5 Recipes To Make Ice Cream at Home (Quick & Simple)

Published on 1 Aug 2019 . 1 min read

how to make ice cream at home how to make ice cream at home

When I tell you what's one dairy product that you can have any time of the day, is cold and colourful in nature!

I'm sure the word ‘Ice - cream’ pops up in your mind. The gooey cold thickness of milk wrapped in delicious taste with vibrant colours that'll make the insides of your body feel chilly and nice as if you are having a mini trip to the top hills, even though that trip might last for only a few minutes.

Ice cream is one thing that's an all-rounder throughout the year. Even in winters, though it's chilly and you might have been told by your doctor to not eat ice cream and you know you shouldn't, you would take your chances and grab that ice cream. I especially love having Ice cream either late at night or early in the morning, when it's dark outside. I love having a late-night walk with my family just to grab an ice cream at 12 p.m at night, though you can now Swiggy it these days, I would go on a long drive just to search the area for any vendor present that late. I think these little moments are very important in one's life to cherish the people close to them and have memories. It's said that often we associate good memories with a certain phase of our life or things. For me, Ice cream always brings a little joy borrowed from my childhood and to the times' Mom would say no and yet, my uncles would sneak in one or two bites from their ice creams.

And in this scorching heat, ice creams are nothing less than a saviour. I can have ice cream two to three times a day in summer, this gets my mom worried as she despite all these years doesn't trust the packaged product. She also says, if you can make it at home, then why not have homemade instead? And despite her countless tries, her homemade Ice-creams always managed to have ice chips in it.

Though previously frozen ice cream was the only thing sold until the Chinese people discovered the milk-based way of ice cream. So this summer, I decided I'll add another feather in my cooking cap and looked for the easiest recipes and fast ice cream methods.

Today I'll tell you how to make these five different flavours of ice cream.


  • Cold cream
  • Condensed milk or fat milk
  • Ice chips
  • The flavour you want

How to make Ice-cream step by step?

  • Mix the cold cream and condensed milk. You can take two plastic bags(ziplock) , one small and one bigger.
  • Keep ice cubes in the bigger
  • Put the mixture in the small one
  • Now put the small ziplock inside the bigger one and close it.
  • Now shake the mixture extensively for a few minutes.
  • You'll see the mixture is heavier than before.
  • Now you can add your desired flavour.
  • Keep it in an airtight container. Tap it before you close the box.

How do you freeze homemade ice cream?

Well, this is the most difficult part and the most important step. And you must have the things I’m going to tell you. Did I just stress you? It’s okay, Have a seat. And read carefully, you need to put your Ice-Cream in Refrigerator’s freezing column for one day at the very least.YES, it’s that simple. Jokes apart, it's important to have a constant and colder temperature. The change in temperature can cause your Ice-cream to take more time. Go for the backside of the freezer, it’s usually cooler. Thank me later!

How do you prevent ice crystals in homemade ice cream?

This is something you won’t be able to find over the internet that easily, So let me share this secret with you all before I even tell my mother. You have to just stir the Ice-cream in between, every two-three hours to avoid the formation of ice chips. It’s a very small step but this ensures a very big factor of making your homemade Ice-cream like a professional.
I learned very early that often in life, it’s the small things that matter the most.

How long does homemade ice cream last?

Well, in my home not more than one day, my siblings are quick to eat them all and finish. Otherwise, I’d suggest to keep it only for two-three weeks as these are homemade ice creams and won’t have any preservatives or chemicals that will keep it for longer. And freezing and refreezing will worsen the condition of your ice cream. So I’ll suggest to eat it as sooner as possible while enjoying its rich taste and fresh flavours.

Some Must-Try Homemade Ice Cream Recipes -

#1. Vanilla Ice Cream (Sweet & Simple)

Vanilla is the simplest, easiest and hugely available flavour. The simplicity of the flavor is also the reason why it's widely popular.

You just need a few drops of Vanilla extract for this one. If you think it's too plain, you can add some fruits like strawberries, blueberries or nuts like almonds into it.

You can also top it with your desired flavour of Syrup. Or you can just keep it simple because trust me the plain vanilla won’t disappoint you.

#2. Chocolate Ice Cream (Nothing can go wrong with Chocolate)

Maybe I'm too biased for this one. Chocolate is after all my all-time flavor, if I could I would have everything in Chocolate. For me, there's no concept of too much Chocolate! You'll have to add a few drops of chocolate extract and a little bit of melted chocolate for the colour. And If you love Chocolate too much like me, you can add choco chips or chunks of Chocolate. You can also take it to another level and add almonds or walnuts into it.

While serving you can garnish it with your favourite Chocolate.

#3. Summer Fruit Ice Cream

Though the summer heat is too much at times, summers have some of the best fruits. If I could, I'll have mangoes in all seasons. Pick your favourite fruit, like for me Mango. Add a few drops of mango extract, and diced mango into it or you can add mango pulp instead. And viola! There you go. You can do this to other fruits like lichi, berries etc.

Though I'll suggest you avoid water fruits and pomegranate. I don't think it'll go well with the ice cream. Though experiments give you memories to talk about and wisdom to share.

#4. Fusion Flavor Ice Cream

The kids these days love innovative and fast food. So what's better than the most favourite Oreo cookies?

You can add simple vanilla extract to the mixture before adding crushed Oreo's into it. And freezing it.

You can add some extra Oreo's while serving it or top it Chocolate syrup. You can even do both if you want.

#5. Nutty Ice Cream (Twist It With Nuts)

The extra crunch to your ice cream adds an edge to it. Like you can go with butterscotch extract and butterscotch nuts for your ice cream. You can try it with almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts etc. You can also go for the Twitty fruity flavour.

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