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makemywishes founder anu gupta makemywishes founder anu gupta

Anu Gupta is helping your gifting wishes come true with her one of a kind startup Makemywishes.

We published an interview article about her venture back in 2016, now we wanted to track her journey and growth since then.

Here’s all that has changed since then.

It’s been a long journey since you started Makemywishes, how has been the journey since we published your last interview? What all things have changed?

Two years of MakeMyWishes has been great. There has been a lot of learning during these two years. We understood the pattern, we realized what things work in our favor and what things do not. We are still in nascent phase but we are a lot more confident now.

Tell us something about your work so far. What are the positives that this work has brought to your life? How has it impacted your life? How has it impacted other lives?

Setting up any venture is a struggle and how struggle changes you, defines you as a person. We have become more patient, more focused and systematic in our approach. We have also realized to trust our instincts. The struggle also taught us how to stay positive and ward off negative energies.

What are your five favorite startups/businesses which inspire you daily to keep moving? And why do you feel they made it so far?

Paytm, CureFit, loan tap, InnerChef, Nestaway are few technology platforms which I follow with great interest. Focused approach, persistency, hard work and constant innovation is why I believe they have made it so far. And of course, the funding.

How would you describe yourself in one line?

A kindle spirit which strives to do more.

How would your family describe you?

My family thinks that I am fearless, tenacious and always motivated.

How and when did you choose your field?

Gifting is something which is a part of our lives. And choosing a right gift is always a challenge for us. I have faced this issue a lot of times in my personal and professional life and always wondered if I could do something to ease this dilemma where I see my friends enjoying the gifts I get them. This led me to believe that this problem can be solved with the help of technology.  

What were the personal hurdles you had to cross - i.e the reaction of friends and family? As a young educated woman, were you at an advantage, or a disadvantage?

I was very confident that I would not feel any challenge convincing my friends and family to use this concept but it proved to be difficult as they appreciated the concept but did not readily use the services. It gave me perspective and reaction that I used to my advantage to promote the application

What do you see changing for women professionals in India? How would you encourage young women to consider entrepreneurship as a viable profession? Please share your top 5 tips.

It is my firm belief that one should always pursue his passions be it a woman or a man and a lot of women following their dreams and working their way up. I would only advise the following tips while choosing entrepreneurship as a career

  1. Believe in your dream and once you start a working on something, and don’t abandon it.
  2. Choose your team wisely
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure
  4. Learn from the mistakes of others
  5. Don't fall into the trap of spending money on things that aren’t that important.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would want to see me realizing my dreams and achieving my goals.

You straddle a lot of things in life. How do you manage to do that so well? What are the things closest to your heart that makes you wake up everyday and get the business to prosper?

Some days are just bad days, that's all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day so I try to live the day and work towards getting a step closer to my dream.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I focus on where I am and what I am doing and that how I give my undivided attention to my professional and personal life.

What do you seek to transform in the community, society, and people with your business?

Every business needs a chance. I would urge the community to break the mindset and be more open to their choices and wishes and be ready to share it with the world. If you believe and share your wishes, everyone around you will try to make it work for you.

What is your message to our SHEROES?

Stay focused and stay hungry.

Anu Gupta
Anu has more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry with various companies like DHFL, Deustche Postbank Home Finance, Jones Lang LaSalle etc. She launched MakeMyWishes in year 2016.

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