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#SHEROES In your City by Sairee: Richa - Craft of Creativity
#SHEROES In your City by Sairee: Richa - Craft of Creativity


Richa - Craft of Creativity (, ) user Sairee

My memory of Richa is of the girl whose house was closest to school. We were in the same school. We grew up together but were not 'best friends', though I always liked her. I particularly admired her because of her creativity and craft. I was the student, who had the fear of failing art and drawing class looming over my over head and Richa produced those master pieces put in school education. 

Once school got over, we went separate ways, barely in touch, until Facebook got us in touch again. I knew that Richa had studied to be an architect and seeing her posts on Facebook I knew she is making creative use of her craft. 

It is only very recently I learnt about her venture - a school for architecture and design and more so focussed on enhancing skills for young professionals interested in the field. Just so thoughtfully put together, I am happy to rediscover Richa's brilliance and creativity. 

I am almost gloating in pride as I see her work and her dilligence. 

She is just my kinda person for #EverydaySHEROES


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