Beauty Treatment At Home

Last updated 21 Feb 2017 . 2 min read

Beauty is skin deep. With self-care it enhances the way no make up can! And to make it better, what if these magic treatments walk out of your kitchen?

Spring is here. Hence let your beauty look best in this month of romance.



Add few in your face packs and watch your skin glow. Mix few strawberries with cream, rice powder, sandalwood powder and sandalwood oil. Add some fuller’s earth if you wish to make your skin go firm. Leave it till it dries and sponge it off with cold water.




It’s quintessential hair growth. Yes balding and hair fall can be best treated with Ginger oil. Peel ginger and grind it in the mixer. Strain the juice out of the pulp and add it to the olive oil that you use for your hair. Wash your hair in 2 hours




Soak the overnight and to make  paste next morning. Apply them on hair to add volume to your hair and shine naturally.  Fenugreek seeds are also known to keep wrinkles at bay. Add some Fenugreek powder to your face pack and watch the miracle in action!


Turmeric: Asia’s Aspirin


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Turmeric have always been known for face packs and fairness treatment. Raw turmeric juice cures hyperacidity and indigestion. Add turmeric paste to you body pack for detoxing effect. Mix it with fresh cow milk and apply it on acne to find them vanishing, leaving no marks behind!


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