How To Stop Periods Immediately At Home

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For some women, menstruation can be a hard thing to deal with. Periods can be a messy time of the month. A woman during her periods, deals with pain, bloating, mood swings, cravings, aversions, sometimes even heavy bleeding and whatnot. So how to make period stop immediately? And also, how to stop periods immediately after it has started?

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Menstruation does affect a woman’s social and personal life in many undesirable ways.

Most women, at some point in their life even wonder if there are ways to stop their periods immediately or maybe for a little time or not.

If you too are searching for answers to the question - How to Stop Periods?

Here is what you need to know,

How to Stop your Period Naturally? 

This may sound absolutely disappointing, but the answer is - You Can’t. (But there are some other methods that you should know about. Read on!)

It can't happen naturally.

Once your periods begin, you cannot do anything to stop it naturally nor immediately or midway.

There are no natural remedies available that can completely stop your periods immediately or midway once the flow has started.

Moving to synthetic and medical methods, some women do experience that taking contraceptive pills or hormonal pills has an effect on their cycle.

If your periods have stopped on its own and you are looking to test if you are pregnant or not, there are some ways to test pregnancy at home,

Pills To Stop Menstruation Immediately

Oral contraceptives can regulate the hormone levels of the body in such a way that the menstrual cycle can be affected. Which means that periods can be delayed in some cases and on prolonged usage can be stopped completely.

However, contraceptive pills should only be taken under proper and professional medical supervision.

So If you are planning on taking contraceptives with the motive of delaying your periods or avoiding pregnancy, make it a point that you meet your health care provider or a Gynaecologist first and discuss the same beforehand.

Norethisterone (Medicine To Delay Periods)

Norethisterone is a hormonal pill which contains progesterone. It is a prescription-only pill, which means that you will need your doctor's recommendation before taking so.

It is not a contraceptive, so it should not be taken with the aim of preventing a pregnancy.

Taking norethisterone keeps the progesterone levels of the body up, altering the cycle and delaying your periods. Norethisterone can be used to delay periods for up to 17 days.

It is usually a safe alternative for some women but it can also bring complications to many. Norethisterone is not safe particularly for women who have a personal or family history of thrombosis (blood clots).

Norethisterone can be used occasionally under your doctor's supervision but it should not be taken regularly.

Is stopping menstrual bleeding safe? 

Before, even discussing - How to stop your menstrual cycle?

You need to ask yourself is it Safe?

Altering your natural cycle can become a debatable decision. What works for some, might not work for others.

Many health factors, most importantly your reproductive history should be taken into consideration before making any decision.

Self-medication is an absolute no.

It's important that you visit your healthcare provider if you are planning to take any medication for delaying your periods.

What else can stop bleeding immediately? 

Remember that natural and herbal alternative methods cannot stop our periods so don't be mislead into believing so.

However, some of these remedies can postpone periods and help you relax better during your periods. They can even help divert your attention away from all the pain and discomfort that you are feeling.

These methods can not only help you deal with the pain, heavy bleeding, and other period-related symptoms but can almost make you feel as if you aren't experiencing any period-related trouble at all.

Note that If you are planning to postpone your periods with home remedies, make sure that you start following them from at least 15 days prior to your expected date of menstruation.

Here's How to delay periods naturally :

#1. Exercise to stop menstrual bleeding 

This might sound like a lot of work to do but exercising definitely has a positive effect on your body. Gynaecologists recommend a light form of exercise like walking during the periods as it can help relax uterine muscles and reduce blood flow. Perform some Yoga or walk for 20 - 30 mins a day.

Exercise to Stop Menstrual Bleeding

#2. Avoid spicy food and stop excessive bleeding

Although there is no scientific proof to support it, some women experience that spicy food can trigger periods.

Ayurveda suggests that condiments like chillies, hot pepper, garlic, ginger, paprika and black pepper can trigger periods and should be avoided if you wish to delay your periods.

#3. Drink water 

Water has numerous benefits and it helps reduce the bloating & pain. It also flushes out toxins and menstrual blood from the body faster.

Drink ample amount of water, at least 2 litres a day. It will help you feel fresh and less cranky during your menstruation.

#4. Massaging might also help to stop menstrual bleeding 

Massaging your back and abdominal area can soothe your pain and cramps. It will also help lessen the blood flow and doing it more often can help you relax better during periods.

#5. Try vinegar to stop menstrual bleeding 

Vinegar might help with slowing down the blood flow and help combat with other period-related symptoms like pain and bloating.

Add 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water and consume it at least three to four times in a day. It can help postpone your date and ease the symptoms.

#6. Herbs to Stop Menstrual Bleeding 

Herb’s like -

  • Shepherd’s purse
  • Dried raspberry leaf tea
  • Angelica root,
  • Garden sage
  • Lady mantle

are known to slow down the heavy bleeding and provide relief if there is a pain. It can help in to stop heavy menstrual bleeding with clots

#7. Gelatin can delay periods

A lot of women have used this remedy before and it seems to work for many. Gelatin can help remove excess estrogen from the body, causing it to delay periods.

You can either make gelatin at home or buy it from the store.

#8. Avoid stress and delay periods

Stress can have an adverse effect on your body and your menstrual cycle.

Avoid Stress to relieve menstrual bleeding

If it can delay your periods but it may also even bring it earlier than expected.

Read a book, travel to new places, sleep properly and watch your favourite movie to relax and avoid stress.

Do natural remedies work to stop menstrual bleeding? 

Natural remedies work better at relieving the pain and discomfort associated with your periods. These are home remedies which are easy to follow and can be done comfortably. They work effectively for most women and help them deal with periods in a better way. However, it should be noted that they might provide varying degrees of comfort and results in different cases.

Try shifting between different remedies and see what works the best for you.

Are they safe? 

Ayurveda encourages women to maintain a healthy and natural menstrual cycle. Trying to postpone your periods for longer days, even with natural remedies, is not a very healthy choice.

Natural remedies are not effective if you wish to delay your periods, they don't work if you want to postpone your menstruation for a longer duration of time.

It is highly advised that you meet an Ayurvedic specialist if you wish to perform any of these natural remedies with the aim of postponing your periods.

Seek medical help 

If your menstrual cycle is adversely affecting your daily life, meet your healthcare provider or your Gynaecologist to discuss the same.

Your doctor will understand your situation, counsel you and help you combat all the period related stress.

Your doctor might also prescribe suitable medication that might help delay your periods.

Do not self-medicate and follow your doctor's advice. Consult your doctor before discontinuing or re-starting the course of medication again.


These natural methods discussed above might work excellently for some women but for the others, they might not give an equally good result.

To ensure that these remedies work properly, It's important to start following them at least 10 to 15 days before the expected date of your period

Remember that trying to stop the natural menstrual cycle using medication might cause complications so it's important that proper medical supervision is taken.

If you want more such advice about your menstrual health, then you can join the Health Tips (Women only) community on SHEROES. 

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