Top 5 Best Online Reselling Apps in India 2020

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During the past year, reselling apps have been gaining a lot of popularity in India, among the Tier-II & Tier-III audience. These are mostly housewives, students and people who prefer to work from home and earn part-time. 

As there are so many apps out there, so it’s tough to decide, which one has the best collective offerings and which one should download and get started with. 

We have compared, 5 Best Reselling Apps in India on Google Play Store, on things like - a variety of products, pricing, profit margin, ease of use, customer support etc. 

1)  Meesho (10M+ Downloads)

Playstore reviews - 4.5 / 5 (from 129,882 people)

In India, Meesho is among the top reselling apps in case you are looking for a “earn money apps for android”. Several people work from home with Meesho to add extra income to their family wallet.

Things which resellers like about Meesho - 

  • Easy formalities to get started

  • Can be done part-time

  • Easy Return Policy

  • Cash on Delivery Option

  • Cheapest Products

Things which resellers dislike about Meesho - 

  • Lack of proper communication from support staff

  • Issues with product Pickup

  • Problem while updating Mobile Number

2) GlowRoad (10M+ Downloads)

Playstore reviews - 4.5 / 5 (from 129,259 people)

GlowRoad is trusted by 60,000,000+ users which include housewives, college students, boutique owners, beauticians, etc. who are making money through GlowRoad.

It has over 1 lakh+ high-quality hit products across 300+ categories for wholesale prices. (Some of its products for reselling are - Sarees, Kurtis, Beauty Care, Electronics, Suits, Shirts, T-shirts/Tops etc.).

Things which resellers like about GlowRoad - 

  • Easy to use App

  • Easy Return Policy

  • Timely delivery

  • Appropriate Pricing

Things which resellers dislike about GlowRoad - 

  • The app experience is deteriorating after recent updates

3) Shop101 (5M+ Downloads)

Playstore reviews - 4.7 / 5 (from 33,447 people)

Shop101 is one of India’s Best Social Commerce platform which enables small / home-based entrepreneurs to sell online as well as on WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram with zero investment by providing an online store in less than 2 minutes.

Things which resellers like about Shop101 - 

  • Good profit margins on products

  • Wide ranges of products for women resellers

  • Cashback offers

Things which resellers dislike about Shop101 - 

  • Facing Payment issues

  • Lack of proper customer support

4) Shopmatic (5 Lac+ Downloads)

Playstore reviews - 4.5 / 5 (from 10,820 people)

Shopmatic allows you to create a professional reselling eCommerce store in under 2 minutes without any upfront charges. At the end of 12 months, you have to pay only 3% of the transaction value when you successfully sell your products.

Things which resellers like about Shopmatic - 

  • Great user experience

  • Ability to create own eCommerce Website (

  • Two pricing models to choose from - Transaction Model & Subscription Model

Things which resellers dislike about Shopmatic - 

  • Facing issues in receiving OTP for SignUp

5) Wishbook (1 Lac+ Download)

Play Store reviews - 4.2 / 5 (from 3136 people)

Wishbook App is an online wholesale and a reselling marketplace, where textile manufacturers and wholesalers sell their products, while resellers and retailers can also purchase them at Wholesale Rates for their reselling and retailing business.

Using WhatsApp and Facebook resellers can sell their products, & place an order for single pieces and drop-ship to their buyer’s address for delivery.

Things which resellers like about Wishbook - 

  • Feature-rich & Easy to use App

  • Best Discounts on Wholesale

Things which resellers dislike about Shopmatic - 

  • Lack of Proper customer support

  • Higher price compared to other Reselling Apps

  • A small range of products

Conclusion - 

Deciding on one Best Reselling App in India was tough, as all the above 5 apps are very new in this market. All of these apps are improving their marketplace and their offerings to make the overall experience better for the resellers who are joining them. 

So we conclude with two Reselling Apps which are very close to their offering, i.e. Meesho & GlowRoad. 

We recommend that you do a trial of both of these apps and get your own experience and then finalize, with which app do you want to continue and start your entrepreneurial journey. 

If you have already tried any of the above reselling apps or any other reselling app, then do share your experience in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading! 

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