5 Simple Steps to Start Online Business in India

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Reselling business is at its peak in India and the segment that is gaining popularity is women’s clothing. There are few women’s wears reselling apps that can increase work from home business in India.

One of the most powerful tools that small and mid-sized enterprises are using to increase sales is WhatsApp. Whatsapp is the best tool to start earning from home without much hassle.

A reseller is someone that sells a product/service they have bought from merchants/manufacturers. They get a small commission on the sale price when they sell these products. It is somewhat like an affiliate program. A report by Bengaluru based startup showed that online resellers drive 5.4% of the total market share in India.

There are few reselling apps that can improve work from home business in India.

1. Meesho

Meesho is India’s largest e-commerce distribution channel via social resellers selling their products on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. They have a large collection of women’s clothing on their app - ethnic/western wear both. Few other segments include home decor, beauty products, kitchen items, jewelry items, etc.

2. Wishbook

Wishbook is similar to Meesho but only with clothing resellers, it is a Gujarat based B2B wholesale e-commerce business that provides the online platform for small apparel retailers.

3. Glowroad

Glowroad is the largest reseller network of more than 60lakhs+ resellers. They have a wide range of clothing segment - ethnic and western wear both. Glowroad helps women earn from home by reselling retail business owners.

4. Shop 101

Shop101 works on a similar model as Gowroad, Wishbook, Meesho and is a leading social eCommerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to sell online from home via Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

These four apps follow the affiliate program and allow you to make a buy, resell and drop ship to your customers.

All these four apps have a large variety of women's clothing, they not only deal in sarees but has a range of dress materials, ready-made suits, salwar kurta, gown - stitched and semi-stitched, Kurtis, lehenga, nightwear and a lot more.

Quality of the product matters to everyone and all these apps have a good quality product with customer's reviews and ratings, so you can be sure that the products are genuine.

Steps to start an e-commerce business in India

If you are wondering how to make money online here are a few steps to kickstart your business:

#1. Design a business model

Making a plan and designing a business model is the first step to start an online business. While drafting the business model - you should keep the following in mind - business concept, market research, marketing planning, operations and financial planning.

#2. Choose the product you want to sell

The type of product you are going to sell determines the success of your business. So choosing the segment is really important. The next is to figure out the platform for selling the product/service, you can either sell it on your website or sell it on the marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, Shopclues. If you want to grow your business and compete with your competitors you must know how to sell on Amazon, Flipkart.

#3. Market Research

Researching is an important aspect of every business. Decide what you want to sell and do the competitor analysis of the products in the same segment. To figure out, what is the most profitable business - you can also look up the best-selling products in India. Once you have found all the best selling product.

#4. Analyze the competition

Once you are done with the estimation of cost and have done thorough market research, the next step would be analyzing the competition. For analyzing, reviews and ratings would work the best. For eg, if a product that you want to sell has a lot of good reviews then selling the same product would be very challenging. In short, you need to have all the information needed to compete with your direct competitors for selling your products online.

#5. Estimating the cost incurred for the setup

The cost of setting up an e-commerce business in India varies from segment to segment and whether you are selling via Marketplace or your own website. However, there are a few fixed costs involved in each type of service being offered:

  • Market research
  • Inventory cost
  • Shipping cost
  • Distribution cost
  • Logistics
  • Business taxes
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Rent and utilities
  • Email marketing cost
  • Website design and setup
  • Chartered Accountant and other financial institutions costs
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing costs

If you keep all these things in mind, you can be sure that the business setup will be smooth and you are good to go!


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