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Despite handling projects for corporate giants like Naukri, IGNOU, Nokia, GE & HP and accelerating her career for a more prominent position, Neha was determined to start her own firm to provide designs as the core service and educate her clients the difference between a Website Design & a User-Centered website design.

She is among the few woman entrepreneurs, who understood the upcoming demand of Usability in India and took her career towards User Centered Projects.

Neha began her venture in 2007 with a small group of design professionals and named it “Techved Design”. See what Neha has to say about design and her start-up journey-

Tell us more about yourself

I am a qualified Architect who is now practising UX design for digital space. I started as a Consultant and then moved on to be an Entrepreneur.

From a corporate career to starting up, how did the transition happen?

The transition happened because I was giving birth to a child and I did not want to kill my career. I started this set up to give myself time flexibility to raise children along with my career. I love every bit of being in this startup and being able to balance professional and personal life. I have been able to cut the cake and eat it too.

What is Usability Service? Tell us more about it

Usability Service is for digital companies to make their Digital products (Websites, Mobile apps or any other interface) more user-friendly. Our services enhance the experience of using these digital products and make users more in command rather than technology commanding them.

How can one make designs more phone friendly?

To make designs more phone friendly, design needs to be rethought. Designs need to be created for smaller screen size and hence there is a great amount of constraint but at the same time, there is the flexibility of being able to touch everything that you want to click, move, select.

A message to all SHEROES 

Hold on to your Dreams. Never give up because you are a wife, mother or daughter in law. You will live only once, go live!!

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