Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Or Postpone Periods Naturally

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Need home remedies to delay periods naturally? Whether you want to prepone periods or postpone periods naturally, these natural ways will help you avoid pills.

There are many reasons why women use home remedies to postpone periods or prepone periods - from an impending marriage or a vacation to an important life event, such as an examination, sports event, or a job interview.

There are probably a lot of times when you were forced to cancel your plans altogether because you were menstruating, or your date was near and would have loved to prepone periods or postpone periods to a more convenient date.

It can be frustrating when your monthly cycle ends up changing the best-laid plans or forces you to plan important events around those dates. Most women would love it if they could actually regulate their monthly cycle to occur at a convenient date and time.  

If this sounds like an amazing idea, you should know that postponement of menstruation or using natural ways to prepone periods is actually possible to an extent.

So if you want to avoid taking medicine to prepone periods, read on to learn how to postpone periods and ways to prepone periods naturally. 

Always consult a doctor

Before you read about these ways to prepone periods or postpone periods, you must understand why meeting your doctor or gynecologist and getting their opinion is very important.

You must always consult your doctor if you plan to take medicine to postpone periods. Your doctor will know the list of tablets to postpone periods in India, but they should be taken under medical supervision only.

Never self-medicate. Just because it worked for your friend doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on your body, as your metabolism may be very different.

Your doctor may be able to recommend tablets to postpone periods without side effects. Keep in mind that if you use pills to postpone periods or prepone periods without a doctor’s prescription, it can have adverse effects on your body. 

Preponing or postponing your periods can bring about many hormonal changes in your body, so consulting your doctor is essential before you take a tablet for delaying periods.

Meet your gynecologist if you’re facing any issues related to your menstrual cycle. Taking any medication that alters your hormones and your monthly cycle can affect your endocrine system and cause reproductive complications. 

If you have delayed or irregular periods, you should definitely meet your doctor and get their opinion, as this could be a symptom of PCOS. Your doctor can also advise you on any menstrual issues you've been facing and provide a suitable course of treatment. 

If you’re trying out home remedies to postpone periods or prepone periods, be patient. They’re effective but can take some time to work.

10 Home Remedies To Prepone Periods Naturally

Almost every woman, at a certain point in her life, has been in a situation where she has wanted to prepone periods naturally. Unless a woman is trying to get pregnant, delayed periods aren't always happy news.

The good news is that there are a number of home remedies to prepone periods naturally, from heat pads and exercise to using herbs. 

Whether you want to avoid taking pills to prepone periods or just prefer using home remedies to prepone periods, here are some of the natural ways to prepone periods by 5 days or longer.

#1. Using Heat

Applying heat can improve blood supply to your muscles and promote the shedding of the lining of the uterus, hastening your periods and making them come sooner. 

Use a heating pad over the abdominal area to relax your muscles and improve the blood supply to that area.

#2. Exercise can prepone periods

Exercising can improve blood circulation in your body, so get up from your couch and move a little if you want your periods to come sooner. 

Try doing some abdominal exercises or go for a walk. Moderate exercise will also relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS.

#3. Having sex can prepone periods

Sexual activity can improve your blood circulation, especially around your pelvic area and uterus, hastening your period.

However, make sure you’re using some form of contraception or condoms and are having safe sex. Not using protection could lead to pregnancy and delay your periods altogether.

#4. Papaya increases estrogen levels

Papaya is one of the best foods to prepone periods as it can increase estrogen levels, which can help induce menstruation.

Papaya can be either consumed raw or in the form of juice or puree. Have a fresh bowl of papaya or a serving of its juice or puree at least twice a day.

#5. Ginger tea may prepone periods

Ginger is indeed a magical herb. From relieving infections to curing colds, ginger can do it all. 

Ginger can help increase your body heat and blood circulation in the abdomen to hasten menstruation, so consuming ginger in your food or infused in tea can help prepone periods.

#6. Some herbs really can help prepone periods

If you want herbal remedies to prepone periods, there are specific herbs you can add to your diet to help you prepone your periods. Some of them are:

  • Turmeric (Haldi) - Boil a spoon of turmeric in water and consume it twice or thrice a day.
  • Fenugreek (Methi) - Add to food or boil fenugreek in water and consume.
  • Fennel (Saunf) - Can be consumed every morning. Take about 1-2 tsp on an empty stomach to see results.
  • Parsley (Ajamod) - This herb has chemical substances that help in the contraction of the uterus. You can add parsley to your food or consume it in form of tea.
  • Cumin (Jeera) - Cumin seeds, like parsley help in the contraction of the uterus, promoting periods.

#7. Dates tend to increase body heat

Dates are rich in iron and many essential nutrients. Eating dates can increase body heat, hastening periods.

#8. Try this trio

Jaggery, ginger and carom, when taken together, can induce periods and prepone menses.

#9. Vitamin C is your friend

Vitamin C can increase the levels of estrogen in the body, which in turn can induce the shedding of the uterine lining, promoting periods.

#10. Sesame seeds are great to prepone menses

Sesame seeds can be an amazing remedy to prepone menses. Add some sesame seeds to your food or have a teaspoon of sesame seeds early in the morning with some water.

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home remedies to delay periods naturally

9 Home Remedies To Delay Periods Naturally

So you've missed parties, dates and even sports events just because you were PMSing or had your periods. If you’ve ever thought, “I want to delay my period,” don't worry. 

Although there is no tablet to postpone periods naturally, there are a number of natural ways to postpone periods. 

Just as you can prepone periods naturally, you can delay your period naturally with this list of natural remedies to delay periods. 

#1. Apple cider vinegar delays periods

Apple cider vinegar is known for relieving the symptoms of PMS. However, its benefits don't just end there. 

Just add three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to water and use this remedy at least a week before the date when your periods start.

#2. Gram lentil soup postpones periods

One of the best natural ways to postpone your period is to roast some gram lentils, grind them to make a powder and use them in the soup.

Use this preparation to make a serving of gram lentils soup every day. Start taking this at least 10 days before the expected date of your periods.

#3. Tamarind pulp can delay periods naturally

Try this tangy preparation to prepone your periods. Add about 10 grams of tamarind in a glass of water with a pinch of sugar and salt. 

You can also boil the tamarind to make it softer. Start consuming tamarind water to see some changes.

#4. Fuller’s earth may help in postponing periods

Enjoy your skin rejuvenating beauty sessions along with this little routine which can help you prepone your periods.

Add 25 grams of Fuller's earth to about 1 liter of water. Consume this preparation 3 to 4 times a day for about a week before the expected date of your periods.

#5. Cinnamon tea can delay periods

Cinnamon tea is not only aromatic, tasty and healthy but can help you delay your periods. Just add a cinnamon stick in a boiling cup of water and drink this for a few days to see some changes.

#6. Watermelons can work too

Everyone loves watermelons. Not only are they fresh, tasty and healthy, but can delay your periods too.

This summer, don't just use them to beat the heat. Eat a bowl of fresh and cold watermelon every day to see some changes in your cycle.

#7. Stay away from spicy food 

Does spicy food make your period come faster? Fear the spice if you want to delay your periods. 

Consuming spices can increase body heat. So avoid spicy food and try to consume foods that are mild and cool.

#8. Cucumber can delay periods

Just like watermelon can help delay your periods because of its hydrating and cooling properties, you can enjoy eating a cucumber salad or infuse it in water to make a detox drink.

#9. Mango bark delays periods

The king of fruits packs more medicinal properties than you know. Using the bark of the mango tree can help you delay your periods. 

Add about 10 ml of mango bark extract to a cup of water and refrigerate it. Take a tablespoon of this mixture frequently throughout the day to see results.

Always exercise caution

Menstruation is a sensitive body function that is easily affected by diet and lifestyle. Stress and unhealthy lifestyles can cause reproductive and endocrine issues.

Even using home remedies to delay periods should be preferably done under medical supervision, as this will ensure that your health is being monitored properly while your body is going through changes.

Whether you’re looking for homeopathic medicine to prepone periods or other natural ways to postpone periods, remember that all hormonal medications should be taken under your gynecologist’s supervision.

It's possible to find natural remedies to postpone periods naturally or prepone periods naturally. Just remember to have patience and use caution when using home remedies to delay your period.

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