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Best 15 Romantic Movies You Will Watch Over & Over Again

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best romantic movies best romantic movies

Tell me, who doesn't love to read romantic stories?

The one thing that we all ladies yearn for is the passionate and the equally affectionate love.

No matter at which stage of love we are in, be it the teenage crush, the small infatuation or a committed relationship, we do expect the romance in our lives to be blooming all time.

Romantic movies are a great way to thrive that romance into us, no matter the age or profession. But sometimes if we are working individuals, we can not expect to go out for a candlelight dinner all tired after returning from the workplace. And if we are housewives, after the completion of the never-ending household chores, we are left too weary to even deck up for the evening.

But the romance has to be in the air and how do we keep it?

The answer is as simple as it is! Indulge in this list of best romantic movies that are always at your disposal!

Watch it with your partner, with your favourite gang of girls or watch it all by yourself with a basket full of popcorn (On a personal note: Simply salted potato chips dipped in a cheesy garlic or a tomato ketchup tastes heaven by the way)!

Below are the fifteen all-time favourite romantic movies, that will make you fall in love again and again and leave you reassured that love is always in the air.

Here is the list of Best Romantic Movies that you should watch:

#1. First 50 dates

IMDB - 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 44%

Want to see how a casanova vet falls for a beautiful girl who suffers from the short term memory loss? And how he tries to make her fall in love with him every single day?

First 50 Dates is the best romantic movie to watch now.

This wonderful movie would surely make up your day. Here, Henry, the vet finds Lucy in a cafeteria and tries to impress her one day. The next day he casually walks up to her to say hi only to get insulted by Lucy as she doesn't remember meeting him. Left all perplexed, Henry tries hard to figure out what was wrong with Lucy and in this course of action, he falls for her.

Don't miss the last scene of the movie, which will surely bring happy tears to your eyes!

#2. Titanic

IMDB - 7.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 88%

This Movie doesn't need any description, to be honest!

From the young kids to the aged couples, all have fallen in love with this ultimate movie. There would hardly be someone, who would not know the movie “Titanic”. Claimed to be based on the true incident, Titanic is a movie to recall the unconditional love that exists in the world. Through the entire movie, you would feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach, but the last scene will leave you feeling the sweet pain of love. This classic romantic movie gives the best feel when watched in one rainy evening with your loved one.

#3. 27 Dresses

IMDB - 6.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 41%

After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, Jane is shocked when her younger sister announces her engagement to the man Jane loves. Jane had always had this huge thing for this man in her office and had wanted to get along with him from the start. But because it was her baby sister who was stealing her love interest, she could not do much. Nor was she happy to see that her sister was pretending to be someone else in order to fit a perfect match to this man. In an absolute muddle, Jane, however, realizes the love her was always looking for in that man, was not hers. She, to her amazement, finds that her true love was someone else. And who was that? To find out start watching this super cute and romantic movie you will regret missing.

#4. The Ugly Truth

IMDB - 6.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 13%

We all do make a checklist of the type of the man we would like to marry. Seldom, we also try to control each and everything, no knowing that love happens accidentally and it cannot be pre-planned. Also, the person whom we would end up falling for can be an opposite of what we thought! Have you ever been in such case, where you ended up marrying the man who initially did not possess any of your favourite attributes? If yes, don't miss this movie, where a lovelorn TV producer unexpectedly falls for her chauvinistic colleague who wants to prove to her the accuracy of his relationship theories.

#5. A Walk To Remember

IMDB - 7.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 27%

There is a teenage girl, Jamie who faces fear, loneliness, and loss and is in search of her miracle. There is this angry young man, Landon who doesn't really know what he is going to do in the future. He meets Jamie and uncontrollable finds himself inclined towards her grace and elegance. Watch this college love story to feel the essence of the famous writer Nicholas Spark. You will be left all touched to see the young romantic couple get married but not be able to have each other for their lifetime in the movie.

Learn the copious ways to love in the most desi way with our this list of Bollywood romantic movies:

#6. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

IMDB - 8.2/10

BookMyShow - 88%

The super duper hit and the king of romance - Shah Rukh Khan starrer movie, DDLJ is considered as an evergreen one. Will there be any movie in future that could replace the charm of this one, is always speculated. Post the release of this movie, children were literally named after the famous characters “Raj” and “Simran”.

This movie made the now well know Bollywood Romantic Movie styleA theatre in Mumbai, Maratha Mandir set a record for screening the movie for 1009 weeks since its release in 1995. Such was the impact of DDLJ on its viewer.

The story moves around the fun-loving Raj and the obedient Simran. Like opposite attracts, they fall in love insanely with each other but are helpless, as Simran is engaged and would get married to someone her strict father had chosen for her soon.  Raj travels miles after Simran and does every possible thing to make things fall in right place. Simran too co-operates in this venture. Will the strict father agree to this relationship and will the love win? You will know only after watching the movie!

#7. Bajirao Mastani

IMDB - 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 67%

Some love stories are truly immortal. They stay fresh in our minds and are soul-stirring every time we hear it. The two people in love die centuries ago but their immense love for each other still stays in present to prove the power of true love. True love holds the capability to surpass any obstacle and never comes with an expiry date.

Such is the romantic side of the story of the famous Peshwa - Bajirao and the beautiful warrior princess Mastani. Their struggle to make their love triumph is historic. Peshwa Bajirao being a Brahmin who was already married (to Kashibai ) and Mastani being a Muslim descendant caused waves of opposition throughout the family as well as the community. On one hand where the Peshwa faced numerous criticisms for loving Mastani, while on the other hand, Mastani suffered series of allegations, foul treatments, and other distress. Nevertheless, their love was so strong that none of these challenges made them separate. Do watch this movie, if you doubt the strength of love.  

#8. Rab Ne Bana di Jodi

IMDB - 7.2/10

Amazon India - 4.2/5

Are all the love stories meant to be fancy? This one is slightly different from all those romantic movies that we know.

For once can we think that love can happen in a commoner’s life too?

Well, if these questions bother you, do watch this simple yet totally amazing movie. As the title of the movie “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” says and means, pairs are made in heaven, it beautifully portrays the essence of love in a simple middle-class man’s life. This man goes to every extends to impress his wife by hiding his true identity. He makes every possible attempt to make her happy. But the wife had lost her first fiance, whom she was all set to marry and hence was no way in love with her current husband. Eventually, the wife realizes his love for her and they live happily ever after. To know how this man’s utter perseverance and patience won over the odds, do watch this movie.

#9. Dum Laga Ke Haisha

IMDB - 7.5/10

NDTV Rating - 3.5/5

We have grown up watching, the very handsome looking heroes and the heroines who are perfectly in shape with a pretty face, falling in love. They fall in love and then get married.

But what happens to the average looking people?

And what happens to the people who have an arranged marriages?

Do they ever fall in love? Does romance start to flourish from day one or does it take some time? Or any incedent?

The movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” is probably the most appropriate answer to the above questions. This love story is unique in all terms as one academically poor boy is set to marry an overweight girl. The guy is obviously disappointed and the girl gets it candidly that her husband does not like her. But as it is aptly said ‘ love comes in all sizes and shapes’, they unknowingly fall in love while they were busy helping each other to overcome each other's weakness. Don't miss this movie, to experience the special kind of love in an arranged marriage.

#10. 2 States

IMDB - 6.9/10

Times of India - 3.5/5

Inter-religion marriages, inter-caste marriages, and inter-community marriages are much talked about in our society!

But have you heard about the new type of marriage? The inter-state marriages?

According to our society, India is a unity in diversity only when brotherhood is concerned. If a Punjabi guy ever falls for a Tamilian girl, will the unity be appreciated?

Such is the love story of the real-life couple Mr. and Mrs. Bhagat initially narrated in the Novel “2 states” and later filmed as a movie starring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor. What all are the hurdles that a couple from a different state has to face in a conservational Indian society is well depicted in this movie. Without more introduction to this movie, go get it playing on your PC or laptops to witness the culture combination when the north meets the south!

#11. Tanu Weds Manu

IMDB - 6.7/10

Times Of India - 3/5

If you are a kind of person who looks for a comedy scene even in drama flick, then Tanu weds Manu is your pick for sure! A distinctive blend of comedy, romance, and drama, it is a complete package of entertainment. This movie reminds us of the serious nerdy guy falling heads over heal for a vivacious diva. These two characters at first instance seem to be from different planets with absolutely no similarity! But how they end up getting married to each other is simply awesome. Bonus point for this movie is, it has a sequel too, which is equally funny and lovely.

#12. Jab we met

IMDB - 8/10

Times Of India - 4/5

Is the first love always the true love?

I am sure, many of us would agree or disagree on the same. The fact is that any experience at first seems to be overwhelming, but once it ends with a bad ending, it leaves you with scars. To heal these scars comes the second love.Read the below lines carefully,

“ Care not about the first love,

Give a big round of applause to the second love,

because it taught you that love still exists,

after you thought it never could.”

This is what one can interpret after they have watched the movie Jab we met. A love story which is directed with a breathtaking plot. This movie was a blockbuster and still rules over the hearts of many. It shows how two people, both heartbroken at one point in time, find solace in each others company.

So what if you don't understand the other languages, Love needs no words!

You may love to read romantic quotes for him and learn to make your own images.

#13. Bojhena Shey Bojhena

IMDB - 7.7/10

Times Of India - 4/5

How about a romantic Bengali movie in the evening?

It is a great fun, to keep guessing an alien language but still understanding the gist.

This story is of two couples, who are by nature poles apart from each other. Joyita comes from a village in Kolkata in search of a job and ends up taking help from a stranger Avik. Avik reluctantly starts helping her and ends up bunking his office. Next day when Joyita returns her village, she starts missing Avik and so does Avik.

The parallel story takes place where a poor guy Noor and the upfront Riya. Noor, on one hand, is madly in love with Riya, while Riya puts the poor guy through several tests such as getting him to agree to organ donation, HIV testing, talking him to a police commissioner who is her father and so on. Noor withstands all these tests and Riya eventually loses her heart to him.

Everything was going well, till a catastrophe hits them. This movie speaks volumes about the love and loss.

#14. Sairat

IMDB - 8.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 81%

A sensational hit in the history of Marathi movies list. It had created a magnitude of followers not only in the state of Maharashtra but also across the country. It was a superhit and extremely loved movie of the century as quoted by many news channels and critics. A person can watch it multiple time without getting bored.

In the current times where young girls and boys are getting into a casual relationship just for the time-pass sake, here is one serious love story. A romantic movie must watch in the list if you haven't watched it yet.

A lower caste but an intelligent boy Prashant and the upper caste, daughter of a rich Jamindar, Archana fall in love with each other. When their families come to know about their relationship, it is strongly opposed.

however, nothing stops the young couple and breaks their bond. They face hell but create their own heaven with their determination and love after they elope. Will they live happily ever after or will they be a victim of hatred?

#15. Mangalashtak Once More

IMDB - 6.9/10

Times Of India - 3.5/5

Yet another Marathi movie which is completely worthwhile watching a number of times. It showcases a common problem in a person’s married life. Satyajeet and Arti are married after a few years of their college affair. Satyajeet, however, starts feeling suffocated in their relationship due to Arti’s over-minding nature. Dissatisfaction starts creeping into their love life and they end up parting their ways. How they work out to make their love succeed and how they bounce back into love once again, is what the movie speaks about.

Tell me which one is your favourite?

Sainy Banerjee Pal
An engineer by profession but an ardent writer by heart, Sainy has been writing from the age of 12. She has a huge collection of her handwritten diaries. Her friends call her a therapist for broken hearts and can connect instantly with anyone. She lives with her doting husband who is also her critic for her write ups. Imaginative, spirited and filled with compassion, she always has a lot to say, to those who care to listen.

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