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Last updated 20 Feb 2018 . 1 min read

SHEROES survey SHEROES survey

We live in a world filled with preconceived notions about what women want, how we should look, what profession we should take up, who we should marry and what age we should marry, et al. But what is it that women really want - do we want to marry at all, what are our views on sex, what do we want from our careers, what does freedom mean to us?

At SHEROES, we love hearing from women - real lived experiences, real stories of struggles and successes, real confessions about love, sex and marriage, the many truths we don’t get to hear in real life because as women, we’re constantly expected to conform to some stereotype or another.

To get closer to the truth about Indian women and their dreams and aspirations, we crafted a simple survey, and hope to capture as many women’s voices as possible. It will help us understand better the mind, heart and soul of Indian women, and where we’re at in the multiple areas of our lives - money, relationships, sex, marriage, freedom and tons more.

Through this survey, your voice can help shape the true understanding of Indian women. The results will be published in the coming months and referred to by many stakeholders - media houses, brands, policymakers, men, et al.  

So, ladies, we request you to spend 10 minutes and join thousands of women in taking this game-changing survey. Click on the banner below to take the survey NOW!

sheroes survey

Merril Diniz
Writer & Conduit4Change | Goan by birth and spirit | Dancer at heart | Soul singer & foodie

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