15 Cheap Online Shopping Sites and Hacks to Get Best Deals on Them

Last updated 7 Jan 2020 . 1 min read

cheap online shopping sites cheap online shopping sites

It's raining sales!

This is what most of the e-commerce site has to say these days. Sales and discounts are actually floating all around us. It is such a great feeling for the shopaholics out there. And why would it not be? With numerous discounts and best deals you only get more reasons to shop!

But ladies hold on yourselves a bit more as I am sure you don’t want to miss the diamond while chasing all the glitters!

Here is the list of a few Famous Shopping Sites in India along with hacks how can you get the best deals out of them.


Amazon is the giant e-commerce site in India, that has topped it all.

Amazon needs no introduction. You name it and you get it. From house decor items to every electronic appliance and from clothings to footwears, Amazon has a lot in store for you. You can never get tired of buying thing from there as the variety is in abundance.

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Hack to find the best deal here:

  • Keeps your eyes, ears and notification messages, all active! The Amazon keeps introducing sales and heavy discounts up to 80%, but those are applicable only for a few days. So the best way to keep yourself posted is to know the most probable time for the ‘end season sale’, ‘clearance sale’, ‘great Indian sale’ and so on.
  • Also if you buy mostly from Amazon, then you might want to enrol for the prime membership program. There are a couple of benefits like free delivery, delivery as soon as possible and additional perks, that you can avail on the payment of an initial purchase of the prime membership.
  • If you are a diligent credit card payer, then go for the shopping by your credit card, as you find might additional cashback offers on some specific credit cards.
  • Don't forget to check the for coupons and to learn about ‘subscribe and save’ option.

You can earn money from Amazon too. Click here to read in Hindi.


This one's for the fashionistas. Myntra is known as India’s Largest fashion online shopping platform which has also associated with Ministry of Textiles to promote handloom industry. It caters to all the needs of shoppers with choice of apparel, accessories, cosmetics and footwear from over 500 leading Indian and international brands.

Besides this, who would not like to buy clothes and flaunt themselves at college, workplace, family gatherings or on a date? Girls are always short of good clothes, and that is a fair statement, I totally vouch for that.

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But buying clothes that are expensive causes a big hole in your pockets. So what do we do?

Hack to find the best deal at Myntra:

  • For the best deals and the largest selections, select Wednesday for the shopping as most of the best deals come from Wednesday to Friday.
  • If you choose a particular item in your cart and leave the site without completing the purchase, sometimes brands will reach out to you with a special discount.
  • There is no harm in trying cashkaro.com and freekamaal.com for coupons and promo codes.
  • If you have already bought stuff from Myntra, you might surely have an account on it. Keep an extra eye on it. Many times Myntra gets kind and deposits 200Rs and asks you to shop with the same.
  • Insane fan of a particular brand? Stay tuned to the notification and mails from the Myntra, as they keep having sales for a particular brand.


Jabong being the biggest rival of Myntra was finally acquired by Myntra a few time ago. This one, as we all know, is again a fashion website, but what I like about it is that Jabong has a different section right on the top called as “Sports”. And the clothes you find there are really worth buying. This is just one part, second is you get an additional store to check for more!

Sometimes the clothes you may want to buy are not available on Myntra or perhaps you don't find your size in stock. This is when Jabong jumps in as a blessing, you most probably will find it there. :)

Hack to find the best deal On Jabong:

  • When you check out, always ensure free shipping all the time. They are applicable to almost everything.
  • Jabong like many other fashion e-commerce sites gets hyperactive with generous sales during the festive seasons. With launches on several attractive promotional deals and offers during festive season such as New Year, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Christmas and more, you know when to start hunting for them.
  • If you do not want to ever miss on the best deals, do not forget to subscribe their newsletter for regular updates and upcoming sales discounts.
  • Research for the Jabong coupons on different sites like grabon.com, gopaisa.com etc.

StalkBuyLove (Top Shopping Site for Women)

My personal favourite! It a heaven for all the ladies as it is a new-age fashion shopping site that brings chic and trendy women clothing suited to the taste of everyone in the house. SBL is founded by young Europe-based experts.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is its fashion statement and the fabric quality along with the stitch-in facility. Yes you heard it right, for some selected dresses, they do stitch as per your size. When you have ordered one, and when you receive it, trust me, you will feel like you are being gifted. The style, prints, website design as well as packaging is done so meticulously that at the end of the day you as a shopper are completely satisfied.

Hack to find the best deal at Stalkbuylove:

  • First, download the app, you get a flat 20-25% discount on any purchase.
  • Subscribe to the newsletters and be assured to get mailers almost every day about the discounts and offers.
  • If you fall in love with any of the dresses but it does not have any discount, simply add it in your wishlist. Try checking your wish list regularly, within a few days, hope will shine as a reality showing an offer on the same! (at least it has worked for me)
  • There is 599 store, and an upto 80% clearance sale for almost all time of the year, don't forget to scroll in the categories.
  • As soon as you purchase, there are some reward points added to your account, which you can reuse in terms of cash for some other purchase.

Street Style Store

This one is a new addition to the e-commerce fashion websites. No famous brands on it, but enough of cute stock to make you want to go shopping. My personal recommendation would be, the shoes and sandals are just amazing. Rest would leave up to you to decide after you have visited the website.

Hack to find the best deal at Streetstylestore:

  • There is a section which holds 3 things for 999 or 2 for 499, so discounts are not much of need.
  • Some seasonal sales do come up, the only trick is to visit the site once in a while and check for the offers.


Well, of course, dresses and clothes alone don't make the lady look perfect. Earnings, necklaces, chokers, rings etc are much needed to make you feel the way you want to be. Isn’t it?

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And that is why Voylla is here. With 100% safe on skin jewellery and more than 1.5 million happy customers, this site is a marvellous one for those who fantasize about accessories.  There are many filters, which help you to chose what kind of ornament do you exactly want, whether it is a 9-to-5 look or a bridal look, you get everything under one roof.

Hack to find the best deal at Voylla.com:

  • There is a separate section for all kind of discounts and offers that are currently running on Voylla. This section allows you to shop with a certain amount of off on the final price, no percentage.
  • Look for the buy one get one free offer, this works very well, in case you want to buy for two people. Get your friends along while you are shopping and ask her to join you to avail the offer of buy one get one free. This way you can get one piece at flat 50 % off.
  • Alternatively, you can follow the same hacks that have been mentioned above for Amazon and Myntra.


Do we only shop online for clothings and accessories? Buying the groceries an integral part of our lives! This task, nor can we ever skip, nor can we ever forget. Hence buying the monthly groceries in the most economic and at a reasonable price is indispensable. BigBasket came as a shining hope for the ones who could not spare time from their schedule to go the markets and bargain their hearts out for the veggies!

Hack to find the best deal at Bigbasket:

  • Coupon codes are the best hack for BigBasketeers.
  • Check for the selected products which if you buy, get a good percentage off, on every purchase.
  • Refer and earn option is best when you have a great network of friends sailing on the same boat as you.
  • Hack coupons online are in ample where you will get 50% Off + 1000 Rs Extra Cashback on Booking Via Big Basket or paying via Paytm
  • Similarly, watch out for the additional discounts on using specific bank Visa or credits cards. You may end up getting a cashback as well.
  • Promocodes and first time order can also get you amazing discounts.


Paytm came in the market with a stronger boom soon after the demonetization announced late in the year 2016. Now a days a person might not have a penny in his wallet but would surely have it in his Paytm wallet. Having been said that, it is considered as people’s most favourite app due to the wonderful offers and cashback options.

Hack to find the best deal at PayTm:

  • Try paying the electricity bills and other bills through Paytm, it will automatically add some percentage off of the paid amount on your Paytm Wallet.
  • When you have made a transaction through PayTm, you will be shown several coupons which guarantee 10-70% cashback option for different brands ranging from eatery to retails to travel agencies. Many of the coupons can be bought free. Thus giving you chances to save a lot more than you could have any day!
  • Get the best shopping offers and deals on Paytm everyday, by logging in Paytm mall. There are heavy discounts and cashbacks on most of the products.

You can earn money from Paytm too. Click here to read in Hindi.


Yet another giant in the online retailer’s list, Flipkart, is making the users all smile with the quality products in an economic price range. But that is never enough when you know that there are hacks to get good stuff at even lesser prices!

Hack to find the best deal at Flipkart.com

  • A very similar set of hacks to that of Amazon can be used while shopping from Flipkart.
  • Check for the sale hours and be the first one to check for the best products having the best deals. You can effectively do it by using the filters.
  • Offer of the day and other sales notification are sent directly to your inbox, read through them to know the best deals in the town.
  • Referring your friends and known ones can get you reward amount in your as well as your friend's wallet.
  • Try grabbing the free shipping options, use the debit/credit cards or pay via Paytm for more cash backs.
  • Also, be informed about the coupon contests where you can win many gift cards for Flipkart and later use it for your shopping.

You can earn money from Flipkart too. Click here to read in Hindi.

OLX and Quickr

We all know about these apps, but have you ever thought about how it could be used to buy the best suited deals for us?

Don’t believe me?

Well, there are many times in your life when you want to buy a thing, as you know you will need it only for some time. Such type of things get accumulated in the house only to cause a clutter to your living space. Here is when OLX/Quikr plays the role of saviour.

Hack to find the best deal at OLX and Quickr:<h3>

  • You can exchange the items! Like for instance, XYZ thinks that its time for him to sell off his bike and get a scooty for himself so that his family too could ride it. So there is an option on these apps where you can seek for an exchange.
  • Use the messaging functionality, directly talk to the potential buyers/sellers and negotiate as you like.
  • This hack is a really “chindi” one, but I have seen people do it, so it goes like, you buy a product from Amazon or Flipkart at a comparatively low price and then sell it on OLX/Quickr at the higher market price with some discount applied.

Ferns n Petals

There are so many times when we have surprise our near and dear ones. And with so many “days”, things get heavier on the pocket. Hence use this website to order cakes, personalized gifts, bouquets, flowers etc online with some great discounts applied!

Hack to find the best deal at Ferns n Petals.com:

  • Seek for coupon codes and referral codes.
  • Also, check for the minimum order for which shipping charges are not applied.
  • Advanced booking always costs less than ordering and asking for the shipment the same day.
  • COD is best when you are ordering a cake or bouquet, as you could see the items first and then pay them when assured.


No wonder, to what extent this website has become a famous one. The reason is not hidden for sure. BMS has superb offers and some really pocket friendly deals. Why to waste extra money every time you book the tickets or buy popcorns?

Hack to find the best deal at Bookmyshow.com:

  • Grab the Early Bird Discounts without fail, if you are sure you will attend the show. I have saved minimum 200Rs by booking the tickets with early bird discounts.
  • Try paying by Paytm , you might stand a chance of winning some surprises, free coupons, free popcorns or even one free ticket!
  • BMS keeps releasing offers and notifies its users about the deals to specific days. I was luckier to get buy one get one free movie ticket on a Wednesday offer.


How could we even forget these? Gone are the days when you earn only to feed yourself, family, and get the basic necessities of a standard life. People these days earn so that they could travel around the world like a free bird. This sounds even merrier when you get heart-melting offers online on booking your tickets or hotel rooms.

Hack to find the best deal at these sites:<h3>

  • Become a member and rate the hotels, services. Review the places you have visited and this will add points in your account. This will be encashed whenever you want.
  • Seek for referral codes and gain money in your account.
  • Your first transaction will give you discounts upto 50%.
  • Keep browsing through the offers and deals and get special offers like free breakfast, complimentary dinners, as well as first night free offers!
  • Try to get the best in the affordable deals by booking early.


This one is for the all time Hungry-Birds. Foodpanda and Swiggy are the online food delivering sites. Much neglected but once used much appreciated. You may not even know the benefits of having your accounts in these if you are not a foodie or a regular outside eater or a house party animal!

Hack to find the best deal here:

  • Reserve a table in your favourite restaurant by using the app and get discounts starting from 20% on your bill.
  • Rate and Reviews helps you here by adding points to your account.
  • Get discounts on the specific days for some specific favourites every day.
  • Keep the notification messages (about the deals, offers ) under a scan and plan a date or outing when the offers seem to be tempting!


Get coupons almost daily and offers in plenty. Whether you want to book a spa or plan an outing, you get everything here with discounts applied that too according to your location! Visit the website to know more.

Hack to find the best deal at Mydala.com:

Simply log in, browse through the discounts, coupons offered and get thrilled to book your first transaction as happily as never before.


India’s first and the best online multi-brand beauty retailer selling cosmetic and wellness products Nykaa, is my personal favourite too. Since the time my friend has referred me this, I don't remember when was the last time I bought any cosmetic offline. The reason is very simple, The discounts you get on Nykaa are marvellous. A kajal pencil would be sold at 500 in the stores, whereas the same product is sold on Nykaa for 350 or so. Such is the saving for one item, imagine if you have bought the entire set, how much you could save?

Hack to find the best deal at Nykaa:

  • Gather your girlies, check out the cosmetics or wellness products and add them to the cart. Once you do so, the amount would be sufficient to get a free shipping. A win-win for all!
  • If you doubt about how that lip colour, which you are stalking online, would suit you, go to the malls and try on the same brand, same lip color and then order it online at a much lesser price.
  • Ratings and reviews fetch you points and so does the referral to a friend. Keep doing so and add the points in your account to later encash it.
  • On every purchase from Nykaa, your account will automatically be credited with some points (based on your purchase) which again can be encashed!

However, be extremely sure plus cautious while you are ordering online or using any coupons. I would recommend to always read the users ratings and reviews.

So, now you know how you can save a lot, even while shopping! Let me know how you found the article and do comment below if you know some offers or deals that are even better.

Afterall, shopping is the best therapy and women are not shopaholics, they are just helping the economy :)

Sainy Banerjee Pal
An engineer by profession but an ardent writer by heart, Sainy has been writing from the age of 12. She has a huge collection of her handwritten diaries. Her friends call her a therapist for broken hearts and can connect instantly with anyone. She lives with her doting husband who is also her critic for her write ups. Imaginative, spirited and filled with compassion, she always has a lot to say, to those who care to listen.

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