Work Hard, Eat Wholesome: What To Eat When You Work From Home (And Even When You Don't!)

Last updated 26 Nov 2021 . 1 min read

Work from home has slowly but surely become the new normal, but a poor lifestyle should not be. Besides getting recommended 7 hours of sleep and exercising, what we feed our body is essential for a healthier life. 

But who said the healthy changes had to be expensive on pockets and bland on taste? Your better fix is right here.

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Muesli-Up Your Day!

Breakfast is your first meal of the day and a very, very important one. When your breakfast is good, you successfully set a great mood for the rest of your day. Sure, we all know mornings can be tricky and rushed when you decide to sleep in for "five minutes more, please," and before you know it, you’re jam-packed with meetings, getting kids ready for school, and other chores. (In)conveniently then, your breakfast takes a back seat.

But what if your tasty, wholesome breakfast prep did not have to be time-consuming at all? Meet your breakfast buddy, Muesli.

Loaded with - wait for it - REAL fruits and seeds, Naario Classic Muesli is everything your morning meal craves to be and more! Easy-to-prep and easier-to-eat, muesli can be paired with milk or shakes for a classic™ go-to breakfast. Or if you now have that extra time for the ‘gram, pull out a smoothie bowl and top it up with the muesli goodness. That’s what we call picture perfect!

The best part? Muesli can also double up as a crunchy snack for your hunger pangs and triple up as a great dessert alternative - Sprinkle some muesli over your ice cream and parfait or bake a lovely muesli bread pudding! (You can thank us later.) 

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Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali Ho

Chai is a staple in India. Whether you have rishtedaar visiting you or it’s simply part of your daily shyaam ki routine, tea is always the way to go. Now give it a healthilicious, yummilicious spin!

Start by forgoing the sugar for some desi jaggery in your tea. Then add in masale ka tadka. Naario Jaggery Powder With Chai Masala knows how it’s done! With a traditional blend of the finest quality spices - ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, your immune system will thank you with every sip. 

And by any chance, you are not quite a tea lover, worry not! A jaggery chocolate cake with chai masala is always a good idea. ;) 

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Embrace The Flour Power

When people choose to diet, they often end up skipping out on flour everything. Imagine all the amazing food you end up missing out on... Well, no more!

Eat your parathas and halwas GUILT-FREE - all you need is moderation and Naario 9-in-1 Flour Mix to balance it out. After all, dieting and eating healthy is all about eating the right balanced meals. So go ahead and treat yourself to some English pancakes, or Appam from down South. And if you’re riding the Korean Wave like the rest of the world, make yourself a savoury serving of Pajeon. We love all kinds of pancakes!

The great part about the flour mix isn’t just the perfect blend of all things wholesome but also the art of blending it into any mouth-watering dish you wish to. Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, it tastefully does it all with a healthy touch and ZERO gluten!

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Combine muesli with flour mix and munch away on the perfect energy bar!

So, aaj khane mein kya hai?

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