What is in a successful entrepreneur’s DNA?

Last updated 11 Feb 2016 . 3 min read

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Last week while surfing through the TV, I was drawn towards a ‘Man of the year Award’ news headline! The awards went to some extremely suave, stylish and of course successful entrepreneurs, each one of them seemingly pretty young to be running million/billion dollar enterprises.

Before I could hear their individual success stories, I really did wonder in my head. In my mind it was either a case of being born amidst this mega pool of inherited opportunities or a mere stroke of luck? But as the show came to a close, I was convinced of a typical trait of these achievers.

And that typical trait was their restlessness, giving way to a structured madness to succeed!

Yes, the DNA of successful entrepreneurs does have a different composition. So, what is it that differentiates a true entrepreneur from the rest?  

Feeling the itch

The drive to NOT settle easily within a conventional comfort zone gives way to out of box thinking and compels one to experiment. So, if the buzz doesn’t stop, the buck doesn’t stop either.

Dreaming big, with eyes wide open

Is your dream allowing you enough sleep? If the answer is affirmative, then you haven’t dreamt big enough. And in that case, you need to dream bigger and better

Daring to take the plunge

A ship that never leaves the shore will never get to sail. And a daring and enterprising mind will take all the pains for ultimate gains. However, the real wisdom will lie in identifying the right moment

Being Different

Wisdom doesn’t always lie in doing different things. Identifying and building on the USPs gives the decider (read winning) leap in an enterprise and the phrase “close second” doesn’t really exist in most cases. Eg. Facebook, Paytm, Zomato. Being clever enough to do things differently is the real game changer

Adapting Vs Adopting

A nimble thinking mind is quick to changes and an expert in adapting to the environment. This makes for long term sustainability

Not giving up, ever

The term “Giving Up” doesn’t exist in a go getters life. The moment of Giving Up could actually translate into Giving Away the opportunity to another buzzing mind. So, if you dream to be big then you need not quit for quitting shall never let you win

Just doing it

And last but the most important thing is to beat the complacency by simply taking action! For “what is not started will never get finished”!

By Harshlata

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