

  • Facing issues with payments
  • Lack of proper customer support

indian reselling app

#4. ResellMall Reseller App

Playstore Rating: 4.4 

Resellmall is a relatively new online reseller app that calls itself India's fastest-growing and most trusted social commerce app. 

It brings online resellers, traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers together on a single reseller platform and provides a one-click solution to secure order processing and reliable logistics with free shipping all over India.

Resellmall settles reseller payments every Saturday. The wallet amount is extra earning and any reseller can use it while placing their orders.

What resellers like about Resellmall:

  • Dedicated manager who calls every day
  • Bringing more and more offers

What resellers dislike about Resellmall:

  • No customer support number
  • Not receiving refunds
  • Doesn’t display last orders
  • Search option doesn't work
  • Very few products
  • App is very slow

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#5. TunTun Reselling App

Playstore Rating: 4.6

The TunTun reseller app is one of the new reseller apps in India that helps you start your online business with zero investment. This online reseller app offers products like surat kuratis, surat sarees, surat suits, jewellery etc. 

They accept cash on delivery and also offer weekly bonus rewards. They also have a 7-day return policy and you can send updates to your customers via SMS, Email, App notifications.

What resellers like about TunTun:

  • Good app for beginners
  • Awesome features 
  • Very convenient for shopping

What resellers dislike about TunTun:

  • Problems receiving the OTP for login
  • App is very slow 
  • They don’t have many products
  • Poor quality products
  • Poor customer service

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How can I choose the best Indian reselling app?

With the growth of ecommerce and reselling websites in India, there are new reselling apps appearing almost every day in the Google Playstore. You can even find a reseller app for clothes and reseller platforms for jewelry.

It is difficult to choose the top reselling app in India, as all these online reselling apps are good in their own way. All reseller apps are making efforts to improve their marketplace and their offerings to make the overall experience better for resellers.

The best reselling apps like Meesho and GlowRoad also have the best ratings and reviews from users, which is why they are considered the best apps for reselling in India. 

So when you’re trying to decide which the best reselling app is for you, we recommend downloading and trying out the best resale apps for yourself before deciding which one works for you. 

Keep in mind that the cheapest reselling app or low-price reselling app is not always the best quality reselling app. 

The best apps for reselling also place a lot of importance on good product quality and excellent customer experience to help their users make money online as a product reseller.  

The Resellme app is another one of many useful apps for resellers. It is not a product distributor app, but more of a community app and social platform to find and join reselling WhatsApp groups. 

On this app, you can create your own reselling group for free, or find reseller WhatsApp group links such as the Meesho reseller WhatsApp group link where you can join other resellers and compare notes. 

If you’re looking for a branded reseller app for branded products or a reselling app for branded clothes, consider joining the SHECO Partner program.

In addition to high-margin and high-profit branded products you can sell online, the SHECO Partner program also offers exclusive training and mentoring from successful SHECO sellers. 

Have you already tried out any of the reselling apps above or any other online resale apps? Do share your experience of the best Indian reseller apps in the comments below.


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