Pinky's Stand To Marry For Right Reasons Made Life Easy For Her Cousins

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stand to marry for right reasons stand to marry for right reasons

"I cannot forget that horrendous experience in my life. A matrimonial know-each-other was arranged for me. I had just completed my MBA, but my Sindhi and pretty conservative family from Rajasthan decided that it is the right age to get me married off. Though I was not mentally prepared, I patiently dedicated myself and accepted the situation. So there came the first family to see me, sorry I should say interrogate me, as it was no less than an interrogation.

I was bound to feel guilty for being fair in color, as they first asked me to go and wash my face when I came back, they were still not satisfied, they asked me to do that again, but this time one of the family members wanted to accompany me to witness the process. I did. Then they wanted to confirm the colour of my neck, face, and hands, do they match, for that, they asked me to slightly remove even my Dupatta (which is actually a mental abuse) Post that, a series of senseless and baseless questions hit my face. In all this process I was waiting for my family to step in as it was all happening in front of them, but nobody came forward," recalls the 33-year-old Pinky Bajaj from New Delhi, who adds that this incident not only shook her but her family as well.

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A well educated, MBA in Human Resource and Marketing, Pinky says she reprimanded her family since she knew they had to some extent been by her side, when she wanted to do advanced studies. She says her dad loved her the most. Though he did not say a word before the 'weird family' yet post the incident he stood by her daughter and her decisions.

Pinky says post this incident she took seven years to decide whom she would marry. And she claims that she, having taken that stand made the life of her female cousins better in the family. "My parents themselves said now you go and pursue a career. My female cousins followed in my footsteps. They were allowed to pursue their career in whichever field they want, no restrictions." recalls a proud Pinky who paved the way ahead.

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All was going well when in 2013 Pinky met with a major accident. Doctors had indicated leg amputation if the infection didn't subside. Pinky says, during these tough times, her mother was her rock.

Thankfully, the infection healed leaving a deep scar behind, but with her mother by her side, Pinky says she emerged a winner.

Soon she got married to the man of her choice. And just when things again seemed to go well, Pinky informs that her mother died under mysterious circumstances to a fire at home. "I entered my motherhood phase, on July 15, 2016, and I lost my mom on 21 November 2016. When I got the blessed opportunity to be the mom, I lost the right to call my mom. I was not in my senses which are, but very natural, I went into depression, during this phase my husband assumed the role of my Mom. I don’t have enough words to explain how well he stood by me. I had sunk into deep depression," Pink recalls.  

Pinky who is a teacher by profession now, adds that SHEROES came like a stable game-changer in her life,"The phase I was going through I needed something to make myself busy and engaged. One fine day, one of my closest friend, Neelu Tuteja called me up. She asked me to download SHEROES App immediately. I told her I wasn't in a mood to play online games! Neelu asserted that it was the place where I had to be like RIGHT NOW. I gave into her assertion. And discovered a wonderful world, where every woman is walking ahead in life hand in hand, supporting, sharing their stories, learn from them. Today I am highly thankful to SHEROES for making me a stronger woman," chuckles an upbeat Pinky who cuddles her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter as we talk.

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And now Pinky is one of the most-busy members of the SHEREOS App where she pens poetry as well as shares her blogs. "I have been writing poetry since age 12, but never thought of sharing, maybe was scared of the response and reaction. Sharing and publishing in public started with SHEROES only. Aspiring Writers’ Community really inspired me to write and share. But, inspiration was more boosted when Shiny Hoque ma’am appreciated my work and instantly said, start your blog. So Pinky from an amateur writer became a poet and later a blogger," she laughs.

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Pinky adds with pride, "SHEROES came as a ray of hope, faith, and energy for me. I had participated in many contests and won too. One of them helped me grab the SHEROES mug. I was even the first member to get the opportunity to moderate the quiz in the Aspiring Writers’ community."

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Pinky has surely come a long way as a woman. So what's her vision for her daughter? "Well Mahima, nothing. I want her to chase her dreams.  My vision for her is - Live life to the fullest. I never tell her 'Don't do this.' Rather, I always alert why not do a certain thing if it is harmful for her. I don't curb her eagerness to learn and grow. Rest time will decide, she is too young to be imposed with a vision," Pinky smiles.

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And what's her message to the readers at SHEROES? She smiles and asserts, "Don’t ever compromise with your dreams. Always aspire to inspire and reflect the spark around you. Don’t hesitate in expressing yourself. Be attractively expressive. Never give up without trying."

If Pinky Bajaj's journey in our ongoing #MeetTheSheroes Story has left you motivated, don't forget to share it and leave love for her in the comments column. You can follow Pinky on SHEROES.

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