11 Strong & Confident Women Quotes To Wear Like A Badge

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strong women quotes strong women quotes


Is itself a strong quote for women’s strength!!

Have you ever noticed there is a "Man" in the "Woman"

Ever wondered why?

It is a common perception that man signifies the strength, the one who leads the rest. At times he is also considered as the comptroller and ruler.

But does it also mean that these qualities of a man are also incorporated in the woman by default, only to be unleashed by the woman herself?

I have seen a number of examples of a strong woman, who have become a man (with their strength and power) in their life, as and when required.

They were as strong as a warrior when projected to the hardships. They have fought relentlessly and fiercely to emerge as the winner.

They did not succumb to the pressures and only evolved as the diamonds while the world was considering them as coal.

The history speaks volumes about such strong and confident woman too.

Then why do we women -

  • Feel low sometimes?
  • Listen to the abuses timidly?
  • Accept the bias of the society?
  • Tolerate the discrimination?
  • Remain silent without taking a stand and eventually forgetting the in-built capability that we all possess?

Below are few empowering and famous quotes for women that would remind you of the strength and confidence you ought to hold.

Wear them like badges and flaunt them with a smile because you are Maya Angelou and you are The Iron Lady.

Quote 1. Classy is when a woman has everything but has chosen not to show it. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

Many girls, as well as older ladies these days, consider that showing off their fancy clothes, jewelry, friends, recent achievements is a sign of confidence.

But the true confidence stays within. A woman who is confident doesn’t need to put her accolade on exhibition, will she ever boast neither about it or herself.

Like the Queen, she will remain classy, because she knows she owns it and doesn’t need to prove it!

Only the wannabe would feel the need to showcase their tiniest mode of accomplishments.

After all, confidence is silence and insecurities are loud.

Quote 2. I don't have time to hate anyone; I either love you or I don't care about your existence at all. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

In our lifetime, we encounter several negative souls. They speak foul about us or they are always up to make us feel ugly or bad about ourselves.

Some are judgmental about our decisions; some are self-righteous and call us names.

Others derive great satisfaction by treating us bad, defaming us or by causing any potential harm to our physical or mental health.

What can a strong and confident woman do in this case?

Hate them in return?

No, that is exactly what the ill-tempered people want out of you!

The best reply to such people is to IGNORE.

Do we pay heed to the barking Dogs on the street? Do we try to bark on them, like them?

A smart lady would never respond with hatred and wouldn't care about their existence at all.

She will only continue to take appropriate steps to address the nuisance in the most mature way and focus on her personal improvement.

Quote 3. Be a Strong woman first then comes beauty. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

For any woman in the world, to look young, beautiful has always been a priority.

However, it is so because of the upbringing and the cliché of the society.

I remember, when I was in my pre-teenage, I started noticing girls in my class undergoing changes- the undesirable one!

I used to be hell scared that one day it would hit me too. With a lot of anticipation, I sought my mother's suggestion as

how could I skip the changes?

My mother said, changes in the body are natural and they will occur no matter how hard you try to camouflage it.

One day would come you would have wrinkles all over your face, grey hair and eventually you will leave your body.  Better to be strong and confident than pretty and useless.

The one thing that would be constant through all your stages of life is your attitude.

I truly feel that a female should be raised to be strong. As in the most difficult times, your looks wouldn't help much but your mental strength certainly would.

Quote 4. I am a Girl of mind, Lady of attitude and a Woman of substance. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

The three major evolution stages of a female are- Girl, Lady, and Woman.

All these three stages are filled with challenges and are interrelated.

For a girl, life is tough as she still is innocent and naive. She is unwary about the cruelty in the surrounding.

Hence she is made to return home before dark, but not made tough to take care of herself in the dark.

She was not allowed to use her mind but to listen to the stereotype.

For a Lady, life is tougher as she has been molded to be quiet by then.

Hence now she closes her from the world and accepts the fact, that she is vulnerable.

For a Woman, Life's toughest as now she has to take care of her family as well as herself.

Hence ultimately, she ends up sacrificing everything and spends her life being a timid, vulnerable and unconfident Woman.

Had she been taught to be strong when she was a girl, she would have grown as a confident individual.

Nevertheless, it is better to be late than never.

We can boost up the confidence in us as well as in other females, at any point in their lives.

We need to have a mind of our own, an attitude that makes us stand tall and be a woman of true substance.

Quote 5. A strong woman wears their pain like stilettos, no matter how much it hurts, all you see is its beauty!

Synopsis to be a strong women

I doubt if there is any woman in this world, who never has had pains in her life.

To be a female itself is a struggle. In every walks of life, you are challenged with numerous shortcomings.

Our biological composition adds up to the stock.

So how do we handle them?

Only a weak person would give reasons, but the stronger one would never complain.

Therefore the quote above is very apt and worthwhile that, a strong woman wear their pain like stilettos, no matter how much it hurts, all you see is its beauty.

Quote 6. If you are a valuable woman, always increase your worth. 

Synopsis to be a strong women 

Many a time, women when in a relationship, tend to forget their own value. They are so engrossed in order to please their partner that they forget, they too have a value.

We need to remember and keep it registered forever, that if we don't value ourselves, we can't expect the world to show respect to us.

Always focus on ways as for how you can become a better individual every day.

Quote 7. Act like a Lady, think like a boss.

Synopsis to be a strong women 

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a book by Steve Harvey which describes for women Harvey's concept of what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment.

In this book, there are ways mentioned how a woman can use her wit and confidently take the situation under control. Although the book speaks about relationship and love, we can also apply the saying to the daily chores.

There is no bigger turn on when one sees a female controlling the situation tactfully along with elegance and grace!

Quote 8. Don't be a woman who needs a man, Be a woman that a man needs. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

Now that we have talked about the relationships, here comes another saying that applies perfectly to all the women.

A woman can do anything and everything, that a man does, only if she is determined to do so.

But it is not the case with men.

A woman is capable of being a mother as well as a father. A girl can be a daughter as well as a son. This world can not progress future if there is no mother to give birth and nurture.

Hence you don’t have to feel any less about yourself. You are at a much higher echelon than you think. You don’t need a man to support you, in fact, a man would need you and your support!

Quote 9. A confident woman does not follow the crowd, she is herself. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

And why will she not follow?

A confident woman will always know what are her plans, what is her ambition, what it will take her there. She absolutely does not needs anyone’s approval or favors. If she thinks that her decisions are for the betterment and gives her happiness, she would not mind to take up the toughest route to reach her goal. Nor will she be afraid to stand out of the crowd and take up the uncommon road, leading her way to success.

Quote 10. No matter how a woman looks like, if she is confident, she is Sexy. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

Irrespective of the scars and pigmentation on the face, the color of the skin, unmanageable frizzy hair, height and the shape of her body, she will be super sexy, only if she is confident.

Confidence is the best attribute a woman can have. The confidence of owning yourself just as you are original!

There are times, when a woman feels very obsessed with the falsely portrayed perfect beauty definition, that they go to any extent, in changing themselves and achieve the perfection.

Some even think, if you walk in the room with your nose up in the air and consider yourself better than the rest as confidence.

Confidence is when you walk in the room, with intelligence and humility at the same time without comparing yourself to others.

Quote 11. Be a strong woman, so your daughter will have you a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman. 

Synopsis to be a strong women

Last but not the least, this quote is a chain reaction that I would call.

Only a strong woman would have guts to take the lead with dignity and respect towards others.

When the kids are being raised up by such a strong mother, they have this impression set in their minds forever.

The young girls would want to idolize her mother when she is growing up, their mother would be the best example for them. The young boys would know that a woman is not someone who is second in the society, she is strong enough to handle things.

So ladies, never forget to shine through the most difficult times. A woman is the only beautiful combination of grace and strength. Always be a strong and confident woman.

There could be no better lines than the Quotes for women written by Maya Angelou to conclude,

You may shoot me with your words,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your hatefulness,

But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Do share your favourite strong women quotes with us.

Sainy Banerjee Pal
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