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The Role Of Technology In Helping Women Rise To The Top

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There has been some positive change for women in business. S&P Global reports a 22 percent rise in the number of women CEOs over the last few years. One of the main reasons behind this huge change is more number of women entering technology. Technology is truly opening doors for women and empowering them. For a better understanding of this change, let’s look at two key questions:  

Why the new push for women leaders?

It has been found that women bring much-needed diversity that helps in making better business decisions. When it comes to new products, for instance, research has revealed that women’s contributions help in developing final products that get wider acceptance

It has also been proved that companies with a higher number of female leaders on their boards have a median return on assets and return on equity much higher than those of other companies.


Studies have clearly shown that women leaders have a positive impact on a country’s economy. That’s because educated and empowered women are known to promote other women and families—to grow professionally. This, in turn, helps improve the country’s economic conditions.

Realizing how women leaders are good for the companies, for families, and for their own countries, organizations across the globe are now getting around to promoting more women to leadership roles. While the number of women leaders is far behind that of male leaders, there’s still a noticeable, positive change. 

Why women make good leaders?

Companies are slowly learning to celebrate the differences between men and women, and appreciate women’s unique contributions. The main reason why women are now welcome to the world of technology—which has been dominated by men—is the acceptance that they bring a completely different thought process and new ways of solving problems. This difference from men arises because:

  1. Women bring emotional literacy to the table: Their ability to understand, manage and express feelings, and have empathy for others help in achieving a “team decision.”
  2.  Women leaders make brilliant role models: From the earliest times, women have been fighting several odds to prove themselves. Their journey to the top is an inspiration for younger people.
  3. Women focus on personal growth too: Remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises on the personal growth of outsiders and citizens of the country? That’s poles apart from Donald Trump’s protectionist policy. Women leaders are known to push for ‘overall development’ opportunities for employees. This leads to progressive growth for companies.

Clearly, technology plays a key role in women’s rise to the top. Accenture's Getting to Equal 2017 report shows that 37 percent of women who reach senior management positions, for example, studied STEM or computer science and used their digital experience to advance in the workplace. And it’s just one example of how technology is empowering women.

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