What is it like to be a life coach? Charnita Arora explains to us today.

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Perfectlifespot started as a blog in 2008.  Its purpose was to understand life and share life-relevant ideas. Charnita Arora was still in college back when it was started. Charnita has transformed 10,000 lives into being happier. She uses her insights on mindfulness and emotional intelligence to facilitate individuals into emotional stability and courage. She is the founder of Perfect Life Spot (The Well-Being centre). Let’s get to know her story better today.


I was still in college trying to make sense of this time and space reality/illusion called life. As a life-researcher, I am constantly learning, travelling, studying, researching and sharing my insights. Eventually, it took the form of an institute called Perfect Life Spot, the Well-being Nest.  We created a space to teach life-skills of emotional intelligence and mindfulness that immensely help in one’s wellbeing. We use language and stories, experiential activities and non-violent communication to facilitate students, professionals, teachers and entrepreneurs into self-realization.

It was an organic outcome of having learnt and taught in traditional university classrooms as a highly non-traditional teacher.  I knew that when I went to college to teach, my purpose was to share and awaken empowering, healing and useful perspectives on life and self. Formal curriculum was only a medium for that larger purpose.

In my line of work every day brings unprecedented encounters, events, moments and ideas. And so, no day is typical. I begin my day with exercise, meditation and at least few minutes of silence. As soon as I enter Perfect Life Spot, I light up a candle and place it into a big blue vintage lamp to remind myself of the intention behind creating this space. The intention is initiate a process of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-realization in everyone who enters PLS. And then we have sessions and workshops.

A life coach is essentially someone who has made life and its diverse aspects her field of research. She is constantly researching on aspects such as Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem, healthy Relationships That Work, Career Change - Creating Workplaces That Work, inner-balance, Self Care - Getting Your Own Needs Met, Living Your Purpose, Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and transition, Connection Parenting, Self & Identity - Surviving the Oppressive Over-Culture, Creativity & Art, Food, Nutrition, & Optimal Health

We are very excited to share our insights about life, peace and happiness in the form of a book, which can be found on getwiseheart.com.

I’d like to sign off by saying, emotional well-being is the key to a happy and success in life.


Charnita is the founder of Perfect Life Spot (The Well-Being centre). A former DU Assistant Professor of English, Tedx speaker, Erasmus Mundus Scholar (Germany), DU Gold Medalist, Science Slam Winner (2014). She has recently been nominated for a leadership course developed by the University of Cambridge. As a voracious writer, her articles can be read on Elephant journal, Elite Daily, Yahoo, TheHealthSite, Business world and so on. Her book Mindfulness for Beginners in Plain English e-published this year, has received world-wide recognition. She is also a mentor at SHEROES.

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