13 Exact and Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

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early pregnancy symptoms before missed period early pregnancy symptoms before missed period

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Pondering over being pregnant or not even before you missed your period and trying to analyze all the symptoms you have been experiencing lately can be quite nerve-wracking.

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This article would answer some of your questions like:

How to detect early pregnancy even before you missed your period?

When will you start getting pregnancy symptoms before you stopped bleeding?

How to know if you are pregnant before you get those cramps?

Continue reading to find your answers...

Even before you missed your period, there are some signs related to pregnancy you can note early on. These often carry on throughout the first trimester. This article will discuss some of these signs and symptoms.

Early signs of pregnancy before missed period are:

#1. Spotting, Cramping and Implantation Bleeding

After conception has occurred women might experience spotting about a week to ten days after. This is called implantation bleeding. It occurs when the fertilized egg travels to the uterus and implants into the wall of the uterus. When this occurs a woman might experience some spotting. The blood noticed is much less in comparison to a regular menstrual flow, and it is lighter in color as well. It lasts for a day or two.

A woman may also experience cramping as a result of implantation. These cramps are often similar in intensity to that of their normal period cramps and could be confused with pregnancy cramps before missed period.

#2. Tiredness & Fatigue as you conceive

During conception, a lot of your body’s vital nutrients progress towards making a hospitable environment for your baby. One of the early hormones required for the progression of pregnancy is progesterone, which increases rapidly in the first weeks of pregnancy. It is partly responsible for the fatigue most pregnant women experience. Other factors that contribute to it are the decreasing blood sugar levels and changes in blood pressure.

#3. Tender, Sore or Swollen Breasts as a sign

This is another symptom that can be attributed to the increase in hormones. Progesterone and β hCG are responsible for fluid retention during pregnancy. Also, the ducts in the breast start increasing in size for the eventual production of milk.

All these changes in the breasts cause them to swell up and feel heavy. This sudden change is often painful for an expectant mother. Women also notice their areolas darken in color as the pregnancy progresses.

#4. Nausea accompanied by Vomiting is diectly connected with pregnancy

Nausea is more common after about a month or so after conception. However, women might experience nausea in the first few weeks after conception as well. This can occur at any time of the day and is more prominent when traveling in a bus or car. Some women might also vomit as a result of this nausea. Certain smells can also aggravate nausea.

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#5. Mood Swing as Early Symptom

All women are have gone through mood changes during one or another menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, these feelings are amplified. You might find yourself crying for no apparent reason. Confusion, irritability, and anxiety are common.

Mood Swings a pregnancy symptom before missed period

Many women might also start to see a few signs of depression in the early parts of their pregnancy. These mood swings could also be possibly considered as early pregnancy symptoms before missed period. This can be similar to emotions experienced during premenstrual syndrome (PMS) which is why many women brush away these early symptoms.

#6. Digestive & bloating issues before you missed period

Progesterone is a hormone that relaxes most of the muscles in the body. The relaxation of the digestive system might cause constipation in many women who are pregnant. Unfortunately, this is one symptom that might get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Another digestive issue women experience is bloating.

One of the very early signs of pregnancy before missed period is bloating. As food passes at a slower pace during pregnancy it is common for women to complain of feeling gassy and find it difficult to button up their pants. The slowed down digestive system might also cause heartburn. It is advised to eat smaller meals and drink plenty of fluids to help with these.

#7. Frequent Urination as an Early Pregnancy Symptom

During pregnancy, the kidneys are working more due to the extra toxins and fluids it requires to process. This eventually increases the amount of fluid it produces as well. Therefore women might complain of increased bathroom breaks during the day.

Another common complaint is leaking of urine without even having an urge to urinate. As previously mentioned progesterone causes muscles to relax, which also, in turn, relaxes the bladder muscles. Well, many people tend to associate this with a sign of diabetes, but you need to watch out as this could be an early sign of pregnancy.

#8. A Ravenous Appetite is also a sign of pregnancy

Since your body is putting in more effort to nourish the little baby, it is also running low on energy. This is often a reason why women eat more and often, especially during the first few months of pregnancy. At this time women reach out for more carbs and food that will keep them sustained longer. Cravings for certain kinds of food are also one of the symptoms noticed within the first couple of months of conception.

#9. Aversion to certain food when you conceive

β hCG levels increase almost every few days in the first couple of months of pregnancy. This is one of the main hormones responsible for nausea and food aversion. This dislike can be intense, that even a slight smell of the ingredient or type of food can trigger nausea and a general feeling of sickness. Women also have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, which is also an important component to food aversions.

#10. Feeling dizzy and may be you are pregnant

feeling dizzy from pregnancy symptoms before missed period

Blood vessels are more dilated than usual in pregnant women due to the hormones released. Therefore there is more pooling of blood and less flow. This can often cause women to feel dizzy during different times of the day. Women can also experience a drop in blood pressure that was previously normal or high. Pregnancy also utilizes most of the sugar in the body. Drops in sugar levels can also make a woman feel faint and dizzy.

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#11. Experiencing a slight increase in body temperature

Basal body temperature is used to calculate the days up to ovulation. A day when there is a slight increase hint towards ovulation. This temperature tends to remain elevated until menses. However, during pregnancy, this temperature continues to remain elevated.

#12. Frequent Headaches could be a symptom of pregnancy

This can be attributed to the increased blood volume and decreased blood flow. Pregnancy hormones are also making the bodywork in overdrive to accommodate the baby. This causes tension and a sense of aching to accumulate around the base of the head and neck.

Some women who have a history of headaches or migraines might find them occurring more often after conception occurs. This symptom reduces after the body gets accustomed to these changes.

#13. Improvement in skin texture is a symptom

The increase in estrogen and progesterone flushes more blood throughout the body and in turn also to the face. This causes the famous pregnancy glow. Some women might experience an acne breakout due to the increased oil secretion.

#14. Other Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

This is usually the first sign of pregnancy. Women who have regular menstrual cycles should be able to take a pregnancy test as soon as they miss their period and have it come out positive. Other signs and symptoms aren’t as prominent in the initial weeks of pregnancy. Women with irregular periods are more likely to a whole host of other symptoms before they pee on a stick.

If you have been experiencing one or more of the symptoms above it would be advised to consult with a gynaecologist to confirm pregnancy. It is often difficult to identify early signs of pregnancy even before you miss a period. This is because it usually comes up after a woman has been pregnant for over a month. Another reason why women often overlook these symptoms is that they mimic what they experience during regular menstrual cycles. Nausea, tender breasts, and even mood swings are very common during premenstrual syndrome.

Homemade pregnancy kits are the first go to check your pregnancy but they are not always accurate. So if you “feel” like you might be pregnant, set up an appointment with your gynaecologist. You will need your essentials for the rest of your pregnancy. This would include supplements, regular check-ups, and scanning appointments. Most of the early pregnancy signs and symptoms subside after the first trimester.

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