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How To Prepone Periods Naturally At Home

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how to prepone periods how to prepone periods

There have been a lot of times when you had to prepone, postpone or even cancel your plans because either you are menstruating, or your date is near.

Most of the times, it is not you but your monthly cycle which is deciding everything and making plans for you.

So, wouldn't it be nice if you could actually regulate your monthly cycle to decide when you want them to come?

Sounds like an amazing idea, right!

Well, it's actually possible but up to a certain extent.

Read on to know how...

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Preponing Periods

Every woman at a certain point in her life has been in a situation where she has wanted to prepone her periods.

Until a woman is trying to get pregnant, late periods aren't always a happy news for her.

So from heat pads and exercise to using herbs, there are many natural ways which can help you achieve your goal of preponing your periods.

Here are some of the most effective ways to prepone your periods:

9 Ways To Naturally Prepone Your Periods (How To Get Periods Early)

#1. Using Heat

It is believed that heat can improve blood supply. Using a heating pad over the abdominal area can relax your muscles and improve the blood supply to that area.

This improved blood supply can, in turn, promote the shedding of the lining of the uterus, promoting your periods to come sooner.

#2. Exercise can also Prepone Periods

Get up from your couch and move a little if you want your periods to come sooner.

Try doing some abdominal exercises and go for a little walk.

Exercising can improve blood circulation in your body. This moderate exercise will also relieve you from the discomforting symptoms of PMS.

#3. Having Sex Sometime prepones periods

Sexual activity can improve your blood circulation, especially around your pelvic area and uterus promoting periods.

However,  make sure you are having safe sex by using either contraceptives or condoms. Having sex without protection may lead to pregnancy and delay your periods.

#4. Papaya Increases Estrogen level

Papaya can be either consumed raw or in the form of juice or puree. A fresh bowl of papaya or a serving of its juice/ puree at least 2 times a day can stimulate estrogen, a hormone which can help induce your period.

#4. Ginger Tea has the ability to Prepone Periods

Ginger is indeed a magical herb. From relieving infections to curing cold, ginger can do it all. Having ginger mixed in your food or infused in tea can help prepone your periods.

Ginger can help increase your body heat and blood circulation in the abdomen, promoting periods.

#5. Some Herbs Really help preponing

Adding some specific herbs to your diet from nature’s basket can help you prepone your periods.

Some of these herbs are -

  • Turmeric - Boil a spoon of turmeric in water. Consume it twice or thrice a day.
  • Fenugreek - Add to food or boil fenugreek in water and consume.
  • Fennel - Taken about 1-2 tsp. Can be consumed every morning. Take empty stomach to see results.
  • Parsley - This herb has chemical substances which help in the contraction of the uterus. You can add parsley to your food or consume in form of tea.
  • Cumin - Cumin seeds, like parsley help in contraction of the uterus, promoting periods.

#6. Dates tend to increase body heat

Dates are rich in iron and many essential nutrients. Eating dates can increase body heat, promoting periods.

#7. Try this Trio

Jaggery, ginger and carom, when taken together, can induce periods.

#8. Vitamin C is your friend

Vitamin C can increase the levels of estrogen in the body which can induce the shedding of the uterine lining, promoting periods.

#9. Sesame seeds are great for preponing periods

Sesame seeds can be an amazing remedy for preponing periods. Add some sesame seeds to your food or have a tsp of sesame seeds early in the morning with some water.

Get Medical help

If you are looking for ways that can help prepone your periods then meeting your doctor/gynaecologist and taking their opinion on the same is very important.

Your doctor can help relieve the menstrual issues you've been facing by providing a suitable course of treatment for the same.

If you have delayed or irregular periods, meet your doctor and get their opinion on the same.

Postponing periods

You've missed parties, dates and even sports events just because you were PMSing or had periods.

Don't worry, just like you can prepone your periods, you can postpone them too.

Let’s see how you can postpone your periods:

How to delay periods naturally at home?

#1. Apple cider vinegar delays periods

Apple cider vinegar is known for relieving the symptoms of PMS. However, its benefits don't just end there. Just add three tsp of apple cider vinegar in water and try this remedy at least a week before your expected date of periods.

#2. Gram lentil soup postpones periods

Roast some gram lentils, grind them to make a powder and store them.

Now can you can use this preparation to make a serving of gram lentils soup every day. Start taking this at least 10 days before the expected date of your periods.

#3. Tamarind pulp is great to get delayed periods

Try this tangy preparation to prepone your periods. Add about 10 grams of tamarind in a glass of water with a pinch of sugar and salt. You can also boil the tamarind to make it softer. Start consuming tamarind water to see some changes.

#4. Fuller’s earth helps Postponing periods

Enjoy your skin rejuvenating beauty sessions along with doing this little routine which can help you prepone your periods.

Add 25 grams of Fuller's earth to about 1 litre of water. Consume this preparation 3 to 4 times a day for about a week before the expected date of your periods.

#5. Cinnamon tea can give you a delay

Its aromatic, tasty and healthy. Also, it will help you delay your periods. Good deal right? Just add a cinnamon stick in a boiling cup of water and drink this for a few days to see some changes.

#6. Watermelons too work

Everyone loves watermelons. They are sweet, pulpy and red. Not only beautiful they are fresh, tasty and healthy at the same time. This summer, don't just beat the heat but push your periods away too. Eat a bowl of fresh and cold watermelon every day to see some changes

#7. Stay away from spicy food (Does spicy food make your period come faster?)

Fear the spice if you want to delay your periods. Consuming spices can increase your body heat. So avoid spicy food and try to consume foods that are mild and cool.

#8. Cucumber can delay periods

Just like watermelon this summer blessing can help delay your periods because of its hydrating and cooling properties. You can enjoy eating a cucumber salad or infuse it in water to make a detox drink.

#9. Mango bark delays periods

The king of fruits packs up more medicinal properties than you know. Using the bark of mango tree can help you delay your periods. Add about 10 ml of mango bark extract to a cup of water and refrigerate it.

Take a tablespoon of this mixture frequently throughout the day to see effective results.

Seek medical help

Postponing your periods can bring a lot of hormonal changes to your body. Talking to your doctor is necessary before taking any treatment which can delay your periods.

There are many hormonal medications available which can prepone your periods.

However, they should be taken under your doctor's supervision only.

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Exercise caution

Preponing or postponing your periods using synthetic methods for a very long time can have adverse effects on your body.

Taking any hormonal medication, which can alter your hormones and the monthly cycle can put your hormones under a lot of stress in the long run. This, in turn, can invite other reproductive complications.

Meet your Gynaecologist if you are facing any issues related to your periods or your monthly cycle straight away. Don't try to self-medicate.

If you are trying out herbal remedies to delay or prepone your periods, then be patient. They are effective but can take some time to work.


Menstruation is a sensitive body function which is easily affected by diet and lifestyle.

Taking a lot of stress and leading an unhealthy lifestyle can cause menstrual complications.

Preponing and postponing your periods should be preferably done under medical supervision, this will ensure that your health is being monitored properly while your body is going through changes.

All hormonal medications should be taken under your Gynaecologist's supervision only.

It's possible to prepone and postpone your periods, all it takes is a little patience and some caution.

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    Hi, next month is my marriage on 9th, but this month I got my periods at 8th, is there any possibility that I can prepone my periods by 10 days, like may last week, or if possible to postpone after June 25th as we have rituals till 25th
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    I get periods too heavy n always strain to night how to reduce this
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    Hey Preeti. Not getting periods from 2 months is a serious concern. Please consult a gynaecologist. Irregular periods leads to more problems and could be due to hormonal changes. I would recommend that instead of trying home remedies, please consult the doctor first.
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    Actually I haven't got my periods from 2 months and I have done my pregnancy test,it is negative. And now my husband is coming on Sunday. So I don't want my periods plz suggest some useful home remedies..
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