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#SHEROES In your City by Monika: MY MOM, MY SHERO
#SHEROES In your City by Monika: MY MOM, MY SHERO


MY MOM, MY SHERO (, ) user Monika

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MY SHERO MY MOM?. Well mothers are GOD’s replica. They say that since GOD could not be everywhere, he created MOTHERS’. How true for every mother including mine.

She spent her entire life so far looking after our household and us, her children. She nursed us, loved us, taught us and made us what we are today. After all three of her children got settled, my mother and father were living a retired life, together. Then one day my father left for the heavenly abode and things were not the same thereafter. Mom’s world became vacant. She, who had nothing to do other than looking after the household suddenly became jobless, had no motive in life.

We tried suggesting various pastime activities that would make her feel happy and help divert her mind but she chose to do something which surprised us all. She chose to STUDY. To study at an age of 55. At an age people have no desire to study and feel embarrassed if asked to. She told us that she wants to study to understand things and this world better. Isn’t it great?

She had already completed her SSC (10th std.) in her childhood, so we got her enrolled into the entrance course for Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) graduation program. She studied with full vigour, even after about 40 years. Took tuitions from her sons, daughter in laws, grandchildren (who are in class 1 and 3) and even neighbours. In the examination centre she was the only one of her age. She cleared 3 papers out of 4 but couldn’t clear the Maths paper, but that did not de-motivate her. She reappeared with greater hard work and has now successfully completed the entrance course as well as two years of the graduation program.

I am a proud to be born to her. After all how many children get to hear from their parents "Beta I have passed the exam?!!! That feeling, that emotion in me when I hear those words cannot be expressed in words. I AM PROUD OF YOU MOM?.


She is all set to pass out her last and final term with flying colours and looking forward to your best wishes. Please join me in wishing ‚MY MOM? good luck. 

She is my Role Model .. 




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