How to Sell Sarees Online and other Women's Clothing

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Selling clothes has never been easier, thanks to apps like Meesho, Glowroad, Shopmatic etc. They allow you to sell items related to the fashion industry at a good price without much hassle. Here are some tips on how to sell women’s clothes online in India:

  1. Choose trendy clothes that are in fashion - You have to be very clear on what type of clothes you want to sell - it can be suits, salwar, sarees, Kurtis, dresses, stitched/unstitched lehengas or western wear. It’s good to choose trending products to sell. Choosing the right product will affect every other business decision you make. If you are going for niche products that serve product category and specific customer groups, make sure you deliver an on-brand experience to set your online shop up for success.

  2. Photograph items clearly - All the products that you want to sell, either through your own website or using Facebook, WhatsApp - make sure the catalogue is uploaded in high quality and the products are being photographed clearly. Users are only going to see the products online and purchase accordingly so make sure it is of high quality.

  3. Convey the specifications correctly - It is important to tell the customers the exact measurements of the products. Women always want to try the garments before buying it so you have to put in an effort to describe the product. Each garment requires a different specification. A dress requires the measurements of shoulders, bust, waist, hip and length, a Kurti has different sizes. It’s good to encourage mention not only the size it says on the tag, but also attribute to other sizes.

  4. Providing correct information about your products - If you want to build a good reputation, you should provide honest and clear information about your product. Portraying your products accurately is important for building trust and a loyal customer base for your brand.

  5. Make customer service a priority - If you make buying, returning or replacing smooth for your customers, they are more likely to buy more from your platform. Flexible policies help you get sticky users. If they are 100% content with your service they are more likely to come back.

  6. Keeping an international audience in mind - There are resellers who deliver their products to the international customers especially in the cosmetics, home decor and artificial jewellery segment. You can do that too with the clothing segment - whether it is for a dress or Kurti, if you want to scale your business you have to sell global products and market them products correctly.

  7. Conduct competitor analysis - Competitor analysis is the best way of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business in comparison to your competitors. Doing a competitor analysis can help you make better strategies for marketing and making profits. Check out other competitors in your segment and see what are the different types of garments they are selling, at what price, shipping charges, profit margins, etc. Do thorough competitor research in the beginning so that you set up your business for success in the long run.

List of reselling apps where you can sell clothes, cosmetics and other home decor products online:

  1. Meesho - is one of the largest reselling platforms in India. You can start your reselling business here with zero investment. They have a wide range of clothing segment - dress, Kurti, lehengas, sarees, salwar kurta, cosmetics, home decor, listed on their app. It is a fantastic platform with more than 1Lakh+ resellers using the app to sell women’s, children’s and teen’s clothing and home decor items as well on their platform. The company’s head office is in Bangalore.

  2. Shop 101 - is a digital wholesale marketplace which has a wide range of clothing line, home decor, beauty and cosmetics items for women. You can sell your products and earn money from home. You can share their products on Whatsapp and Facebook. It is located in Mumbai.

  3. GlowRoad - is an e-commerce website/app which provides all types of clothing items, home decor products, cosmetics at a great price. It works on the customer to customer model. Anyone can become an entrepreneur and start their own business. Glow road has its main office is in Bangalore.

  4. Wishbook - is a platform for buyers and sellers which sells only traditional women's clothing line at a competitive price, founded in 2016. It's a Surat-based B2B catalogue app and marketplace. 

All of the above platforms have a wide variety of items available to choose from, they making reselling easier for women who want to work from home and earn money. This is one of the cheapest business to start.

In the beginning, you choose to resell clothes only, as your business grows you can resell home decor items, shoes, jewellery, accessories, handbags, cosmetics online Adding more products to your reseller online shop won't require too much investment as you only pay for stuff as and when the customers buy from your store. 

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    How to start the business. Guidelines pls.
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    Hi CK Kalpana ! If you use reselling apps , you can decide the price you get . Say the saree is for Rs 800. You can decide to sell at Rs 1200. Customer will get cash memo of Rs1200 . Extra Rs 400 will be transferred to your bank account by the reselling app. :)
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    Very informative article. I would like to know what is the percentage of commision that is offered for reselling for the brand you have mentioned above.
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