5 Bollywood Movies With Strong Women Characters.

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Bollywood movies have long been considered male-dominated. The industry that has often been called sexist but ironically has created many aesthetically superior films that have strong women characters. Bollywood has always given women a fair share of author backed strong roles. Let’s have a look at few of these movies - 

Konkana Sen in Wake up Sid

Konkana portrays the role of an independent woman aspiring to be a writer  who is mature and moves to Mumbai from Kolkatta to build her own life.  Her character Ayesha, within  a few days of arrival she finds a lovely, airy, affordable flat and a job at the city’s hippest magazine, Mumbai Beat. Her character in the movie is simple yet something a lot of women will connect to when beginning careers.

Rani Mukherjee In No One Killed Jessica

 Rani Mukerji was seen in the role of Meera Gaity, a fearless crime reporter, who battles the dangers in her profession almost every day. The character required Rani to swear at times and be unrelentingl, to shape the character as a woman people could identify with. The actress did complete justice to her role as a firebrand go-getter.

Vidya Balan in Kahaani

Vidya Balan played Vidya Bagchi, a woman whose search for her missing husband takes her on a roller-coaster ride filled with  danger and intrigue. A strong woman who has survived a miscarriage and her husband's death, Bagchi decides not to let her emotional loss takeover. Instead, she chooses to bring those responsible to justice. In the film, Vidya managed to showcase both the vulnerabilities and the strength of a woman that is often taken for granted.

Sridevi in English Vinglish

English Vinglish was Sridevi’s come back movie after a 15 year old sabbatical. The movie won many hearts, Sridevi’s character Shashi, a mild-tempered housewife is mocked by her daughter and husband for her inability to speak in English. Sridevi embodied  a homemaker, struggling to strike a balance between her role at home and outside it, grappling with everyday issues and her own insecurities. Her strength lies in the fact that instead of walking away from her problems, she chooses to stick around, fight it out, love herself and grow as an individual.

Kangana Ranaut in Queen

Didn’t we all love the role of Rani in Queen breaking all stereotypes? When her fiancé refuses to marry her she decides to take control of her life and plans to go alone on her pre-booked honeymoon to visit her favourite place, Paris – where she had never been to.  Rani's character gains self-confidence when she is on the trip and she earns money in a cook-off by selling Indian food.   


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