SHEROES Job Coaching Service

Leverage Our Individual Acquaintance to find talent in Our Community


The SHEROES Job Coaching service is a customized on-phone assistance provided by a SHEROES Job Coach to help you refine your job search and steer in the right direction.

The SHEROES Job Coaching Service includes the following:

Tips on showcasing and improving one's professional profile and cover letter.

  • The service includes discussions on personal strengths, weaknesses, preferences and fit with the roles aspired for.
  • The Job Coach may also discuss key trends, skills for the workplace.
  • The service also may recommend potential professional upgrade opportunities.
  • The service will identify potential roadmap and to do's.


  • The candidate needs to sign up on and fill up the profile in as much detail as possible.
  • The candidate will need to pick an available time slot from the SHEROES calendar.
  • At the time of the scheduled slot, the candidate will receive a confirmation of the slot, upon receipt of payment.
  • Each slot will be of 30 minutes each.


The candidate will receive an advisory email from the job coach after the call. This may include job opportunities, potential skills or personal recommendations. These recommendations are just not restricted to our network / advisors.

The SHEROES Job Coaching is an assistance only service and the expectation of execution, application and follow up lies with the candidate. This service at any time does not guarantee a job.


The first session will be priced at Rs. 7,500/- You can also choose to book three sessions. Should you choose to book three sessions in one go, then the final session will be made free and the total price of three sessions will be Rs 15,000/- Each of these sessions will be 30 minutes each.

This would be valid for a period of 90 days from the day of purchase.

For Any Query please call +91-9910105861
  • The responsibility of executing all steps and changes lies with the candidate.
  • At no point, the job coaching service promises employment or guarantee of a job.
  • This is a non refundable service.
  • Missing the appointment more than three times will lead to cancellation of package for which there will be no refund.
  • Any abusive behavior will lead to cancellation of package for which there will be no refund.


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