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Published on 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

Here’s a question that was asked to me on Quora on infidelity.


What is it like to be happy in a relationship or marriage where your partner is unfaithful and to not care so much about that infidelity?


My response:


I have been through a very loving relationship where I suddenly discovered he was cheating on me. I was shell shocked , just as you are. As heart-broken and dejected as you are , no consolation seemed enough for me. Right from self doubt to disbelief in almost everything, kicked in.


But then, I stood my ground and left . I couldn't take a cheating partner.


Yes, separating ways wasn't easy either. I cried over and missed everything. It took me years and many different situation to see through them. Drawing swords on me took many realities to stop.  Yes, right from nit-picking on every thing that I do, to the way I look and almost everything about me, wouldn’t stop. It required me to live through a lot of  different situations, before I could reclaim my self-efficacy and appreciate me.  Comparing myself to others would only to push me into the downward spiral. Hence called for a strict discipline to stop it. Cleaning up mental chatter wasn’t easy either!


The good part was, the loneliness pushed me to find myself and not give up. I actually found, I am great fun to live with :)


As hard as it sounds, I kept pushing all my boundaries till I realised how strong we all are, if only we can dare.


Now close to a decade later, I am grateful I moved away and found the life that I cherish. This is not narcism but assertiveness !  If only we can remember we are all equally vulnerable in love, no matter what ever happens, it will keep our hearts open!

Wish you all the best!




Nabomita Mazumdar
Nabomita is the Founder to She is the 100 Women Achiever Awardee, awarded by Government of India , Quoted on ForbesUS, one of the Top 20 HR Influencer in Social Media as declared by SHRM India and one among the Top 100 Technology Influencer in India. Connect with her on @nabomita_smiles , Facebook Page and Google+

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