5 Inspiring Movies for Indian Working Women

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movies on working women movies on working women

Being a working woman I am always on a lookout for books and media for inspiration. What another way could be to satisfy your tired soul than to snuggle and watch a nice movie talking about women at work? Not many movie makers think about working women and their intricate lives though. In Bollywood, movies on working are like rare gems.

Here is a list of international, Bollywood and a Bengali movie for you. I loved watching because the central character of these movies is women at work, their challenges, and how they made way around it. I feel inspired because of never say die spirit of the working women protagonists shown in these movies within the cinematic liberty.

Erin Brockovich (Language-English, Year- 2000) 

(Link Here):  This is my movie bible and I watched it often over the last many years. Julia Roberts does not need any introduction. When she is portraying as a mother of many children, a broke woman searching a respectable work for herself, getting hooked with a piece of work which also impacts a lot many people, she was no Julia Roberts for me anymore. She becomes Erin Brockovich for me. Being a Scientist, I deeply connected with the story which talks about the environment and businesses getting done around it. I loved every bit of the movie even being an Indian woman. 

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Devil Wears Prada (Language-English, Year-2006) 

(Link Here): Any woman who works under a boss (the salaried ones like me), doesn’t necessarily be a woman boss, will connect with this movie immediately. Know the thoughts of your boss before it comes from her mouth. It is a big lesson and this movie shows you directly. Meryl Streep is my all time is my symbol of a boss since I watched the movie, and he has done her job very well. Also, the movie gives a very strong message that you are the boss of your life and you decide to stay or chuck your boss at work.

Band Baja Barat (Language-Hindi; Year-2010)

(Link Here): This easily falls in the typical masala movie genre of Bollywood cinema. But my working women soul becomes very happy watching this movie because the female protagonist played very strongly by Anoushka Sharma is an out an out career woman. She is the entrepreneur that platform like Sheroes would love to showcase in their events. The way she plans about the business and the detailed file that she carries is bliss to look at. She knows what she wants and is not shy of negotiation, communication and taking risks. This movie also gives a cinematic message on how the relationship with your partner can make or not so well make your career. A must watch for new working women and for new entrepreneurs.

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Mary Kom (Language-Hindi, Year-2014) 

(Link Here)

This is a movie that has inspired a range of girls to women in India. The movie struck the chord for women with dreams from small towns and the challenges you face be you in a sports career or any other career. The challenges of accommodating family along with your career, the self motivation, and the failures all are portrayed with great effort. Priyanka Chopra has given her best to imitate Mary Kom. A must watch when you are feeling low and need some drama to push you back into the grind!

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Mahanagar (Language-Bengali, Year-1963)

(Link Here): This is directed by great master Satyajit Ray. The movie in spite of its age is very relevant today in our Indian Society where so many of us are still answering the question why do we need to go out to work, to our immediate and extended families. Be unapologetic of what you want to do and like to do, face the fear head on, find a friend from absolutely different terrain, and above all respect yourself as a working woman are some of the messages I get each time I watch this movie. When you need a movie to watch to enhance the activities of your grey cells, this is the one to pick. 

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