There Is Always A “First” Time

Published on 26 Apr 2016 . 3 min read

Sunita always felt out of place when she met her friends. Of course, she thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with every one of them and looked forward to those happy coffee meetings. But with each outing, every time they started talking about work, incidents at work, jokes on colleagues and more, she felt like as though her life was at a standstill while everyone else’s was just moving on!

It’s not that Sunita had never worked before. Marriage at a young age and three children later, had forced her career to flatline. However, the great news is, women don’t need to feel this way, anymore.

If you have been a house-mom (housewife / stay at home mom / etc) chances are that you have probably dreamt of getting a job, even if it is a work-from-home assignment.

So how does one get started exactly?

What CAN you do?
If you are looking for a work from home job, don’t start looking for “work from home” jobs without first understanding what kind of job you can do (well). Make a list – lists ALWAYS help.

If you like reading, writing, watching movies, whatever it is – make a list. Once you have a ready list of things you CAN do and things you WANT to do, it will be easier to start looking for jobs in those areas. For instance, if you like movies, you can work for a website that posts movie reviews and suggestions. The options out there are endless!

Start somewhere
The most common types of work from home jobs revolve around tele-calling / data entry / marketing / sales, etc. However, common does not mean “limited”; The digital age is where we are at and companies are slowly opening up to the idea of hiring work from home employees to take care of other key roles too.

In order to start, you need to start somewhere. Pick up what you can find, get some experience, understand WHAT it means to work from home before you think of what else you can do.

Set up a comfortable work environment
What do you need to work from home? A lot honestly depends on the role you are assigned. A telemarketer who works from home would need a table, chair,notebook, dedicated phone line, internet connection, other parallels. See what makes you comfortable. Deeksha, a qualified graphic designer who has spent 5 years working from home likes to box herself in. She has a room divider that separates her “work zone” from her “living” zone.

Similarly, it is up to you to create a comfortable work environment that will help you concentrate and be productive.

Where do you look?
You can start at There are several online resources available to hunt for all kinds of jobs. If you are looking for a job, all you need to do is step out and find one! Or in this case, explore online and apply to get one!

Update your profile on networking sites, keep your CV ready and start the hunt today!

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