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App Name – SOS – Stay Safe


SOS — Stay Safe! is an innovative safety app for women, senior citizens and anyone who needs assistance in an urgent situation. It is designed to get help with minimal or unnoticeable effort. SOS – Stay Safe! is a powerful personal safety application that empowers one against acts of violence, and helps summon aid in an emergency. It lets one send out SOS alerts to friends and family quickly, as soon as he/she senses danger.

Key Features:

How to trigger the alert?

The alert is triggered by any of the following methods:

  • Power button only - the app should be triggered when the app user presses the POWER button of the app four times quickly (a sequence of two taps ‘twice’)
  • Shake only - the app should be triggered when the app user shakes the phone beyond the set shake limit
  • Power button and Shake

SOS – Stay Safe! is useful in a wide range of dangerous scenarios ranging from sexual harassment to heart failure.

It sends:

  • An automatic text message/SMS and/or an email to your contacts with your name and a voice recording
  • Your exact location
  • The battery level of your phone

These are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking for your location. Messages are sent discreetly — without you having to even look at your device

Introductory Video

Download the app on Google Play Store


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