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14 Mar 2018 . 1 min read

6 Reasons Why He Isn’t Texting You

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Darlings, I am back with some dating tips one more time. How is your dating scene going on? Rest assured, I am still single but my game is going strong. And it’s really fun. Today, let’s talk about something we tend to think over a lot but don’t speak out loud.

Why after a great first date, the guy just vanishes or does not text back?

Now let’s take the scenario. You met this amazing guy and the conversation flowed. You both spoke about anything and everything. He dropped you home and you started weaving dreams. But there are no texts from him post that. Even when you text him, the replies come after hours and you keep wondering, what went wrong?

Nothing actually went wrong. Here are 6 reasons, why he is not texting you back:

He Is Nervous:
I mean seriously, some men are really nervous. They don’t know what to do next and take time to process it all. Trust me, not everyone replies fast. Some men even text or call for the next date a week later. Be patient and go on with your life. For some men, it is not easy to ask a girl out for a date again and some also fear rejection. No one is a mind reader. It’s okay to text him first and then wait for his next move. If he truly wants you, the text will come. For God’s sake, give him some time. As they say, time tells it all.

He May Be Dating Others
I know it all went well, but hey this is the age of right and left swipes. This is not the age where you could meet the opposite sex only at weddings or funerals. Dating apps are booming. The guy you just met might be dating multiple people and weighing his options. Or maybe he is a serial dater. He might not be the serious kinds who wants to step into a relationship. Maybe he had a date the same day he was with you. Congratulate yourself for the great time you had and move on.

The Date Didn’t Go Well
Now let’s accept that we are all different people. Surely it was amazing for you, you loved his sense of humour and so on. It worked for you but maybe it was not so great for him. Maybe his expectations were different and what worked for you, did not work for him. Face this and move on. There is always someone whose expectations will meet yours. Try someone else.

He Might Really Be Busy
Sometimes, something unseen does happen. Maybe he really got stuck. Maybe he got fired from his workplace. Or some other emergencies might have broken through. It’s always good to give the other person a benefit of doubt, before making a decision. Give the guy a week - if he still does not get back or reply to you, you know it’s time to move forward with someone else.

You Appeared Desperate
Did you start talking about the boss you hated or the ex-boyfriend you can’t get over? Did you give the impression that you have an unhappy life, a life that sucks and you are waiting for a man to save you? If you have, it’s no rocket science why he is not calling you.

He’s Not Into You
The best relationship advice I ever got was from Oprah Winfrey, she said in one of her talk shows that, “If a man wanted you, nothing can stop him. And if he did not, nothing can make him.”

If he is making no efforts, if your texts are replied in monosyllables, if he is forever busy, my dear girl, be honest. I know, it will hurt a little. But it will save you energy, effort and disappointment. No one in the history of human civilization has ever thrown away anything they truly wanted. They have put efforts. So, here is the bitter truth that he is not into you if he has just disappeared.

In the age of social media and apps, if he wanted to, keeping in touch is the easiest thing to do. Always give the man a time period of 7 days after the first date. If he has not responded, the writings are on the wall. Move on. It’s okay, not every good thing needs to come our way, for we do not know, what better is on the way. Remember this - whatever belongs to you will come to you. If it does not, nothing can bring it to you.

If he has no mood to keep you, you can move on to the next date happy in the knowledge that you are more experienced now.May you find the best life has to offer you!


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