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इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे!!

If you want to start earning money in India, you’ll need a PAN Card. In this article, you’ll learn how to make PAN card online free with or without Aadhaar card.

PAN stands for Permanent Account Number and a PAN card is important for every woman, even if you are not earning, as it can be given as an identity proof and is also required for tax purposes.

If you want to start an online business or get a job today, you will need a PAN card so your employer or clients can transfer money to you.

A PAN card is required for almost everything nowadays, such as opening a bank account, creating a PayTm account, accepting money online and making investments.

When you apply for your PAN card, you will receive a unique ten-digit alphanumeric number and get a laminated card from the Government. Keep in mind that it is illegal to possess more than one PAN card.

To apply for a PAN card, you can either pay an accountant to get it done for you or read on to learn how to create a PAN card online.

You may see many apps that claim to help you make PAN online free, but it’s best to avoid using them as they could misuse your personal information.

How To Make PAN Card From Aadhaar Card

Do you want to know how to make PAN card with Aadhaar card or how to make PAN card in 10 minutes?

Since February 2020, if you have an Aadhaar card, you don't need to fill up a long application form and wait for many days to get a new PAN card.

If you have an Aadhaar card, you can get an instant PAN card online free by entering your Aadhaar number in the instant e-PAN card application form here.

Just click on "Get New PAN," enter your Aadhaar number and the Captcha code to generate an OTP on your Aadhaar-linked mobile phone. Now validate the OTP and validate Aadhaar details and you're done!

The PAN allotment based on Aadhaar is free of cost and you can download the PAN PDF in just 10 minutes after submission.

Although the ePAN card is as good as a physical copy and can be submitted for any online transactions, you can still order a laminated PAN card for just ₹50 if you want.

How To Make PAN Card Without Aadhaar Card

Read the steps below to learn how to make new PAN cards if you don’t have an Aadhar card or if you want to know how to create business PAN card.

Go to the Online PAN application form on the official NSDL website in order to apply for the PAN Card.

Here are the personal details and documents you need to apply for a PAN card online without Aadhar card:

  • Your Legal Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Address Proof
  • Age Proof

Indian Citizens must use Form 49A, while foreign citizens must use Form 49AA to apply for the PAN card.

If you are applying for a PAN card for yourself, choose Individual. Otherwise, you can select one of the other options available - such as Company, LLP, Firm - as applicable.

Fill in all the personal details like date of birth and your current legal name. If you have changed your name after marriage, use your married name.

Enter a mobile number that belongs to you. Once you submit the application, you will receive an Acknowledgement Number. Write this down and keep it safe.

Once you have saved the Acknowledgement Number, click on the link to continue with your application. On the new page, you will see three options to submit your documents.

#1. Paperless submission through e-KYC and e-Sign

#2. A scanned image through e-Sign

#3. Physical submission of documents

Most people prefer submitting through option #2 – scanned image.

Next, you will be required to enter your personal details such as name, date of birth and address.

When you submit your application to make a new PAN card, you will have to provide the AO code in your application. AO Code is a combination of Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number.

You can get this information from the Income Tax Office or you can search for your AO Codes on the AO Code search for PAN website by selecting the city based on the office or residence address you have entered.

Next, you will need to fill in the details of the documents you’re submitting for age and address proof and upload them.  After uploading these address and age proof documents, you will be asked to make a nominal payment.

Now you will be asked to choose how you want to submit your documents with the PAN application to NSDL. Check your email inbox for the acknowledgement from NSDL and save it in a folder.

You should receive your PAN card in 15 to 30 days or once the application has been processed. 

How To Make ePAN Card Online

Remember I told you to save your Acknowledgment Number earlier? You can print out your PAN application or download your ePAN from the NSDL portal using the Acknowledgement Number that you saved earlier.

The ePAN is an instant PAN card that you can download in just 48 hours after submitting your PAN card application. It contains your PAN number and all your PAN details and can be used for all e-verifications where PAN card is required.

How To Make Changes In PAN Card Online

If you need to make changes in your PAN card details, such as your name, address, mobile number or gender, you can do this online too.

Read these steps to know how to make corrections to PAN cards online. Keep the following documents ready as you will have to submit them along with the form:

  • Old PAN Card scan
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Date of Birth Proof
  • Proof of changes required (eg. marriage certificate for change in name after marriage)

Visit the Application for PAN Change Request page on NSDL website and read all the guidelines before you click on the link named Online Application for Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (PAN Change Request Form).

Select the PAN correction option you want from the Application Type dropdown, and fill out your personal details. After submitting, you will receive a token or Acknowledgement Number.

Once you pay the fee to request a new PAN Card or changes or corrections, it generally takes 15 to 30 days for PAN card correction and you should receive your new PAN card within 45 days of submitting your application.

How To Make Aadhaar Link With PAN Card

It is now mandatory to link your Aadhaar with your PAN card so that your Income Tax Returns can be processed.

The government has extended the deadline for linking PAN with Aadhaar to March 31, 2021. If you do not link your PAN with your Aadhaar by this date, your PAN will become inoperative from April 1, 2021.

Before you learn how to link Aadhaar to PAN card, check the status on this website to see if they are already linked.

According to this website, where you can find more details about linking Aadhaar and PAN, you can link Aadhaar to PAN card just by sending an SMS, as follows:

Step 1: Type UIDPAN<12-digit Aadhaar><10-digit PAN> on your mobile

Step 2: Send it to 567678 or 56161

Now that you know how to make a PAN card online with or without Aadhaar, how to make changes in your PAN card and how to link Aadhaar to PAN card, you can start earning and making money from home.

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