Steps To Choose A Career When You Are Undecided

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Choosing the right career can be a difficult decision given the fact that in today's world one has so many options to choose from. Do you want to choose a 9-5 job? Or would you rather go for a creative career? What are the career choices you have before you? Let us lead our scattered thoughts to a structured decision of choosing the right career with the help of the following steps:

1. Get Your Thinking Pads Out

If you are yet to start your career, it is important to note down what are your interests. Your decision will consume a good part of your life, hence a slow and wise decision is essential. If you are not able to think of anything you do want to do, make a list of all that does not ignite the passion within you. This technique will clear your do-nots and that will help you reach your career decision faster. 

For someone who is trying to switch from a present career path, it is better to have an understanding of what exactly is not working. Jotting down the points which are making you switch your career can be an easy way to start with.

Once you are done with your writing exercise, relate the points with the following

  • Current market trends of your interested career path

  • Skills you may require to work on

  • Available opportunities in the desired field

  • Values you would like your desired organisation to necessarily have

  • Range of salary offered

  • Time required to get a stable job

Comparing the above points will help you know your future course of action. It will streamline the process of choosing the right career path. You can also take the help of a career counsellor by downloading the SHEROES app and joining the Glow Lovely Career Community.

2. Decide Your Goals

Your career is one of the most important parts of your life which will require your investment in so many fields- physical, mental, and financial amongst others. It may demand time management and other decisions like shifting to another city for work, maintaining family and work-life balance, etc. Your career also has the responsibility to allow you some time for yourselves. When your career involves so many ifs and buts, it becomes essential to determine the goals which you want to achieve through your career.

Short-term goals may include:

  1. Exploring the field

  2. Repaying loans if any

  3. Networking with established people in the industry

  4. Taking out time for yourself every day

Amongst others, long-term goals can consist of:

  1. Learning opportunities

  2. Financial stability

  3. Professional growth

  4. Work-life balance

Aligning your goals with passion makes your career hunt organised, planned, and risk-bearing. You get an idea of how the future picture may take place and if things do not work out as you had thought, have a plan B on the side.

3. Searching Probable Job Opportunities

Once you are on board with your choices, it is now time to start looking out for job opportunities nearby. First and foremost before applying anywhere, you will have to prepare or rebuild your resumes.  Glow & Lovely Careers helps you with reshaping your resumes according to modern professional standards, moving you an inch closer to your dream job opportunity.

There are many options available nowadays where you can volunteer to start understanding your passionate career choice. Internships also allow you to gain vital exposure to the professional world. Interacting with successful people in this field can be another way to get an idea of how the professional system works. Joining trusted communities on the SHEROES app is a medium to interact with such helpful professionals who discuss various topics related to varied careers.

The above are just the stepping stones to finding the job which would be a perfect match for your goal and passion. Building profiles and circulating them amongst your family and friends will get you closer to your chosen career.

4. Hunting The Job

Planning and execution are two coins of the same coin. But both sides make the coin; any of them not being there makes the coin unworthy. The same is the concept with the professional career you give yourself. After so much planning and research, now is the time when you start putting yourself out in the real world. 

Put out your recent resumes updated with your qualification details along with internship/volunteering experiences on social platforms. Keep a tab on the vacancies the recruiting platforms offer. Spread the word to your family and friends that you are actively looking for a job. This whole process will take some time and may turn out to be completely different from what you expected. But your consistent small steps shall make the professional inside you reach its highest level of success!

5. Know That This Might Not Be Your Ultimate Career

You may question yourself at moments whether choosing a particular field as a career was the wrong decision. Or things might not be going according to your plan and research. You might not be able to maintain a work-life balance and miss out on the other aspects of your social life. Worse, the career might backfire on you with your skills not up to the mark or not offering you the right financial stability.

Before you encounter such moments, training your mind and heart with some briefing can be practical. Understand that no decision comes without risk. Any decision does come with a probability of failure as well as success. So the first thing you should do is pat yourself on the back for taking that first difficult step.

Moving ahead, you can go back to all the earlier points, see what went wrong and try to work upon the missed opportunities. To deal with thoughts like, “This was a wrong decision, and I need to switch to another field”, remember that many start or switch after spending years in a particular field. Hence there is no right or wrong age to restart your career path. At any point in time, you feel like talking to a career counsellor, you can anytime download the SHEROES app and talk to our career counsellor.

Which of the above points do you think plays the most important part in deciding your career path? What are your major takeaways from this article? How did you decide on your career when you were so confused? Do share your valuable suggestions so that our fellow readers can move ahead with their journey moving ahead from their obstacles.

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