5-minute stress busting cubicle workouts

Published on 16 Dec 2015 . 2 min read

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Replying to multiple emails within a short time can be stressful, driving to work can be stressful, driving back home is stressful, deadlines are stressful… This day-to-day ‘stress’ is why "desk-ercise" is so important!

Take a moment to de-stress at work, right inside your cubicle, bang in front of your laptop. Bring the bounce back into sore backs, stiff knees, stiffer necks and more.

The seat squeeze: Tone your glutes with almost zero resources. All you need is yourself and your chair. To begin, sit straight in your chair, feet flat on the ground. Squeeze your buttocks, hold for 5 to 10 secs and release. Repeat 15 times.

Extensions: Sit firmly on your chair, lift up one leg till it is parallel to the ground. Stretch and hold. Return to ground. Now repeat with the other leg. Once you are comfortable you can try stretching both legs at once too.

Shrug and sway: Sit still, hold your shoulders in place firmly and tilt your head sideways till your ear touches the shoulder. Hold. Repeat with the other ear and shoulder. For variety, you can also raise your shoulders to your ears, like shrugging, hold and release in 5 second intervals.

Happy hands: Those of you who are more like conjoined twins with your keyboard stand a greater chance of catching Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Shoot down the possibility of that with this simple workout. Stand at your desk, arms straight, hands on the desk, palms facing upward, fingers pointed at you. Tilt your body towards the table, balancing your weight on the backs of your hands. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat till relaxed.

Yogi baba: Work your core and arms with this levitation workout. Start by sitting on the chair. Fold your legs, criss-crossing them on to the seat. Place your palms on the armrest, push yourself up, off the chair, using your palms and sucking in your belly. Levitate for 10 seconds. Come back to position, rest and start again.

Let us know if these simple tricks helped you at work today!

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