Zikra Khan Is Busy Cooking Her Way Into The Hearts Of SHEROES!

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zikra cooking her way into hearts of sheroes zikra cooking her way into hearts of sheroes

Come what may, one thing is always regular at SHEROES. Zikra Khan inviting everyone daily to sumptuous meals she churns out every day, without fail. In fact, she is the Super SHEROES of the COOKING, FOOD & RECIPE COMMUNITY at SHEROES.

zikra khan macroni

And not just this, she also shares recipes to the same to teach everyone how to stir up these delicious treats. She even answers umpteen queries that come her way, if someone is unable to stir up the way she has done. Phew! It takes a heart to do that daily, really Zikra. I tell her.

Don't miss out these wonderful Cooking Tips given by Zikra in Hindi.

You will be surprised to know that Cooking is just a hobby of Zikra Khan who is a Masters in Education as well as a Masters in Sociology. 27-year-old Zikra Khan who is currently based in Madhya Pradesh, India, is a teacher at the Central School, in the primary wing. She is the proud wife of a Paramilitary Person who serves in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Zikra is just back to the heart of India, from Ladakh where her husband was posted before this. The place that taught her umpteen recipes, she laughs to inform!

zikra in kitchen

Coming from small-town Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh as well as a conservative community, she says, pursuing her hobby wasn't a big deal. Rather pursuing her education was," My father, just like any other dad from the community, wanted me to get married right after graduation. But, I constantly kept convincing him to allow me to be self-reliant. I knew, if I gave up, it meant the doors to education will shut down for my younger sister and brother. So I didn't give in. Though with reluctance, my father did allow me to study further. And today, I take pride in sharing that my sister is an engineer and my brother is studying engineering. Today my father and my mother are proud of our achievements. And the ones who had asked him “To not give so much freedom to girls”...the same society stands mute today," details a proud Zikra.

zikra khan dum aalu

So how did passionate cooking happen to you Zikra, what's the story behind these regular, delicious series of posts at COOKING & RECIPE COMMUNITY at SHEROES? "You like them, wow! Thank you, Mahima. Well, cooking wasn't a hobby actually. It began when I was in class 6th and my mother used to fall ill, frequently. What began as the need of the hour to help her, later became my fun-time. Soon, I began enjoying it more and more, experimenting more and more in the kitchen, when accolades started pouring from friends and family. I got married two years back. My husband is a foodie. And this became the icing on the cake as he is my biggest critic and food customer," she laughs aloud.

zikra with her husband

She informs that her husband being in a transferable job plus they staying in high-security zones, she cannot conduct cookery classes. But she is honing her skills to start a YouTube channel someday soon. And, is also saving funds to start a cafe or a restaurant later in life.

Such is her dedication that she shares cooking tips with other women of ITBP personnel wherever her husband and she are posted.

"I just want to teach, even if I am not paid. Once a hobby, cooking is now my passion. And I love to share tips with anyone and everyone who can benefit out of these!" Isn't that a great gesture? She speaks like a true SHERO.

zikra lunch time post

She adds, "Coming at SHEROES through social media has given further wings to my hobby, which I soon want to convert into a profession." No wonder her umpteen posts at SHEROES keep everyone motivated. Recently, one of her recipes also got published in the leading News Daily of India, The Statesman. It happened through SHEROES.

Checkout the Pumpkin Halwa Recipe by Zikra on The Statesman.

"I had simply shared the recipe of KADDU KA HALWA (Sweet Gourd Dessert) around Diwali 2018. One day, I got a call from Merril Diniz ma’am, who informed me that my recipe was selected by The Statesman, and published in their Special Section. My happiness knew no bounds! Even since I have been at SHEROES, the love I get daily has only made me a stronger, a more confident and more motivated woman. Now I am determined to excel in the food business. And I am steadily working towards it,"

asserts a smiling Zikra who tells me that she is celebrating this current interview at SHEROES, by stirring up a certain special dessert for her husband today! How cute is that!

Not many know that Zikra Khan also loves to make paintings as well. Take a look at this artwork done around birds! Isn't it beautiful?!

zikra bird artwork

So what's your message to the SHEROES Zikra, let's hear you motivate them to chase their dreams. And before running away to cook that special dessert for her hubby, Zikra says:

"All I will say is society will always try to pull you down. But if you are fully convinced about what you wish to achieve in life, stay assertive about it. Get the right education, as it is the door to so many opportunities in life. Keep honing up your skills. But, above all, never give up. Keep trying. Life is like a full meal, you have to balance it out with various ingredients. And, to have a delicious meal, you have to find ways to have all the right ingredients on your platter. So never give up."


zikra posing with kheer

I am sure, #HerStory in our ongoing #MeetTheSheroes Series has left you joyous and inspired. So do share it and pour love for Zikra in the comments column. You can follow Zikra for finger-licking recipes on SHEROES.

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