KERF’s Distribution Model Accelerates Women Entrepreneurship

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Accelerates Women Entrepreneurship Accelerates Women Entrepreneurship

When first generation entrepreneur Shraddha Lunia laced her handkerchief with vapour rub to seek relief from a persisting cold, her jugaad gave birth to a thought as to what if handkerchiefs could be medicated? Or for that matter scented? A chat with her colleague Vaishali Wagh brought to light another hard truth. Do we really know what brand of handkerchief we use? Is there really a dedicated handkerchief brand? The idea of creating a branded handkerchief that would revolutionize the way a humble hanky was seen, bought and used thus formed the genesis of KERFS.

SHEROES got in conversation with the founders, Vaishali Wagh and Dr. Shraddha Lunia, and this is what they have to say.

The idea: KERF

“KERFS is a idea that was founded by two women and it was but natural for us to look at brand KERFS creating opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs and enjoy rewarding business opportunities.”

Through the support of our mentor Mr. Avinash Sisodia, Chairman and Managing Director of E&G Group, and guide Mr. Ravindra Salunkhe, Managing Director Wealth Zone Realtors LLC, we executed our idea. We also have eminent brand strategist Mr Kumar Ganeshan handling the entire branding and image of kerfs. Our existing network helped us build the team at the initial level.

The company has a unique distribution model through women entrepreneurs. The company’s vision of creating financial independence for women by creating and nurturing women entrepreneurship helped us where we stand today, as it is the driving force behind this organization. The company has a larger than life vision because of which it keeps all of it team members continuously going. The company has further set a target of making 1500 women entrepreneur by March 2018.”

Greatest victories and challenges

“The two major victories which we have achieved are making a team of 150 women entrepreneurs and having a global presence and that also in less than 9 months.”

A major challenege for us was executing something as innovative as our product with a very unique and new business model and vision. 
And as every startup we also faced challenges in formation of processes and systems. A lot of time was lost in trial and error.”

“If I had to do one thing all over again I would focus more on setting a team and then defining the roles of members clearly. So after the idea has been struck and and received well with the board, the second step would be team formation according to different heads like Production, Branding and Promotions and Sales. The teams would then simultaneously work in executing the entire idea.”

Barriers are more internal than external

“I don’t think there is anything as a barrier to any anybody. As a male or female, all the barriers are created in our minds and these barriers manifest. If its not in your mind, it would never be in your reality.

The best piece of advice I have ever received is to take your life’s control in your own hand and whatever is happening in your life is because of you and you only.”

To aspiring women entrepreneurs

“Through experience gained I have lots of advices in my bag which I would like to share. As a young women try to have clarity in your personal and career vision and have consistency in your work otherwise it would be difficult to achieve results. In your business always forecast and manage your cash flow, be focused on your vision, have self confidence and never ever give up. And remember management is a natural gift given to women and it comes from within so we should use our powers to its fullest potential.”

KERF is offering all women an amazing opportunity to start their own business with Zero Capital as well as providing them with all the necessary training and support for the purpose. It takes just a small idea to change the world. If you also wish to be a part of this growing movement, apply now




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