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#SHEROES In your City by Pooja Kohli: My #Everyday SHEROES - Mangalam Ramanathan
#SHEROES In your City by Pooja Kohli: My #Everyday SHEROES - Mangalam Ramanathan


My #Everyday SHEROES - Mangalam Ramanathan (, ) user Pooja Kohli

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I had a belief. That I could never survive in a 'Mother-in law' set up. And hence I must find a match who believed in a 'nuclear set-up.'  And I did. For 10 years,  I lived independently and I was "my own favorite." I was a SHERO in my own eyes, juggling and managing multiple roles with challenges and excitement, sometimes maddening, but all successful. 

And then came a day when I realized that my MIL will be moving in with us. I was anxious. And friends played on it with spice mix. 

She moved in. And my belief shattered. 
I thanked my stars and wondered where she was all this while. I almost shed tears if she went away and always looked forward to her return. 

I have ever since kept an eye on her massiveness. Of stature and soul.

So after all, it wasn't about me or my ability to co-exist or adapt or compromise or any such mortal virtues that beings are associated with.

It was all about her. And it continues to be. 

She is a rock. A rock of strength, patience and silence. She is almost 80. Walks at the pace of a tortoise. With knees that pain and a flat foot that compounds it, but she never complains. If you ever ask her how she is feeling, the answer is always 'Absolutely fine', delivered with a big smile. An example of very high intent triumphing low capability, she manages my 10 month-old like a mother and not a grandmother.

She sends us off each day with the assurance that we shouldn't bother about stuff at home. That she will take care of it all. That we must focus on what we are going out there to do. That we mustn't worry about anything. Can anyone ask for more relief when one steps out of home?

And guess what? When we have problems that we can't handle, she soothes us. She tells us that 'Everything will be fine, soon'. That we must believe. So we even use her as a stress reliever, guide and mentor.

SHE is MY HERO. And hence a SHERO. 

I observe her each day lead life with dignity and calm. She commands our respect without demanding it.

She earns our love without expecting it.

Her life is a message. I don't have to go far to learn how to become a role model. I have one at home. 
I know I am blessed



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