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SHEROES In Your City

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#SHEROES In your City by Srishti k: Artist and Architect - Tara Sharma Singla
#SHEROES In your City by Srishti k: Artist and Architect - Tara Sharma Singla


Artist and Architect - Tara Sharma Singla (, ) user Srishti k

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Tara who sees life as an inspiration is an architecture graduate from Chandigarh College of Architecture, this emerging, self-taught artist has always been passionate about art. During her formative years as a student of Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh, she had a strong inclination towards combining a vibrant palette of brushstrokes to celebrate a plethora of emotions and vivid visuals. While working as an architect with the Department of Architecture, Haryana Government, she put up her first art exhibition titled 'ECLIPSED: THE BRILLIANCE OF BLACK' in August 2007. Post her wedding to an architect in 2008, she moved to London and her experiences there accelerated her zeal to further hone her artful talents.  She associated with the New City Gallery, London and exhibited her black and white sketches which were an insight into her life in London.

Recently her second exhibition Color Stanza was held, this exhibition comprised about 30 of her works where she has not only used bold strokes but also intricate etching on canvas, the simple yet nuanced moments of life ; animate and inanimate to bring out their emotional quotient using acrylics, water colours and collages.

This SHERO has an awe-inspiring aura and a zeal that can inspire everyone around her. 



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