How To Speak English Fluently: 15 Proven Hacks

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speak english fluently speak english fluently

A common question I often face is...

How can I learn English to speak fluently?

English is truly a global tongue and is the most widely spoken language in the world. Due to the widespread usage of English across different domains ranging from business to education English grew phenomenally and it became a compulsion to learn English to speak fluently.

Today many countries across the globe use English as their major language to communicate. English is literally everywhere and it is very important to speak the language fluently even for survival if you a travelling. As it is the preferred language for business and education and common everywhere, fluency is required to succeed in most avenues.

For women, developing fluent English speaking skills becomes a key to pursue career interests in the global marketplace. Today, being able to communicate well in English can connect women with the fast-paced contemporary way of life. Speaking fluent English can go a long way to find employment, as it is a much sought-after skill.

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From job application to interviews and group discussions your communication skills help your chances immensely.

Here are some easy hacks to learn the spoken English so you can communicate fluently:

#1. Put Grammar Aside if you are starting to speak English

Although it may sound contradictory, to leave aside grammar. But if you are striving to be grammatically perfect the colloquial language will be quite out of your grasp. Speaking English perfectly does not require being perfect at grammar. Rather it is very important to listen, absorb and speak the language. Fluency comes from practising your spoken English skills.

#2. Be confident While Speaking, you will be fluent!

Being fluent in a language means being able to communicate in a manner that allows the other person to understand your meaning perfectly. The fear of making mistakes should never come in the way of your speaking English. The trick is to keep speaking naturally and regularly in English. The more you speak the easier it gets.

#3. Start Thinking in English 

It may sound difficult but it is not. Learn to think in the language. If you are thinking in your mother tongue, the challenge will be to translate the thought into another foreign language. Even the most proficient speaker may find the process a little difficult. Try and look up words that you generally use in your native tongue and make them a part of your thought process.

Thinking in English will automatically help you build a habit of speaking English with yourself fluently first and then with others too.

#4. Listen to All Sources of Audio English and absorb English Vocabulary

English news, English English movies with subtitles are all a source of learning English. Word usage and pronunciation improve when you hear English being spoken.  You actually learn the language by osmosis. Try and match the speaker in accent, vocabulary and speed of speaking. Follow the style of expression, especially when watching an audio-visual medium like television. This way you will not only aquire their fluncy but you will also understan the usage of English words.

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#5. Speak English to yourself in Front of a Mirror

Speaking to yourself sounds weird, but is the ultimate method to improve spoken skills and confidence. Try speaking to yourself in front of a mirror. Your facial expressions and style help you gauge the comfort level. When you hear the words spoken aloud you find speaking in public later a tad easier.

#6. Try to Sing Along English Songs and imitate English movie dialogues

Singing along with English songs is not only fun but educative too. Melodious songs can be a good start but the actual learning comes from following and emulating rap songs. These songs might not make grammatical sense but as they are structured like sentences and are spoken faster they help you pick up a speed. Once you are able to sing along with a rap song, a proficiency in speaking English is created.

Same is the case with movies!! When you imitate conversations, you understand the crux of speaking english fleuntly.

#7. Make the Correct Pronunciations

Reading aloud is very important in learning to speak the language fluently. If you are stuck with the pronunciation of some words, do refer to the dictionary or the internet. The voice applications available today can ably guide you towards using the right pronunciation and accent.

#8. Learn to Put Emphasis on Words

Some words in the English language may have multiple meanings and the stresses you pay on the use of the spoken word may change the meaning of the sentence. It is a nuance that needs some practice to perfect, but it is fairly easy when you train yourself to listen to the difference in stresses. For example, let us take a simple sentence where the stress is on the bold word.

  • I feel she needs a break. (It was MY idea)
  • I feel she needs a break. (Emphasis is on a feeling)
  • I feel she needs a break. (She is more important)
  • I feel she needs a break. (Situation of need is important)

In every instance the emphasis of the sentence is different and the meaning changes subtly. You can download some of the English practice lessons online, or you can also find these practice lessons on youtube.

#9. Learn Different form of English Words

It is important to learn different forms of the word. If you learn a word like speak, you should look up the other forms of the word like spoken, will speak to make your language efficacy perfect. The correct usage will help you speak the language like a native.

#10. Learn English Phrases & Practice Fluency

A smarter way to sound like a native is to learn phrases. Some words go together and learning those phrases makes speaking the language more natural. It is a good idea to have self english conversation practice lessons.

#11. Always Keep Preparing, Practice Brings Fluency

Preparation is the key to success. It is important to learn words and phrases that are relevant to a particular occasion. For example, if you are planning to eat out at a high-end restaurant, you may want to learn how to order the food and request for service.

#12. Try English Story Telling, Stories help you perfect your flow

Try telling stories in English. A fun way of practising spoken English is translating a favourite story from your native language. Tell the story with full expressions and voice modulation. As you are already familiar with the story, it will come naturally to you and you will grasp how to speak naturally in English.

#13. Carefully Listen to What Others Say

A very easy tip to answer every question put to you in English is to listen to the question intently. Often you will find the answers in reverse of the question. For example, “Does he go to school”?  “Yes, he does go to school”

#14. Speak Full Sentences

Speak the language in full sentences. Any attempt to learn a word and fit it into a sentence will not be as effective as speaking the whole sentence. Fluency can only be achieved in this way.

#15. Practice English Speaking Every Day

Practice the skills you learn each day before you lose them. Read, write, listen and speak English regularly. Practise does make perfect. Many languages can be perfected by simple practice. One learns to speak in the local language even when you speak a different language by birth.

For example, if you are a North Indian transferred to Kolkata you will eventually be able to converse with your daily help in her language after a time. The situation is similar with the English language.

There is a halo around the usage of English and an unnecessary fear complex has been circulated in society regarding its usage. It is important to remember that every individual who does not speak English speaks another language. So linguistic skill is learnt and is not privy to a certain class and breed of people.

Be confident and speak the language to the best of your ability. There are no wrongs if you are able to communicate your thoughts coherently to the listener. The need of the hour is to learn the language as it is increasingly more rampant in use for business across the world.

After a certain stage, English remains the most popular language for business transactions. Almost every country in the world has a translation in English on all its forms and websites.

Creating the global village is the aim today and the common thread is the language all speak. To create more efficient communication channels and applying standardization across verticals a common language seems the easiest alternative.

Keep aside your fear and dive in at the deep end. Most English speakers will be receptive and also will be able to help you speak better by gently correcting your mistakes. Remember, it is only when you speak the language that you learn.

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